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This website is a collection of Internet links to be used in your research concerning the Ponseti method.  If you have any suggestions for articles that should be added to the site, or to report links that do not work, please send us your comments.

Ponseti International Association Website-
Ponseti International site for parents- including bracing document:

Formerly the Virtual Children's Hospital website, moved as of Jan. 2006 to the website of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics/Children's Hospital of Iowa. Includes message from Dr. Ponseti, details about treatment, testimonials, links to journal articles, information about qualified physicians and more.

Ponseti International Foundation for the Advancement of Clubfoot Treatment

Dr. Ponseti's resume at the U of Iowa

Copies of three speeches given at Dr. Ponseti's 90th birthday celebration (June, 2004).  Speeches given by Dr. Joseph Buckwalter, Dr. Stuart Weinstein, and Dr. Ponseti.