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     2005 Headlines:

Holiday sessions bring new players
   * Strong Sunday night kicks off Fall Play in M-T
   * Victories, losses and new players shake up CT TTA top ratings
   * Killerspin CT. Event on ESPN2 Oct 7th
   * Fairfielders  win rating events at Eastern Open.
   * Weekends bring interesting matches in Connecticut
   * Koreans meet in US Open Finals
   *  TT in 2012 London Olympics - No Baseball
   * 1/2 BILLION+ saw World Championships on TV !
   * CT Players medal in 2005 National Senior Games
   * Middletown welcomes back former 2300+ Junior Champ
   * Middletown Gym joins Fairfield with A/C equip
   * Fairfield Gym gets NEW Lighting
   * Middletown TTC hosts Senior Games TT 
   * KILLERSPIN/ESPN EVENT Comes to Connecticut 
   * Poland's star Andrzej Grubba dies at 47
   * China sweeps gold medals in SHANGHAI 2005 WTTC
   * CT Closed Results
   * Subhajit's Waltham win earns photo in USATT magazine
   * 3rd 'Looper-Bowl' held Feb 6th  
   * Saturday Play attracts diverse group 
   * Life after 40 - 'new' ('old') US Champ 
   * Players reminded of rules and procedures 

Holiday sessions bring new players

Weekday sessions during late December, and Sunday night sessions in Middletown were enhanced by 
the addition of more youth, first time visitors and out-of-town guests and family members.
    Only Saturday sessions  on Christmas and New Years Eve were cancelled.  With many players having 
Monday off from school or work, Sunday nights on Christmas and New Year's days
 saw 10-12 tables filled with players of all ages and skill levels through most of the evening, 
with almost as many players on Wednesdays in Middletown and Thursday nights in Fairfield.
     Our schedule for winter 2006 continues as before with Saturday afternoon play resuming in Fairfield
 in January along with  Thursday nights there and the Sundays and Wednesdays in Middletown. 
Please note the varying start times for all four weekly sessions. 

Connecticut Players in Major tournaments
    A handful of Connecticut's best players spent Thanksgiving weekend
 at one of the largest table tennis events in the world, the North American Team Championships.
. The event fills the Baltimore Convention center
with nearly 1000 players on over 200 teams competing on 150 tables.
    Connecticut players who played  in Baltimore include Szymon Miczuga, Rich Dewitt, 
Val Ort, Yong Mei Li and Inna Laskova.
   An international field of players compete on teams initially placed in the draw based on team 
member ratings, but with initial matches allowing the team to move into a higher division.
In early December Subhajit Maitra of Middletown will compete in the U.S. National Championships
in Las Vegas. Individual player results are viewable about 2 weeks after each event 
as linked at our ratings page - click on the player's name.

Holidays  have minimal effect on Fairfield and Middletown Play
     During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, only the usual Thursday session
was cancelled .  With Christmas and New Years Eve falling on Saturday evenings,
those sessions were cancelled.
     With Sunday NIGHT sessions scheduled for Christmas Day and New Years Day,
we went ahead with those Middletown sessions.
     As  holidays, or any SEVERE storms,  approach, please provide feedback on your personal
preference and interest in playing by e-mails or in person, and then check the phone message
before coming out, particularly if you drive a distance to either club location.     

Strong Sunday night kicks off Fall playing season  in Middletown
The last Sunday in September saw a promising start to Fall play in Middletown.
In addition to about 20 players of all levels playing on 10 of the club's 14 tables, 
the 'big guns' were also especially well- represented with 6 players over 2000, three of them near
or over 2300 playing matches for our entertainment and inspiration on center courts 1-4.
.   Returning to Middletown play after taken the summer off, now #1 CT. ranked
  Polish looper 
Szymon Miczuga  edged out CT. #2 ranked Fairfielder Rich Dewitt
 in the closest match of the night, deuce in the 5th game . 
      Other match-ups saw Ernest Virgo also beat Dewitt as well as 2100 level Val Ort.

Victories, losses and new players shake up CT TTA top ratings -
 3 players now near 2300

The Connecticut TTA ratings list, long dominated by state champion Ernest Virgo, previously long alone 
atop the state list , as the only player rated over 2300, has seen  radical change recently.

In late September Virgo's  rating,  and state ranking based on that, dropped to 2286 and 3rd
 among active CT. players.  His 40+ point rating drop, due to a loss in a Boston area tournament, occurred
simultaneously with long time CT#2 Rich Dewitt achieving his first 2300+ lifetime rating of 2305.

But that only places Dewitt second again, this time to new Connecticut player Szymon Miczuga at 2322.
 and it drops Virgo to 3rd though he has never lost to Dewitt and his only (non-tournament) matches
with Szymon were razor close Virgo wins earlier this year in Middletown.

Also poised to join the list after his expected October US tournament debut, likely in the top5,
 is  new Thursday night Fairfield regular Jean-Philippe Palengat, who has a recent 3-1 edge in club match
 play with 2308 rated Dewitt..
CONNECTICUT EVENT  ON ESPN2 in October and November
(Please Check Internet or local listings for possible additional broadcasts which 
may be added and e-mail any not listed so I can add them - Dave)

ESPN2 TV Schedule
2005 Mohegan Sun Killerspin Table Tennis Championships

Day Date        
Time    Network  Players
FRI Oct. 7 12:00 PM ESPN2 Zoran Primorac vs. Joo Se Hyuk
                   12:30 PM ESPN2 Jan-Ove Waldner vs. Jorgen Persson
                    1:00 PM ESPN2 Johnny Huang vs. Koji Matsushita
                    1:30 PM ESPN2 Aleksandar Karakasevic vs. Koji Matsushita
THU Oct. 20 4:00 PM ESPN2 Jan-Ove Waldner vs. Johnny Huang
                      4:30 PM ESPN2 Ma Lin vs. Joo Se Hyuk
                      5:00 PM ESPN2 Jorgen Persson vs. Zoran Primorac
                      5:30 PM ESPN2 Aleksandar Karakasevic vs. Ilija Lupulesku
MON Oct. 24 4:00 PM ESPN2 Andrei Filimon vs. Ilja Lupulesku
                        4:30 PM ESPN2 Ma Lin vs. Wang Liqin
SUN Nov. 13 2:00 AM ESPN2 Wang Nan vs. Mihaela Steff
                       2:30 AM ESPN2 Biba vs. Elie
FRI Nov. 25 2:00 AM ESPN2 Wang Liqin vs. Liu Guozheng
                      2:30 AM ESPN2 Liu Guozheng vs. Andrei Filimon

The exciting Killerspin Extreme event held this Spring in Connecticut will reach the nation via ESPN2 this fall, 
This was a great event you'll want to see.
Set your 'TIVO' or program your VCR to record these programs to share with others  or for viewing at
 more convenient times. 
See the Article  on the event in the latest USATT Magazine or below on this newspage for more detail.

Welcome (Back)
As the summer ends we are already welcoming a number of new players and welcoming back
a number of past regular players returning to active club play.
     Late August saw notable new players including Jean-Philippe Palengat a French player and
Agga from Poland..
Jean-Phillipe is at least a 2200 level player having won practice matches against CT #4 Val Ort and 
                    Splitting close matches with Ct # 3 Rich Dewitt. 
                Returning to active club  play recently are players including Michael Lazarev,  Slava Katz and
                   Michael and David Sermer. While David is returning to College in NY soon, we hope to see him during
                   the winter holidays and his father promises to play whenever he can in Middletown and Fairfield this Fall.
Fairfielders  win rating events at Eastern Open.
           Fairfielder Rich Dewitt took first in the under 2250 
                           rated event at the recent Eastern Open held at Rutgers defeating former new-Englander Ling-Ming-Chui..
                           And two other Fairfielders met in the finals of the U-1850 event.
                              'Gentleman' George Mikael  'defeated 'dangerous' Don Feltenberger in the 1850 event Finals.
                           Congratulations to all three for a good tournament..
Currently Rich is one of only 4 players in Connecticut rated over 2200.
You don't have to travel to a tournament for some great table tennis matches in Connecticut.
Players on recent July weekends saw interesting matches in Fairfield and Middletown.
     Some examples - Rick Bowling of Rhode Island scored his first (practice) match win over
Connecticut's Dave Strang with a deuce in the 7th game battle in Fairfield early in the month.
      Other notable clashes occurred in Middletown on a variety of summer Sundays
Early this summer, CT. closed champ Ernie Virgo recovered after trailing 2 games to one to best fellow 
2300+ rated  Szymon Miczuga, in a match viewed with interest by a number of Middletown players.
      Then,  after three weeks of Sunday club wins over players like Val Ort, Wilbert Lawrence and Clyde Triumph,
past junior champ and then 2300+ rated, Brian Shapiro played his first match in over a decade
against CT. Club director Dave Strang. 
      Having previously split matches in a Hartford tournament as a young teen days after Strang moved from Ohio, 
now twenty-something Brian was surprised this time by Strang after initially leading 2 games to 1.
    Then, a few weeks later, equipped with new updated glasses, Brian came back to Middletown in time to
catch another first in a decade re-match, this time against Virgo.
Brian Shapiro (far) serves as E.Virgo (near) receives (CLICK on thumbnail for larger image)
The match, an exciting seven gamer, saw Brian score a rare win over Virgo. In the spirit of competition
Brian offered a rematch later in the evening, which he lost in an equally tight 7 gamer.
    The end of both matches spurred spontaneous applause from a number of the players 
not occupied with their own matches. Players not familiar with Brian's unique version of the Seemiller style
 were surprised by his aggressive blocking and backhand counters to severe angles. We look forward to the 
tie-breaking match on some future weekend.

Photo By: Gerry Chua

OH Sang Eun takes ITTF Pro Tour title at US Open

OH Sang Eun was Men's champion in the US Open pro-tour event held in July in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
He took the title in an all-Korea final over teammate LEE Jung Woo .
Oh reached the finals with a 1-4: 11-8, 4-11, 8-11, 8-11,9-11, win over Samsonov of Belarus.
Fairfield club players Rich Dewitt, Cecilia G and  Bob Kaufman attended the tournament. 

TT in, Baseball Out for 2012 London Olympics
The International Olympic committee has voted to
 include 26 sports in the 2012 Olympics, awarded to London.
The winners include table tennis, the losers, baseball and softball
both dropped from the games for 2012.
 Some news reports suggest that the recent steroid scandals in baseball may have
been a factor in the decision. Other reports suggest that the contrasting image
of table tennis as a 'clean' sport where performance enhancing drugs are nearly
non-existent and growth in TV coverage were seen as a factors.
 TT has been an Olympic sport since 1988.    

1/2 BILLION watch 2005 World TT Championships on TV !
An article at the ITTF website recently reported that the  
Television Audience for the 2005 World Championships was 532 Million viewers !
  While the largest audience was in host country China on CCTV and on Eurosport,
most other Asian countries also broadcast the event as did a number of European
countries who broadcast portions of the tournament in addition to the 
Continent-wide Eurosport's 16 hours of match coverage.
US players can see the event on a series of DVDs - ask Dave about purchasing a set
CT Connected Players medal in 2005 National Senior Games Table Tennis
Congratulations to Marilyn Feinstein of CT and her mother Thelma 'Tybie' Sommer.
After qualifying for this year's Nationals in Pittsburgh by competing in the
2004 CT Senior games, they each earned bronze medals, Marilyn in 50+ and Thelma 
('Tybie') Sommer in 80+ women's singles. Tybie was World Mix Doubles champ in 1948 !
Link to a Pittsburgh Newspaper feature on the pair.
Vernon Weingart of Akron, one of CT TT Coach Dave Strang's life-long friends and one time
student was a finalist in the Men's 80+ division. Vern was almost Dave's current age of 50
when they first met 30 years ago at a college table tennis 'club' at Kent State in Ohio.
Since then Vernon has won at least 5 state championships in USATT/OTTA and Senior Games events.

Polish table tennis champion Grubba dies
WARSAW, July 21 (Xinhuanet) -- Andrzej Grubba,
 the best table tennis player of the past 50 years in Poland,
 died ... at the age of 47 on Thursday.
Grubba, who had been battling ... cancer for a year,
 had won three bronze medals at the world championships, 
11 medals at the European championship and 26 in the Polish championship.
Grubba retired nine years ago
 and is survived by his wife, a former Poland handball player, and two sons aged 14 and 20.
(Editor's Note - Grubba was also a World Cup champion and twice ranked #3 in the world)

For a recent tribute to Grubba click here:
Summer sessions see new faces
We are pleased to welcome a number of enthusiastic new players so far this summer
In fact on a recent Wednesday night, all six of our 'loaner' rackets were in
service as 8 to 10 first time or first time recently players joined the regulars
resulting in 25 players playing on 11 tables in Middletown.
The new players represented a variety of nationalities, and playing levels and styles
and were a mixture of kids, young adults and also a few middle-age players 
returning to the game they enjoyed in their youth. Fairfield has also seen 
more play by school-aged and college players as their schools let out for the summer.
Middletown Welcomes back Brian Shapiro
  Former Top Connecticut Junior Brian Shapiro (David's Son) has begun playing again,
after a ten year absence. After reaching 2300+ as a
teenager, and being one of the top juniors in the country at 15,
Brian took up tennis, and then golf in high school,
becoming a state high school champion and then 
playing for CCSU respectively in those sports.
  In his return to table tennis, playing on Sundays in Middletown, he has
already beaten 3 of the top ten players in the state in club play.  
 Now in his mid-twenties, he lives in the New London area, working at an area
radio station doing sports and news on air. 
Summer 2005 brings A/C to Middletown (and Fairfield) TTC's
 The first warm days of June saw Middletown
players pleasantly surprised at a cool reception on entering the gym.
It wasn't that the players weren't as friendly as ever, but Air Conditioning has
been installed in Middletown at our West School Gym location at 
Riverview Hospital
  Last summer was the first full summer with A/C at the Fairfield 
TTC playing site at the Fairfield Sr. Center Gym.
  While summer participation has previously been good at both clubs,
a few players who previously took summer's off have expressed 
interest in our 'cooler' game.
New Lighting brightens Fairfield Gym
To reduce energy costs in the Gym where we play in Fairfield, the town put
in entirely new lighting in early June. In the process, our already 
very good lighting became even better - maybe the best lighting in the country..
 While the new lighting is just as bright in the center as before,
 it is now even better in the corners. So now regardless of which
 direction the tables are placed, both sides of the table have the same
 level of brightness, even in the corners. 
Also the new lights are virtually instant on meaning that occasional brief
power interruptions as happen occasionally during summer lightning storms
shouldn't result in a  five minute wait for the lighting to reset.
Middletown Club hosts Senior Games TT event May 15th
About 15 Players from 49 to 84 played at the 2005 CT. Senior Games Table Tennis
event held before, and during our regular Sunday night session in Middletown.
One pleasant surprise was the early return of Leon Weinberg, of Hamden
from wintering in Florida, just in time to win the 80-84
crown in a competitive field. Richard Castiglione of Branford repeated
as the 65-69 champ, Trevor Prescod was Gold in 70-74,
 and 'youngster' Dave Strang won the 'kids' group
(50-54) in his first year of eligibility.
Since the only seniors event held at the earlier Ct Closed event's was for 40+,
the freshly crowned Senior games champs also earned 'bragging rights'
as CT state champions for 2005 joining previously crowned 40+ (and Open) champ Virgo. 
Castiglione and Weinberg teamed to win the doubles event.
2005 Connecticut Senior Games Results:
Singles: 80-84 1st Leon Weinberg 2nd Robert Mason 3rd Tom St.Hilliare
         70-74 1st: Trevor Prescod 2nd: Chew NG 3rd: John Nygard
         65-69 1st: Richard Castiglione
         50-54 1st: David Strang 2nd: Howard Eichner
Doubles: 1st: Castiglione/Weinberg 2nd: Chew Ng /Nygard 3rd: Mason/Abrams 

photos courtesy Mike Trusiewicz and open in a new window 
to see the full size photo image
- Just weeks after the World Championships in SHANGHAI,
An impressive array of current and former World and Olympic Champions 
from Sweden, China and elsewhere assembled in Connecticut's
Mohegan Sun Arena to compete for over $100,000 
before a live audience and for China TV and ESPN2 by taped delay,
Dozens of Connecticut TT players joined thousands of spectators from Boston,
New York, New Jersey and beyond to witness an inspiring display of
athletic power, precision, creativity and quickness
by the likes of current world champion Wang Liqin of China and
past world champions including Jorgen Persson and Jan-Ove Waldner of Sweden. 
The matches were amazing and will be shown in a series of half-hour
programs later this summer on ESPN2 in the USA and on CCTV in China.
Link to list of Matches played (without results)
More detailed description (without 'spoiler' results) is available here
Want the results - can't wait to see who wins on TV ? HERE:
Right Click here and choose "save to disk" for a downloadable
 MPG video clip of the final point
 of the tournament courtesy of the 
website (warning - it's 19.3MB)
the CT.Killerspin event is expected to premier on ESPN2 in September
China sweeps gold medals at world championships
Canadian Press/AP May 6, 2005:
SHANGHAI (AP) - They don't call it the national sport for nothing.
China captured a full five gold medals at the  world championships after 
members of its national team defeated challengers from South Korea,
Denmark and Hong Kong en route to all-Chinese finals Friday. 

SHANGHAI, China (Reuters) -
- China won all five gold medals at the world table tennis 
championships when top seed Wang Liqin beat compatriot Ma Lin in the men's singles 
final on Friday.
Wang, born in Shanghai and world champion in 2001,
 won 11-9, 3-11, 8-11, 11-9, 11-9, 11-7 
to claim the only title to elude the Chinese at last year's Athens Olympics.
 Click here for more!: 
Virgo retains CT crown
  Past CT. (and Jamaican) Champ Ernest Virgo of Middletown retained the CT   
'closed' championship title, besting 1998 CT Champ 
Rich Dewitt of Fairfield in the finals.
  In one of the closest matches of the tournament Subhajit Maitra of Middletown
 outlasted Inna Laskova of Branford 15-13 in the 7th to take the Class A U-2050 event. 
 The two day event held at the Shelton Boys & Girls club drew 41 players.
 Championship event winners: 
Open Singles: 1st Ernest Virgo 2nd Rich Dewitt
Under 13 1st David Katz 2nd Erik Joss 
Under 15 1st David Katz 2nd Erik Joss. 
Under 21 1st Shreeniwas Dhond 2nd David Katz.
Srs 40+ 1st E.Virgo 2nd Val Ort 3rd Richard Dewitt 
click here to see ratings USATT results 
Third Annual 'Looper-Bowl' in Middletown
 As in the past few years, in spite of the Patriots playing again
in the 'big-game', by popular request we were open for our regular
Sunday evening session in Middletown.
  We attracted 14 players, 11 of whom enjoyed some friendly matches,
 a drop-in competition that  we held  on the previous 
two years on the 'super' Sundays.
  We organized 3 groups, an 'A' group of 3 players rated 
over 1900 and  B and C 4 player groups of the next 8 players by rating.
  After both besting Patrick Tay, Wes Daly and Wilbert Lawrence
faced off in an exciting deuce in the seventh game battle for first.
   After trailing two games to zero, Wilbert battled back to win
three straight but couldn't win the 6th game with Wes forcing a 
seventh game with an 11-9 win.
   The match appeared to change directions again with Wilbert racing
to a 7-3 lead. But Wes fought back to deuce and took the match with
a 14-12 victory.
'A'  1st Wes Daly 2-0  2nd Wilbert Lawrence 1-1
'B'  1st Igor Volynsk 3-0  2nd Mike Dormody 2-1
'C'  1st Miland Kale 3-0  2nd Mike Lawrence 2-1
  As with other Sunday night drop-in events held last year,
match results don't affect USATT tournament ratings but may 
be used for local Connecticut ratings.
  Between and after matches, some players keep tabs on 
the football game, on a TV in a room adjacent to the Gym. 

CT Players win New England events / earn Iron man listings.
 Some of the recent Open Singles titles earned by Nutmeggers include:
 Rich Dewitt of Fairfield won the New Hampshire RR Feb 13th, also
earning him a photo on page 70 of the May/June USATT magazine.
 Subhajit Maitra of Middletown Took top honors in both the Open (Championship)
event and the Under 2100 rated 'Class A' event at the New England Fall Classic
held December 5th in near Boston.  
  Subhajit's photo was featured on page 66 of the USATT March/April Magazine.
Rich was listed as ('lucky') #13th for most tournament matches WON in 2004 with
123 wins and 45 losses for a 73% winning percentage. Don Feltenberger of
Bridgeport finished 12th on the list of most matches PLAYED with 87 wins and 121
losses for a total of 208 tournament matches played.

Saturday Play has wider attraction
   Saturday play in Fairfield has become popular with a wider
range of players. Due to the greater convenience of afternoon
play on a weekend for some, the Saturday afternoon session (2-5pm) in
Fairfield has attracted more than 'the usual suspects' (our core
of 1400 to 2200 rated fanatics).
  In fact the 2nd Saturday in January had 6 eager juniors, 4 women
and about 6 new/unrated players.
While these players are welcome during all sessions, if you are
interested in bringing a friend or child, you may find these
sessions even more attractive.
  While we were closed Christmas day, we were even opened on New 
Years day attracting 14 players.  
Reminders about club procedures.
  During our busiest club meetings in winter, it becomes even more important
to follow club rules, and common sense, during our club sessions.
Specifically note the club rules regarding the following:
  Be considerate of others. This includes sharing of tables and
considerate behavior in the Gyms.
  This allows everyone to maximize their enjoyment of our playing time. 
For example, if you are likely to get non-urgent cell phone calls,
turn your 'ringer' off or turn it down and keep the phone with you
to minimize disturbance to  other players and make or receive calls
outside the playing area, especially in Fairfield's smaller gym.
  And don't hog tables or take 'winner's' on one table while playing on another.
(Players WAITING to play have priority over those already playing elsewhere) 
 Be considerate of the club director.
This includes paying on arrival, assisting with setup or teardown, and not
promoting outside products, activities or companies 
at the Gyms and surrounding premises.
These allow the club director to maximize our club turnout, 
extend playing times beyond those 'posted' and make the best use of his time
 and resources for the benefit of all the players and to keep good relations with the
host facilities according to his agreements with them. 
  For details go to the FAQ or rules pages.
club RULES page click here: 
ChengYingHua wins US Men' s Title
 ChengYingHua of Maryland was the surprise winner at the US National championships
held in December in Las Vegas. Cheng is a fulltime coach in the Wash. DC.
He will be #1 on the US Team to the next world championships in his native China,
Cheng is also over 40 - hope for us middle-age players!
Table Tennis TV Schedules on Cable TV - ESPN 2 etc
  A variety of matches 'pop-up' periodically on ESPN and ESPN2,
usually from the Chicago Killerspin and Spinvitational events featuring
invitational and challenge matches among the world's best players
such as Waldner, Kreanga, Kim Taek Soo and Primorac.
  Also a new series is expected in March or April.
When available we will post links to schedule pages, or listings here  
Use Tivo, your local TV listings or Search the schedule
 listings at ESPN.COM to confirm showing times.
 Click above for the UPDATED SCHEDULE___)
Please revisited this link and/or for NEW
 opportunities to view
or tape these shows - AND TELL or E-Mail your friends,
 family and co-workers !

POSTER: ------- click here for a printable POSTER :
Please POST copies of this poster in places you work, shop, go to school etc. 

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 (Depending on your browser and printer settings, you may find it easier to save the page as an image
 and import it into a graphics or publishing program so you can print it exactly 
as you wish with correct size and borders.)
People often ask how we advertise the clubs. Newspaper and TV advertising costs thousands.

 We depend on word of mouth and the web site because other advertising just costs
 too much for such an inexpensive sport. 
These posters and available bumper stickers and T-shirts are affordable ways to attract new players. *************************************************************************

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