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Stunning with Spectacles
Contact Lenses
Presbyopia Correction

Refractive Errors

Refractive Errors are the most common cause of headache and eye strain. When a person sees blur, it is because the image of objects seen is not focused on the retina, then he is said to have a 'refractive error'. They are of different types.

Myopia or short sightedness -

The image is focused in front of the retina. The person can see near objects, but distant objects are blurred. This can be corrected by minus or concave lenses.

Hypermetropia (Hyperopia)- long-sightedness

The image is focused behind the retina. The person can see distant objects but near objects are blurred. This can be corrected by plus or convex lenses.

Astigmatism -

A part of image is focused in front and another, behind the retina. Neither near nor far objects can be seen clearly. It can be corrected by cylindrical lenses.

Presbyopia -

Due to aging, the lens becomes unable to focus near objects on the retina.

This can be corrected by convex or plus type of near vision glasses.

Look Stunning with Spectacles

Understanding your Spectacle Prescription -






Dist.   RE 6/6





Dist.       LE 6/6





Near RE





PD 64/62.

This means in your RE ( Right Eye), your vision with glasses is 6/6. You have 2.0 Diopter Power Minus Sphere with a -1.0 Cylinder at 90 degree axis in RE. That means you have a refractive error which requires a minus glass and a cylindrical correction.

With your knowledge from above article, can you guess, what the eye problem is?

You guessed it right! Myopia and Astigmatism.

Your left eye has no refractive error. 

The lower part shows PD - The distance between your two pupils, which is 64 mm, when looking at distance and 62 mm, when looking at near.  You are mostly less than 40 years (since you have no near correction as yet) and may be an interesting person to know! 

The last column shows prisms. Prisms are given for Squint correction.




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