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Terrorism and the Oklahoma City Bombing (1995)
Investigative journalist Jayna Davis has discovered evidence that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols had connections to Middle Eastern terrorists and did not act alone in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. In her recently published book, The Third Terrorist: the Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing, she tells about an alarming connection between Nichols and al Qaeda agents in the Philippines. The evidence and witness testimony she gave to the FBI was at first refused. Later, in 1999, when they took her evidence to be used in the court case against Nichols, her "documents simply disappeared" and were not used in the trial. Davis has predicted in interviews that the next terrorist attack in the US may be a "softer target" such as a shopping mall, theater or hospital. She is the only person who has dedicated years to the discovery of evidence that may yield justice for the hundreds of citizens who lost family and friends in the Oklahoma City bombing. She asks if 9/11 attacks could have been prevented if the FBI had only interviewed a single documented witness in 1995. (Source: jaynadavis.com )


USA Patriot Act and American Civil Liberties Union

The Department of Justice is expected to introduce a sequel, dubbed Patriot II, that would further erode key freedoms and liberties of every American. Just 45 days after the September 11 attacks, with virtually no debate, Congress passed the USA Patriot Act. Many parts of this sweeping legislation take away checks on law enforcement and threaten the very rights and freedoms that we are struggling to protect. For example, without a warrant and without probable cause, the FBI now has the power to access your most private medical records, your library records, and your student records... and can prevent anyone from telling you it was done.  more...


The USA Patriot Act and Libraries

Library managers around the US are worried about government
measures that infringe on the civil rights of library users.
Source: American Libraries Association.



Data Privacy Lab at Carnegie Mellon Univ.

The Camera Watch project is part of their Surveillance of Surveillances ( SOS) effort. They are constructing a repository of links to publicly availableon-line webcams, where the webcams of interest are those that observe the public in public spaces. more...



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