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Computer Vision Syndrome 

Computers have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Long hours of working on the computers can cause the so-called Computer Vision Syndrome. 

The eyes ache, feel tired, look red. There may be associated headache, dark circles under eyes



What do I do?

You cannot quit computer use, its your bread and butter! But you can take some Eye health measures.

Rest the eyes at intervals. Look into the distance, this decreases the eyestrain. Change of focus relaxes the strained eye muscles.

Blink your eyes consciously intermittently. What happens is, you keep on staring at the screen with concentration, without blinking. This causes drying of eyes and leads to redness, eye pain. Artificial tear drops may be needed.

Get your eyes checked from an experienced Eye Care professional. Convey your problem. Correct any refractive error. All these years, there was a need only for distance and near correction. Computers have created a need for refractive correction at intermittent distance. Trifocal Glasses may be required. 

The light reflection from the computer especially added with improper room lighting, glare from other light sources while working with the computers can cause eye strain. Many now recommend a special coating on Eye glasses to decrease these reflections from the computer. 

Positioning of the computer is important too. The screen should be at eye level, with the top of the computer just visible while sitting erect.



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