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Retinal detachment symptoms 

Have you ever looked at a blank wall and seen black dots, flies swimming in front? Okay, then you already know what are 'Floaters'. But did you notice, if they have increased recently? If yes, That is a Warning sign!

Sudden increase in flashes, floaters in front of the eye.

A dark 'curtain' in front of the eye. 

A part of visual area appears dark or sudden loss of vision.

All above may herald a Retinal Detachment.

Its best to see an ophthalmologist  URGENTLY.

The longer you take, the less are your chances of improving your vision.

How do I know what's happening inside?

Many times it is difficult to know before hand, what's happening inside. Retinal tears can occur without any noticeable symptoms. All the same they have to be apprehended before they cause trouble. This shows the importance of regular retinal exams.

Every year for myopes, more than -4 Dsp. 
Once in two years, for everyone above 50 years.

They should be more frequent if advised by your attending Ophthalmologist.



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