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Anthropology and UFOs

Anthropology and UFOs: Contacts and Abductions
Anthropology allows us to understand how cultures
describe themselves in terms of our relation to ourselves
and to higher beings or God concepts. Human-alien contacts
have been happening for generations.Countless people have
been interviewed and the reports of alien visitations and
abductions are so numerous that in some parts of the world,
such contacts are considered to be natural events.
Folkloric traditions of contacts with nonhuman winged beings are of two types; either comfortable or uncomfortable meetings or abductions. Many different types of aliens and their aerial crafts have been described for investigators. 
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"Passive" Radar
China, Russia, and several European and U.S. companies are working on a new type of "passive" radar that could threaten stealth aircraft ( Source: ABC News )

Celldar, from "cellular" plus "radar.," has implications that are exciting and troubling to some people who are interested in our privacy rights. ( Source: Business Week )

The National UFO Reporting Center    
Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data
Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, reports about the potential use of "passive radar" systems being developedc for surveilance of stealth jets, ground traffic and people.  The cutting-edge work threatens to make today's most advanced stealth planes obsolete  Conventional radar sends out its own high-frequency signal that a pilot can detect. The new passive radar listens to low-frequency radio waves that are already in the atmosphere, from power sources such as transmitters used for television, FM radio and cell phones.   www.UFOcenter.com

National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena     
NARCAP Science Director Dr. Richard Haines is a perceptual psychologist and former Chief of the Space Human Factors Office at NASA Ames Research Center and a former Sr. research scientist for both NASA and Raytheon.  www.NARCAP.org


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