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Peace Technology

The Peace Technology Revolution!

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Professor Fani Bhusan Das

Author of the book, Peace Technology
Founder of The School of Peace Technology, Orissa, India

The School for Peace Technoloy will strive to inspire students to practice the culture of peace.  Using the principles outlined in Professor Fani Bhusan Das' book, Peace Technology, students will be empowered to access the most precious product of the universe - “The Peace”, there by contributing  to culture of inner, domestic and global peace. Gradutates will spread “Peace Technology” education nationally and internationally with the support of the The PeaceClinic, California, USA.

We will create a “One world-One global family” in conformity with the principles of Ecology process through technological, philosophical and spiritual exploration process of our “Mother Nature” “The Ecology”.   We will start a Peace Technology Revolution!

Website of the Publisher:  www.auhorhouse.comAuthors
fbdas@yahoo.co.uk & fbdas@rediffmail.com

PeaceClinic's India Chapter (website)
Chapter Director, Prof. Fani Bhusan Das

PeaceClinic Peace Prize Award 2005
Prof. Fani Bhusan Das is the recipient of the
Peace Star



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