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Challenge of Space

The Challenge of Space

Arthur Louis Joquel, II

Arthur Louis Joquel, II  (1919-1974) 
Educator, Author, Anthropologist, Historian, Editor, Publisher

 Anthropology, archeology, ancient cultures, myths, folklore, science, early music, Elizabethan theater, metaphysics, creativity, martial arts, Plato, cats

Favorite Authors: Loren Eiseley, Joseph Campbell, Buckminster Fuller, Arthur Conan Doyle, Manly P. Hall, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Thoreau, Shakespear, Jung, Heinlein, Asimov, Ray Braddbury, H.G. Wells, Forrest Ackerman

Favorite Artists & Composers: Poko Petek, Nicolas Roerich, Dali, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Mozart, Segovia

Art Joquel was a lot of fun. His spirit of exploration and his delightful way of being was fun to be around. He published a couple of magazines, hundreds of articles, as far as we know, and wrote at least one book, The Challenge of Space, in 1952. The publisher, House-Warven, is no longer in business. You can still buy copies in good conditon with the original book jacket.  The title, the contents and the inscription by Art have been a source of inspiration and comfort to me for most of my life. His vision has inspired the creation and development of The PeaceClinic, a nonprofit anti-violence education organization.

This website is dedicated to Art Joquel in the hope that by glimpsing the world of Art Joquel you to find your own world . He was my teacher for 15 years until he died. He told his students to think big. He was a time traveler from the past and the future in the present. Art Joquel is the recipient of the PeaceClinic's Peace Prize Award 2004.

We offer here a small sample of his writing taken from The Challenge of Space. It is about world peace in our time.

E v o l u t i o n   o f   P e a c e
Author: Dr. Arthur Louis Joquel, II

Quotations from The Challenge of Space about the evolution of world peace.

"It is through documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the world repubic of tomorrow will be brought about, rather than by constitutions, political maneuvering, power blocs, national soverignty, or other chauvinistic vestiges of man's immature past."

"The existence of world peace is taken as a matter of course, but it will be a dynamic, active, vital peace, rather than either an armed truce or a stagnant, moribund stage."

"The human of the future, possessing the inherited extensions of the dimensional levels through which he has passed -- existence, growth, motion, and memory -- will through his fourth-dimensional consciousness have an awareness of the future which has been beyond the comprehension of his predecessors, who have possessed only the more limited faculties normal to the space and time in which they live and have lived."

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