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Intuitive Empaths and Healing Energy 

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Dr. Judith Orloff, MD, a psychiatrist and practicing intuitive, has brought spirituality and intuition into mainstream medicine. The mind and heart can work together to heal the whole person. Through meditation, right mindedness, and exploration of our intuitive powers, she believes anyone can learn to shed negativity and live in possitive energy. Her books reflect the individual's responsibility for self health and capacity for growth in harmony with the universal spiritual connection we all share as human beings.

If you would like to explore your own spirituality or change some harmful habits, we invite you to visit her web site and read her books and articles. We think you will be able to sense her positive energy by simply reading the articles posted there. If you have always believed that you too are a sensitive, intuitive person, you may find her words on empathy very inspirational.

Judith Orloff MD, Intuition for Health & Healing

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