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Congratulations to new US Champions 
2003 U.S. Nationals
Las Vegas, Nevada • December 17-20, 2003
USA Men's Singles Champion: Ilija Lupulesku
USA Women's Singles Champion: Jasna Reed

U.S. Nationals Results available Online at:
Link to USATT Nationals 'write-up': 
Men's singles draw::
ALSO HELD IN DECEMBER: Killerspin Open draws world class field to Chicago for TV and $450k --------------------------------------------------- Thousands of spectators, and nearly 500 players including TT Legends like multiple World Champion Jan-Ove Waldner continued a holiday tradition in 'the windy city'. Various parts of the ambitious event will air worldwide, including multiple airings on Sky TV in Japan and in half hour segments on ESPN for a ten week period this winter. Congratulations to Robert Blackwell and his 'crew'. Of local interests was the former Fairfield player Yamil Rivera - now of Florida - who finished well in the under 2200 ratings event. An extensive article covering this event is linked here (below) : Killerspin Open Write-up click here::
Results (only)are listed at the link below, or at the end of the previously linked article "Killerspin Open Results linked here:
New Years Day session in Fairfield ------------------------------------- Based on a strong level of interest expressed by players on the previous Saturday, Fairfield kicked off a new year of Connecticut table tennis with Thursday night play on New Years Day. In spite of limited advance notice, over a dozen players participated, including Ernie Virgo who came down from Middletown. We even had 7 players play on Christmas eve in Middletown, again based on expressions of interest during and after the previous session resulting in the 'restoration' of a previously 'cancelled' holiday session.
This points out two issues -

1. While decisions aren't made by 'committee', when it fits our 'mission' and our arrangements with the hosting facilities, I try to be responsive to the interests of our players as best I can determine them.
Please don't try to 'talk me into' your pet idea though, but if an idea seems feasable, I will consider it, especially if others also express interest (independently or based on my investigation - not based on someone 'campaigning for it with others').

2. Don't assume we will be closed without calling to see - including holidays or most 'normal' winter storms, but realize that some decisions are made on somewhat short notice (days or hours) based on developing circumstances and player communications.

If you are interested - maybe others are - so let me know, especially by e-mail or
phone messages, then check and see by checking the web site and ESPECIALLY the phone message regarding the playing schedule.

Dec 2003/ Jan 2004 - Winter Schedule ----------------------------- We continue with our previous schedule in M-T (Sun/Wed) and F-Fld (Thur/SAT). But changes ARE possible for severe weather or holidays. Changes will ALWAYS be listed at the phone message at (860) 586-7055, but MAY be listed here too - when time permits web page postings.
STORMS: Our experience with early winter storms this year illustrates our cancellations philosophy and procedures. In early December, we were OPEN during the first 'big' snowstorm of the season. With about 4 - 8 inches of snow we were open on consequetive days in Fairfield and Middletown, with reduced, but decent attendance at both locations - 7 or 8 players in Fairfield and 12 to 14 players in Middletown. A week or so later, we closed for a Sunday night session in Fairfield when 6 to 10 inches of snow that afternoon were immediately followed by a couple hours of sleet freezing rain that evening. Conclusion - we are dedicated, but not completely insane !
DON'T assume a storm will shut us down.
If you feel safe to drive from your location, call ahead and confirm that we are continuing our normal schedule (or canceling) before you leave home. (860) 922-8578.

Dec 2003: Fairfield welcomes returning players Val Ort, YM Li and Pete Schuld ------------------------------------------------------------------- Three 'veteran' Fairfield players who had been missing from our club play for over a year have recently returned. Val Ort spent the last year in Chicago. He has recently found a new job in Connecticut, and moved back in Mid-December. He has returned to regular play in Fairfield and occasional play in Middletown. Yong Mei Li has been away from the club for nearly two years due to pregnancy and the birth of her first child but is now playing again. Her favorite practice partner - Pete Schuld is back after successful shoulder surgery. Yong Mei and Val are both rated over 2100 and take games, and sometimes matches during club play from CT. #2 and Fairfield #1 rated Rich Dewitt. Along with Csaba ('Victor') Nagy, Roman and Jeff ( among others), Pete spends more time doing practice 'drills' compared to the predominant interest in practice games or matches that most Fairfield and Middletown players tend to favor. This provides variety in the club and helps players learning new skills or sharpening skills for tournament play. Pete and Csaba are also generous in sharing years of competitive experience with their practice partners. The return of Val and Yong Mei has also encouraged Middletown players like Ernest Virgo to venture down to Fairfield for some Saturday afternoon sessions. Welcome back.

Tables and Robots for sale - 'Cheap' vs 'Pro' / New vs Used: ----------------------------------------------------------- Interested in a cheap TT table ? Try Sears or Walmart for Ping-Pong tables under $200 if your interest in TT is uncertain or short term such as to see if your kids have interest to learn. But for higher quality equipment with better playing quality and more likely to last for years of use, contact Dave. I can get you new or used 'Pro' quality tables or 'Robot' ball machines. Prices range from about $250 to $450 for used 'Pro' tables with 7/8" to 1 inch thick playing surfaces. NEW these run from about $550 to 1100. Some used tables are available for inspection at the club sites - prices listed for used tables do NOT include delivery, but it can be arranged at additional cost. (The cheaper used tables have some (mostly cosmetic) damage.) Robots start from about $300 to about $799 and up for new or used robots, especially Newgy. FYI, I am the only authorized Newgy representative in Connecticut. For Newgy robots, I match the best price or special offer advertised/authorized ANYWHERE.
NO ONE is authorized by Newgy to sell at a lower price or with more bonus items than me - I match any/all NEWGY authorized
'specials' and I CAN accept credit cards for purchase of NEW Newgy robots (only). For more info, e-mail me or call me at (860) 922-8578 (afternoons or evenings only for phone calls please) Calls before 8pm (on weekdays) need to be less than 10 minutes long however to conserve my cell phone time.
nov 23rd- " Bettie Strang 1923-2003:
Personal news from Dave: I'm sad to report the passing of my dear mom, Bettie Strang, late on Sunday evening November 23rd at the Woodlands Nursing home in Ohio. An introduction and link to My brother's beautiful eulogy spoken at her memorial service in December is now posted and linked at: "Eulogy:'Mom' - Bettie Strang 1923-2003:

Nov 2003 ------------------------------------------------------ Connecticut Players dominate in Springfield Mass Event ----------------------------------------------------- Congratulations to our Connecticut players who finished in 4 out of the top 5 places in the 'A' division in a recent tournament in 'the bay state'. Duplicating their state rankings based on USATT ratings, Middletown's Ernest Virgo was first, followed by runner-up Rich Dewitt of Fairfield. Finishing fourth and fifth were Middletown regulars Clyde Triumph and Wilbert Lawrence. Don Feltenberger won the B division holding his seeding but beating all of his opponents in that event. sept 2003 --------------------------------------------------- Dewitt back from Romanian adventure -------------------------------------------- Connecticuts #2 ranked player Rich Dewitt of Fairfield, has returned from almost a month spent training and vacationing in Romania. Though in their 20's and 30's, Rich and lifelong friend Rick Bowling, originally of New Haven, were allowed to train with the countries best young players. They stayed at an elite national training center which included The nation's best youth athletes from many sports including it's most famous export, young Gymnasts. Less known in the USA, Romania also has some of the the best women and youth table tennis players in the world. Rich regularly practiced with youngsters, including girls in their early teens, Rated near and above Connecticut's best Adult players. Bowling countinues in Romania until Mid-November.
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------------------------------------------------ Fairfield A/C is on - Sept 14th! ----------------------------------------------- Work began on Aug 20th to add Air Conditioning to the Gym at our playing site in Fairfield. The installation is now complete and turned on. If heat and humidity have reduced your participation we hope this improvement will help you resume play now rather than waiting until winter and we look forward to cooler play next summer in Fairfield. The A/C seems to be set at about 75 degrees, so it's still possible to get up a little sweat, and lob the ball, without unconfortable chills or drafts moving the ball.
2003 CT Senior games results posted ----------------------------------- See the webpage at: http://www.seniorgamesct.org/content.php?page=03-tabletennis
Welcome - welcome back ---------------------- We've had a good summer with pretty steady attendance but especially I'm excited by the number of new players who have contacted me,
or shown up for the first time since labor day.
It's great to have an infusion of fresh enthusiasm as 'basement' ping-pong players see the game played at higher levels and begin to experience the equipment and new skills
that will take them towards those higher levels of skill and fun.
It's also nice to welcome back players who were traveling or otherwise
absent during the summer like DR. Wang, and Howard and Ilya to mention a few.
If you've been monitoring the news here but haven't been joining us - please do!
Don't miss the fun or healthy exercise of our club nights.

Labor Day Weekend - Fall cancellations --------------------------------------- Based on player feedback, we closed on Saturday afternoon but were open on Sunday night on the Labor Day weekend. About 12 players came on Sunday including a couple first time players and a wide range of others. While cancellations due to weather are unlikely during the Fall, localized power failures, traffic problems or emergency building repairs could occur, so players driving a distance are still encouraged to call ahead before leaving to check for changes in the schedule that would be posted at the phone message. It's also possible that weekend play MIGHT be affected by MAJOR Eastcoast tournaments, particularly Saturday play if a number of Fairfield saturday regulars all pre-register to compete in Saturday events. This would be a rare occurance - see the major events link at www.realtabletennis - for weekends that MIGHT be affected. It would be known by the Thursday night before the weekend and likely announced by Friday afternoon or evening at the club message if this happened. Also subject to later decision are sessions near thanksgiving.
Tournaments / Leagues Clinics ? Your opinions and questions welcomed. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Send me an e-mail with questions or comments about our club and this website. your questions may help me add to or reorganize links on the website. I'm also interested in your level of interest in leagues, tournaments or clinics. Previously, the lack of responce to notices like this (and other considerations) has influenced my decision making in focusing on individual coaching and informal / unstructured play during our club time rather than leagues, clinics or tournaments.
Including information like your name, age, town and skill level will add value to your responce as I consider organizing special programs, or even the possible location of additional playing sites.
Do we have your e-mail address? -------------------------------- While we can't always send an e-mail regarding club cancellations, especially last minute ones, we will try to do so when time allows, and also when significant other news occurs regarding our schedule or special events. Please send me a brief e-mail with (at least)your name and town if you haven't haven't e-mailed me, or gotten an e-mail from me, this year, or even if your initial e-mail to me didn't include your name and town.. Don't worry, we won't spam you with frequent mail or give out your e-mail to others and your name/contact information will help us narrow some of the e-mailings to appropriate people when time permits. Mailing address and phone numbers would also be helpful though they will be used even more rarely thanthe e-mails. ________________________________________________________ August 2003 Former World Champion visits Fairfield TT ----------------------------------------- On a recent Saturday afternoon (in Aug 2003) 1948 World Mixed Doubles Champion Thelma "Tybie" (Thall) Sommer and her daughter Marilyn visited us in Fairfield. She is the last American to win a World Championship title with partner Dick Miles. She practiced with a number of Fairfield players and played a practice doubles match with her daughter agaimst CT. Table Tennis Director Dave Strang and Fairfield regular Michael Lazerev. They are preparing to team up to qualify in 2004 for the 2005 National Senior Games Table Tennis event when her daughter reaches the qualifying age of 50. For the story of her championship go to: http://www.usatt.org/articles/history02/history02_23.shtml and look for the section on mixed doubles at the world championship

Summer TT schedule and information ----------------------------------- Please confirm our schedule if you drive a distance This is especially advised for Saturday play near July 4th and Labor day or during MAJOR eastcoast tournaments such as Sat.Aug 9th - the Eastern Open in NJ. ------------------------------------------------ We do continue play throughout the summer but in past years have sometimes closed for a few sessions near July 4th or labor day. Players are encouraged to read the information on summer play at the **'Summer Table Tennis?' link ** on the mainpage for more information** To confirm our schedule: call the club schedule number at (860) 586-7055.
July 2003 Virgo in Jamaican Nationals, US Open ------------------------------------- Congratulations to Middletown regular Ernest Virgo for his good results in the US Open and Jamaican National championships. He reached the quarter-finals in the Jamaican Men;s singles finals and teamed up to win national titles in Men's and Mixed doubles. Earlier in July, he reached the quarterfinals of the US Open in Senior singles - over 40 in the tournament in Ft. Lauderdale.
Virgo and Feltenberger compete in US Open ---------------------------------------------- While many of us were enjoying a holiday weekend, Ernie Virgo and Don Feltenberger teamed in a ratings based doubles event and also competed in a variety of single events based on age and ratings. Virgo's results were listed previously, Don also reached a quarterfinal, with five match wins in U-1900 singles before finally losing a close 5 game match in the quarterfinals. He also won six matches in singles rating events U-2000 and U-2100 for a total singles record of 11 wins and 5 losses and a gain of 82 rating points, going from 1837 to 1919 .

June 2003- CT Senior Games TT Event Results -SUNDAY June 22 ------------------------------------------------ Congratulations to the winners in the 2003 CT. Senior Games Table Tennis event. An even dozen players joined in for the event held at trinity College. Players represented 7 different age ranges from 'the kids' 50-54, to the senior senior, Thomas St.Hillaire of Hartford who won the 80-84 category gold.
Players were matched with players closest to their age and placed in groups of 4 players for an average of 3 matches plus optional doubles.
Middletown regular Rich Castiglione celebrated his birthday with a 'Gold' in the hotly contested 65-69 age group and the doubles while the Fairfield club's Alden Harris placed 2nd in the 70-74 age group and both reported they had fun in the process.
Complete results and maybe some pictures should be posted soon at the seniorgames
website or linked here as time allows.
Next year's event will qualify players for the 2005 National Senior games.
Making for an exciting weekend, CT.TT's Dave Strang supplied tables for and ran the Seniors TT event while also providing tables for the Sports festival table tennis event for wheelchair and otherwise physically challenged players held in the Groton/New London area.
World Championship results / videos - ------------------------------------ see article below (May 2003) and the link to ITTF at page bottom for more info ) Ask Dave about videos or DVD's of this event (avail late June or July) and others currently available.
Youth TT Demos in New Haven and Middletown
Middletown: ------------------------------------------------ Middletown Players in TT Demo at Youth Facility ------------------------------------------------ Arranged by DCF official and occasional Middletown player Richard Daly, a group of Middletown regulars led by Ernie Virgo gave a well recieved TT exhibition recently at the State Boys Training Facility. The new facility, surrounded by high fences, is the one we pass every week on our way to play Riverview Hospital. Other players who joined Ernie on two tables included Subajit Maetra and Wilbert Lawrence. Table Tennis is reportedly a popular activity their which no doubt gained addition respect after hosting four of the top players in Connecticut.
NEW HAVEN/FairHaven demo at Eastrock School: -------------------------------------------- Club Director Dave Strang and Wes Daly put on a table tennis exhibition and mini-clinic recently for an afterschool youth program in New Haven. The event was arranged and sponsored by the Pequenas Ligas Hispanas/ Fairhaven athletics organization headed by Peter Noble.
About 20 girls and a few boys and parents watched an exhibition match and took turns playing and recieving 'pointers' on playing table tennis from Wes and Dave on two tables in the Eastrock school's gymnasium.
The afterschool program features a neighborhood girls basketball team, table tennis practice and other sports. Peter Noble was previously instrumental in organizing of 4 year long afterschool and Saturday morning table tennis program featuring Dave's coaching in Fairhaven, that taught basic table tennis skills to over a hundred different kids, first at Centro San Jose, and then under the Fairhaven Athletics banner at various sites.
Hundreds of kids were also exposed to previous exhibition matches arranged at Fairhaven neighborhood schools. The program which also included community and youth tournaments, was recognized by an articles in two local newspapers, and in it's last full year with Dave as weekly coach in 1998, was recognized with a special Grass roots developement Grant from USA Table Tennis and the US Olympic Committee.
It was one of only 4 programs recognized with that grant nationally, and was featured in articles in the New Haven Spanish language and Yale student newspapers .
Dewitt scores wins in Garden State -----------------------------------
Fairfield's Rich Dewitt scored a series of impressive wins in the recent 3 star event in NJ. Besides his second career win over NJ men's champion Barry Dattel (NJ 2331), Dewitt also bested Lim-Ming Chui of Boston and former Ohio Champion Simon Shtofmakher - now of NJ.
Support appreciated: ---------------------- I'd like to express my appreciation for the encouragement prayers and practical assistance that many in the CT. and Ohio TT communities have provided to me during my mother - Bettie Strang's recent hospitalization. Special thanks to Don Feltenberger, Mark Zager, Roman T.,Csaba, Igor, Ernest Virgo and Wes Daly for helping the clubs run smoothly during this difficult period for me.
May 2003
Schlager wins gold for Europe as China draw a rare blank ---------------------------------------------------------- PARIS: Austria’s Werner Schlager won the men’s singles title at the Table Tennis World Championships here on Sunday. The number six seed defeated Korea’s 61st seed Joo Se-Hyuk 4-2 (11-9, 11-6, 6-11, 12-10, 8-11, 12-10). The 30-year-old registered Europe’s first success in the blue riband event since Swedish legend Jan-Ove Waldner won gold in 1997. The bronze medal winner at the 1999 championships had booked his ticket to the final with a seven-set, semi-final victory over double Olympic champion Kong Linghui of China earlier on Sunday. The right-handed attacking player became the first ever world men’s singles champion for his country. Earlier, Werner Schlager and Joo Se-Hyuk booked their tickets for the men’s singles final with wins over China’s Kong Linghui and Kalinikos Kreanga of Greece respectively. Schlager’s 11-9, 7-11, 12-10, 11-8, 8-11, 7-11, 14-12 triumph left China without a
representative in the men’s blue riband event for the first time in six years. Joo beat ninth seed Kreanga 4-1 (11-5, 3-11, 11-7, 11-8, 12-10). A fiery encounter between the two right-handed attackers had Schlager racing to a 2-1 lead, and the 30-year-old Austrian tightened his grip further when his clinical finishing earned him the fourth set too. But Kong, the double Olympic champion who was seeking to repeat his 1995 championship success, cut the deficit taking the next 11-8. The balance of power shifted momentarily from west to east allowing Kong to square the match by taking the sixth set 11-7. At this point Schlager, as he had done in his quarter-final win over reigning champion Wang Liqin, raised his game but stout resistance from the opposite end of the table saw the pair neck and neck in the deciding set at 12-12. Schlager, a bronze medallist at the 1999 championships, then kept his cool to save one match point before converting his chance to close out at 14-12. “It was a tough game played at an intensely high level,” said Schlager, before going off to prepare for the most important match of his career. Joo, who is the surprise package in the line-up given his comparatively lowly 61st seed ranking, was always in control of the match against the bandana-wearing Kreanga, seeded ninth. The two finalists have met twice, with Joo coming out on top on the last occasion in September 2001, Schlager having taken their first encounter the year before. The last time the men’s singles were won by a European player was in 1997 with the second of Jan-Ove Waldner’s two triumphs, the Swedish legend beating Belarussian Vladamir Samsonov. —AFP
May 2003
Senior Olympics Table Tennis - June in Hartford -------------------------------------------------
The 2003 Connecticut Senior Games is at Trinity College in late June. The Table Tennis event is Sunday June 22nd at 1pm. Advanced registration assures your space, though for our sport you MAY be able to register late or at the event - assuming space in your age bracket allows. Age brackets start at 50+ and are based on your age on Dec 31st (2003). brackets are in 5 year increments - 50-54, 55-59, 60-64,65-69 ETC. women have seperate brackets and there is also doubles play. The event is a little bit competitive but a LOT fun so join in to make some new freinds who share a common interest. Ask Dave for general information, and go to the Nutmeg games website for more detailed and entry information. 'Berger' makes 'ironman' list --------------------------------
Don Feltenberger's 700 mile drive to Southbend, Indiana and yearly trips to Florida for the US Open are only two of the many tournaments Don has attended this year. Combined with entering a large number of events in ratings and seniors 50+ at many tournaments, Don played 175 tournament matches in 2002! According to a list in the USATT magazine, this placed Don at 20th in the U.S. for most matches played. #1 ironman Julian Waters played a whopping 347 matches. April 2003
Lighting improved in Middletown -------------------------------- Replacement of about 6 of the near 30 lights in the large Riverview gym has occurred recently. While most of the courts were previously unaffected, this allows more flexibility to set up courts for maximum player space on nights with average turnouts (15 to 20 players), and improves conditions for the 'extra' tables ( #9, 10 or 11) when larger turnouts of 20+ players occur.
----------------------------------------------- Belarus team takes Europeon title over Germans ---------------------------------------------- Samsonov bests Boll for Europeon Singles Crown ---------------------------------------------- For more detail go to : (paste into browser if not clickable) teams results: http://www.tteuro2003.net/abs/results.asp?lan=eng singles draw/results: http://www.tteuro2003.net/abs/0000318.htm
March 2003
CT Player score in Philly Tourney ********************************** CT players were among the 300+ players attending
the Quaker City Open in late March.
Rich Dewitt of Fairfield reached the semifinals of the under 2250 rated event,
losing to the eventual winner, Shawn Embleton 4,10,8,-8,9 (games are to 11,
Rich won game 4).
Also reaching a semifinal was Val Ort, who lost to Ling Ming Chui of Boston at -10,-6,8,3,7,9 in the under 2150 event. Val was a Fairfield regular for a few years before moving recently to Chicago. Others who participated from CT. included Micheal Lazerev, Jason Ling, Csaba (Victor) Nagy and Don Feltenberger. An article, including photos by Csaba is posted at the USATT site at: http://www.usatt.org/news/quaker_city_03.shtml
Congratulations on March tournament successes: ------------------------------------------------ Subhajit Maitra of Middletown recently bested Rich Dewitt of Fairfield in the finals of a 1 star tournament in Waltham,Mass. And the previous weekend, Don Feltenberger of Bridgeport finished 2nd at a 1 star tournament in Rhode Island.
Used TT Tables and Robots -bought and sold ----------------------------------- From time to time I adjust the equipment used by the club. This means that at times a top quality used table or 'robot' (ball machine) is available for your home use for up to 50% off it's (new) list price. Ask me (Dave) at the club if interested in more information. I may also occasionally purchase this equipment used from individuals if you are moving etc and have quality equipment you'd like to sell. Unfortunately there is little market for used rackets or recreational (under $300 when new) used tables though, and I'm unlikely to want to buy that for club use. - Donations of that equipment that you don't need might be accepted though, such as to improve our selection of 'loaner' rackets or to pass on for youth organization use. send an e-mail for more info to: nettadave@yahoo.com
New players add variety and enthusiasm
A number of new players have joined us in February and March, particularly in Fairfield, but also a few in Middletown. Many of the new players found us through these web pages, and others saw the Connecticut Post feature story (see links below) that appeared in late January. Most new players are enthusiastic unrated players, new to club play and the world of topspin and friendly competition. These new players are adding to the variety of the club, including 'seniors' (over 55) 'juniors' (high school and younger), and some ladies to brighten up our mostly male, mostly 25 to 55 year old group. With some getting lessons, and others learning more informally and most getting, or upgrading to spinnier sponge rackets, it's exciting to see the progress these players have shown in just their first few weeks of play. And all the players are making new friends with each other and our 'old regulars' So if you've been a 'lurker' at this website, or an inexperienced player who hasn't been visiting the clubs lately this is a good time to jump (back?) into the water - or invite a 'shy' friend or co-worker to come to the club with you ! FEBRUARY 2003 ******************************************************** Reminder - in case of severe weather: *****************************************************************
Cancellations Policy Info: We try to limit cancellations and schedule changes affecting our weekly open playing sessions as much as possible. Any cancellations are announced at (860) 586-7055 an hour or more before a scheduled session if weather and road conditions are worsening. See the Cancellations info page for more info - click on it at the homepage
JANUARY 2003 ------------ Welcome new players !
Check out the new 'Ping-Pong vs Table Tennis link' and other Pages linked to our homepage and www.REALtabletennis.com send me an e-mail for new player info message or call: (860) 586-7055.
No membership is required, just a modest nightly fee (the first visit is $5 if you mention this offer) so call to confirm the times and locations (860) 922-8578 and then just show up - we can even supply rackets and balls.!
----------------------------------------------------------- Connecticut Post features Connecticut Table Tennis ------------------------------------------------------------ Club Director Dave Strang and players Rich Dewitt & Cotter Micheals were interviewed by CT.Post Sports writer Bill McDonald, and a photographer attended a Saturday afternoon session in Fairfield. resulting in an article in the Tue. Jan 28th 2003 Ct. Post. The CT Post is available in Bridgeport and the surrounding area from about Norwalk to West Haven to Newtown.
The article, including a dynamic photo of Ct #1 ranked Ernest Virgo, was also featured prominantly on the CT Post's web site. The web address for this article is:
:See the CT POST Article

(cut and paste into your browser if link isn't active.) If needed, the article may be reposted later at this link: http://netta_ct.tripod.com/ctpost2003.html (should the previous link become unavailable.)
------------------------------------------ 2nd annual 'looper bowl' draws 15 players ------------------------------------------ For the second year in a row, by player request, we went ahead with our usually scheduled Sunday evening play on December 27th, inspite of the Football super-bowl. While less than a typical winter session in Middletown, we were pleased to have a respectable and enjoyable 15 players participate. Our presence was such a shock to one of the hospital security persons, who was new to working that night or location, that he called in a department supervisor questioning why all the cars were in the parking lot during the big game (on TV) !
Dec/Jan: -------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- More Players, More Tables, More Fun in Middletown (& More nights?) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Twice, in late Dec and in January we have had record turnouts of 30 players on a Sunday night with frequent turnouts of 20 to 25 . Exciting growth considering that only a few years ago, when central Connecticut players were divided among 4 different smaller clubs, the average turnouts in Middletown were 4 to 6 players, once a week ! This growth, mostly in new players, but also including some from the displaced clubs, has resulted in a wider range of player skills and more junior and senior age players.
More Tables ----------- To minimize any waiting time in M-T on the busiest nights, we have brought in more tables, so we now have 11 tables available, up from 8 last year.
If you have a good quality table gathering dust in your house or elsewhere, send me an e-mail with particulars of brand, model, color, age condition and desired price - purchase of used robots will also be considered
More playing time in Middletown ? ----------------------------------- Last year in January, in responce to growing participation, we added Wednesdays to our previous Sunday night weekly playing schedule. Of course many players also play in Fairfield, (which is about an hour from Middletown) allowing up to 4 times a week, especially those who live between the clubs in places like Waterbury or New Haven county.
Third playing night ? --------------------- But if enough players express an interest we might ask permission to play a third time in Middletown. (Please communicate this in person or by e-mails, not phone calls). ------------------------------------------------- POSTERS, NEW WEBSITEs to promote TT in YOUR world ! ------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE: -------- The New web site www.REALtabletennis.com has been established to provide an easy-to-share web address. Please tell your friends! The realtabletennis page also includes handy links to other TT sites. Maybe you might make it your start/homepage on your browser?
The CT TT homepage has also been upgraded with a new look and more graphics, links and content pages - check it out.
POSTER: ------- click here for a printable POSTER :
Please POST copies of this poster in places you work, shop, go to school etc. Copies are usually available from Dave at the club too. (Depending on your browser and printer settings, you may find it easier to save the page as an image and import it into a graphics or publishing program so you can print it exactly as you wish with correct size and borders.)
People often ask how we advertise the clubs. Newspaper and TV advertising costs thousands of dollars. We depend on word of mouth and the web site because other advertising just costs too much for such an inexpensive sport. These posters and available bumper stickers and T-shirts are affordable ways to attract new players.

----------------------------------------------------------- NEW Close-in parking, robot and drink machine at Fairfield. ----------------------------------------------------------- We are pleased with the addition of 8-10 new parking spaces just yards from the Gym entrance in Fairfield. These are a nice improvement during rainy or cold weather. Fairfield also has a machine with cold bottled water and sports drinks in the hallway, and I've purchased another Robot (ball machine) so that, as in Middletown, one is usually available for use in coaching or for practice use at a modest rental fee.
2002 News: (More 2002 news located at 2002 news link below) -------------------------------------------- SHOULD WE ADD TOURNEYS OR NEW NIGHTS?- YOUR CONTACT INFO (and opinions etc) NEEDED: -------------------------------------------- At times, when considering new club nights or activities, including potential CT tournaments, the ability to quickly and inexpensively notify interested players has affected the timing or feasability of them. If you haven't sent me an e-mail with your contact information this year, please do so ASAP. Send your info (at the least your full name, town and current e-mail ) to me at: nettadave@yahoo.com. Your expressions of opinions, preferences and interest (if any) in local tournaments, coaching, ratings etc are also welcomed.
REGARDING USATT Tournaments: ------------------------------- I'm occasionally asked why we don't have USATT tournaments on a more regular basis, particularly since we have better facilities than many out-of-state clubs who do hold more frequent USATT tournaments. In Fairfield, the cost would be high, since city 'Open' events rules require that we pay for a city custodian (at overtime rates) to be present throughout the entire event (up to 20 hours for a 2 day event = hundreds of dollars) PLUS a rental fee. In Middletown, due to other activities scheduled for the Gym, it is only available for a full weekend's competition on a limited basis - from about April thru October. Also, until recently, there were more active players in SW CT.than in Central CT., and they were nearly as close to monthly tournaments in NYC/ and northern NJ as they were to Middletown. Now with increased participation in Middletown, the possibility of a viable Spring or Fall USATT tournament has increased, as has the possibility of holding events oriented towards local (CT) players during available Sunday evening Gym time during the Winter monthes. Again, as mentioned before, your expressions of interest, accompanied by e-mail addresses and contact information, may tip the scale towards holding our first tournament since the 30 player fall 1999 CT Championship and the smaller spring 2000 CT tournament in Southington. ------------------------------------------------- DO WE HAVE YOUR CURRENT CONTACT INFO? ---------------------------------------- Please send an e-mail to me at nettadave@yahoo.com so I can add you, or confirm your contact information to my e-mail list. Your name and (at least) your town or zip code will assist in identifying which TT news 'alert' e-mails would be of likely interest to you.

Also your phone number and mailing (street) address would be helpful, particularly if you aren't on the USATT membership lists. Tournaments or other special events or schedule changes are possible this fall - but we need a good list of players to contact to 'advertise' new playing times, programs or events.

Are you interested in weekly or monthly drop-in tournaments ? Does the cost to play or our current hours affect your participation ? Should we start play a half hour (or more) earlier on Sat.or Sundays? These and other suggestions/ideas/preferences are welcolmed by e-mail at nettadave@yahoo.com or as messages left after the club info- number message - or in person at the club.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW PHONE CONTACT INFO:

Club director Dave's personal phone number has changed. Calls can reach my cellular phone at (860)922-8578. Please call between noon and midnight only (please leave a message there if I don't answer.) Also E-Mails ( nettadave@YAHOO.com) are now usually checked weekly (rather than daily) so call if you need info quickly. but please understand I may need to limit the length of calls, to stay within my monthly prepaid cellular calling plan, especially before 8pm on weekdays. Basic schedule information should still be confirmed by calling the club schedule number at (860) 586-7055. I am very careful to update that recording whenever necessary to reflect schedule changes or same day cancellations due to severe weather or other emergencies (power failure etc). so please don't call my cell phone for that purpose. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *************************************************************************

***SEE 1st LINK BELOW FOR MORE CT. & International T.T. NEWS (for year 2000)>*** *************************************************************************

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