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Correction of Presbyopia 

The most important thing about glasses is where you left them last!


A different set of glasses for reading and near work.

Bifocal glasses-

the upper part of the spectacle is for distance correction, the lower part is for near correction.

They are available in various designs-D-bifocal, big near segment bifocal, small segment type.

Trifocal glasses -

One segment is for distant vision, middle part for intermediate vision, lower for near vision.

They are difficult to get used to.

Transition glasses -

The power in them varies gradually, from distance to near.

They have no distinct segment, for reading and hides the aging factor skillfully.

They are costlier, difficult to get used to. Glare may occur.

Contact lenses

Monocular lens -Contact lens is used in one eye only. It gives the focus for reading. The other eye is used for distance vision.

Bifocal contact lenses have become available.



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