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Ponseti method support and information group:
United Kingdom's Ponseti User Group's  website:

General clubfoot message/support boards (not strictly Ponseti-related):
  (clubfoot board sponsored by the St. Louis Children's Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, USA)  (board for adults with clubfoot) (board concerning clubfoot treatment and other conditions in the UK) (home page for STEPS charity South Africa) (Australia and New Zealand support group and information website) (Australian support group for clubfoot families in Canberra and southern NSW) (board concerning clubfoot treatment in Australia and New Zealand)  (clubfoot support board in Hebrew)
Brazilian support groups can be found at:
petorto at Yahoo Brazil:
at Orkut:
Pé torto técnica Ponseti parents support community

Not for profit groups:

Pediatric Orthopedic Foundation, Inc.
Our mission: " To provide support and assistance through education and financial assistance to families and their children who have orthopedic disabilities or orthopedic birth defects."

STEPS charity

Personal websites sponsored by families (also, links to some home videos are on the bracing page):

Photo diary of bilateral clubfoot treatment.  A great collection of pictures showing the journey from birth through correction.  This baby was treated by Dr. Colburn of California in 2007.

Little boy adopted from China and treated with the Ponseti method by Dr. Colburn in California at age 2.

Lexi's clubfoot treatment.  Lexi was treated with the Ponseti method in the UK.  She was also treated for hip dysplasia with a Pavlik Harness.

Anthony's website details treatment for a-typical clubfoot

Baby Raul started the Ponseti method at age 2 under the care of Dr. Christina Alves in Portugal

Lithuanian Ponseti website (includes English translation)
Russian version of above site:

Finnish website (photos section has Finnish and English captions) of baby Veeti and his family, who traveled from Finland to Iowa City for treatment at 9 months of age.

Baby Michaela's clubfoot website.  Michaela was treated with the Ponseti method by Dr. Zhivkov, in Varna, Bulgaria.  (contains English text also)

Italian clubfoot website:

A Spanish website with parent testimonials:
1-Iago: He was treated by Drs. Ponseti and Morcuende (Iowa) when he was 1 year old.
2-José: He was treated also by Drs. Ponseti and Morcuende when he was seven months old.
3-Laura: She was treated from its birth by Dra. Anna Ey (currently on the Ponseti qualified physicians list) in Barcelona
4-Sara: She was treated by Dr. Casielles in Málaga, Spain (not currently on the Ponseti qualified physicians list, but reportedly trained in Iowa in 1992).  

Information and support for South African parents of children with clubfoot.  Put together by a mom who traveled all the way from South Africa to Iowa for treatment for her son.

Oshri's website about clubfoot treatment in Israel (in Hebrew)

One family- six clubfeet!  Read about this family's adventures having 3 boys with bilateral clubfoot.

Messageboard post and websites for a little girl who is using the Ponseti method to treat relapses after the age of 6 having had surgeries for initial correction as an infant:

Family site of one of Dr. Morrissy's patients (Atlanta, GA)
Eli's foot video- birth to post-correction:

Family site of one of Dr. John Herzenberg's patients:

Family site of one of Dr. Weinstein's patients:

Rose started seeing Dr. Ponseti at six months old:
and Rose's baby brother, Grant, was born with bilateral clubfeet and spina bifida:

One of Dr. Ponseti's patients:

One of Dr. Feldman's patients: (great photos of progression during treatment)

Baby Tigger's website:

The Sandersfeld family website (click on Graham's slideshow- treatment with Dr. Ponseti)

Dr. Ponseti's patient, Olivia

Baby Kathy, treated by Dr. Santora and Dr. Talwalkar:

Judd- treated by Dr. Ponseti

Kelly treated by Dr. Ponseti (website includes FAQs about Ponseti method, and "hints and tips page" for parents):

Various family testimonials:

Grace's photo album- corrected by Dr. Ponseti (features loose ligaments issue)

Kai's foot treated by Dr. Mosca and Dr. Ponseti.  Clubfoot with an added condition called plantaris complicating the correction. (still under construction as of Dec.'03, but has general information available)

Website for twins, John & Jack, who both have clubfoot, treated by Dr. Ponseti:

Photo website showing weekly progress of baby Aidan's bi-lateral clubfoot treatment with a series of four casts: