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This page contains links to non-technical articles from newspapers, magazines etc.

Dr. Julyn Aguilar of Manila, discusses her initial training and use of the Ponseti method.  Eventually, she discovered that she was not using the method properly, and after additional training, she improved her success in treating all patients, including older children with previous surgical correction who were severely relapsing.

Article about CURE International's efforts to treat children with clubfoot in impoverished areas of the world- a joint partnership between CURE Clubfoot Worldwide and the Ponseti International Association.

Univ. of Iowa press release about symposium:

Daily Iowan article about the symposium in Iowa City (includes video):

ABC news station from Iowa features about Ponseti (streaming video available):

August 2007 Podcast from Pediatrician "Dr. Mike" interviewing Dr. Jose Morcuende about clubfoot treatment with the Ponseti method.  Interview starts at 26:30 in the show.

January 2007 Cedar Rapids Gazette article on Dr. Ponseti:

Link to a March, 2006, article from The Des Moines Register, about Dr. Ponseti.  This feature is part of an ongoing series in the Register, "Famous Iowans".

Link to a downloadable video from the Ponseti User Group, a support organization in the UK, titled "A Parents Guide to Clubfoot -- The Ponseti Method"

Online book about Dr. Ponseti's medical experiences during the Spanish Civil War:

Article from Univ. of Iowa Alumni Association on Dr. Ponseti, upon receiving distinguished alumni award in 2004

Story about an ex-patriate British family who traveled from Kenya to the UK since their son's clubfoot treatment had taken a turn for the worse:

September 2005 story about a Michigan family who traveled to Iowa for treatment:

An article in the April 2001 issue of Orthopedics Today, "Ponseti's advances span 60 years of orthopedic history, Pioneers in Orthopedics, the People who made the Specialty", from the site you will create a user i.d. and password to access the story

A Fall 2002 article in the U of Iowa's Pacemaker Health magazine on the effect of parents on the internet on the treatment of clubfoot.

Another 2002 U of Iowa article on the effects of parents on the Internet helping to spread information about the method:

"A Healing Touch", University of Iowa Alumni magazine article about Dr. Ponseti from February 2003:

Article about Dr. Ponseti in the Spanish Civil War:

Brief article about physicians switching to Ponseti method:

Video clips of Dr. Ponseti and a patient:

The Daily Iowan newspaper article from January 2002 about Dr. Ponseti:

2002 article about Dr. Ponseti by an Iowa City Press-Citizen journalist, includes reference to the Iowa (Ponseti) Center for the Treatment of Clubfoot at Mount Sinai NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases being named in his honor in 2001.

Spanish language article about a family from El Salvador who traveled to Iowa for treatment for their son:

An October 2001 article from the U of Iowa about the clinic being named in honor of Dr. Ponseti:

Another U of Iowa article from July 2001 about Dr. Ponseti:

U of Iowa Currents, Winter 2000 issue article about 30 year follow up study

Visionary physician pioneers alternative clubfoot treatment, Oct., 1999

An article from the U of Iowa from July 1997

"Small Steps Create Huge Advances for the Pediatric Foot," a Medscape news report from the Feb. 2002 meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

A news item at Medscape, from Reuters Health, about the Ponseti method and referencing Dr. Morcuende and Dr. Ponseti's article in the Feb. 2004 issue of the journal Pediatrics:

"Heaven Sent Treatment -- Family relocates so child can receive clubfoot care"
Iowa City Press-Citizen, May 4, 2004

Article from the Iowa Press Citizen newspaper. "UI leaders celebrate famed doctor's 90th birthday," June 2004:

"Families Pay Tribute to Doctor" -- "First Annual Ponseti Clubfoot Races", article in Iowa City Press-Citizen, Nov. 14, 2004:

Science Blog article from Dec. 27, 2004 on Dr. Matthew Dobbs and use of the Ponseti method: