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Please review the various sections regarding bracing below. 

Site with Iowa's bracing document:

Thank you to Michelle Hall, of American Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc. in Iowa City, for sharing the following documents with us.
Michelle Hall, B.S.E., lectured about the proper fit and use of the FAB at a convention in Reno, Nevada, USA, on 10/23/03 for the AOPA National Convention for Orthotists.

Foot Abduction Orthosis Setup for Idiopathic Clubfoot


Click here for the article:

Foot Abduction Orthosis Contacts


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(Scroll down for photos)

The following two downloads are parent-written guides to provide information on the foot abduction brace used to maintain correction in the Ponseti method.  You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF files.  They contain useful tips and tricks for families as well as troubleshooting information for those who might be having issues with the brace.  Please note that the first download is still in "draft status" as of October 2005.  The article on the Dobbs' brace contains information about a special brace developed by Dr. Matthew Dobbs of St. Louis, Missouri. 

Click here to download the PDF file for Ponseti FAB tips and tricks

Click here to download the .pdf file pertaining to the Dobbs' articulating brace

This file contains photographs of hand-constructed, inexpensive bracing from Peru.  A pair of child's boots are attached to a piece of wood.  Please note that this brace allows for the outward abduction, but does not address the dorsiflexion of the foot.  The pictures were submitted by Dr. Jose Morcuende of the University of Iowa and he noted that they have been quite effective.

click here to download pdf file of hand constructed Peruvian braces

Here is a link to a flyer on the Markell Shoe Company website.  The flyer details the latest open-toe shoe design developed specifically for bracing with the Ponseti method.  The new design was made available in October, 2003.  Please note that the Fillauer brand adjustable red bar pictured at the bottom of page one is the style used by the University of Iowa staff.  Page two of the flyer features a shoe size template that can be printed off to help select the correct shoe size when ordering.
The main Markell Shoe Company site is at:
The Markell UK website, sponsored by distributor Kettering Surgical, is here:

Link to John Mitchell's company website with a photograph and ordering information for the new brace:
Telephone: 1-877-PONSETI  E-mail:
Messageboard post from Martin Egbert, 4/19/04, with information from Dr. Ponseti on the new John Mitchell designed sandal/shoes for the FAB, which were initially made individually for unusual cases:

German brace manufacturer's website:

Fun home videos of kids crawling, climbing and walking in their braces- thanks to moms, Kathy, Kaci, Kori (all unrelated) & Nikki for sharing these:

The photograph below depicts a foot abduction brace set to the correct width for the child.  The length of the bar should be set so that the inside edges of the heels of the shoes are roughly equal to the width of the child's shoulders.  (The adjustable length bar in the photo is covered with foam padding.)  To check sizing, you should be able to lay the brace (bar flat on the floor) on the floor and place your baby on their back with their shoulders fitting between the shoes. (picture coming soon, hopefully!)


Below are personal photographs of Iowa-issued Foot Abduction Orthosis for unilateral clubfoot child from (circa late 2000).  Old style of Markell shoe is shown in photographs.  New style released in 2003.  Click on picture to make larger.

Top of foot abduction brace
Note: old style of Markell straight-last shoes pictured.

Left foot is clubfoot.
Side view. Left foot at 70, right foot at 40.


Plastizode (foam) heel insert.

Child crawling while wearing FAB

Child standing in FAB. (child can pull to stand from sitting position in the brace)