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This page details websites concerning clubfoot treatment information and physicians outside the U.S. offering the method (see also the family websites section for referrals to doctors outside the U.S.).

Dr. Julyn Aguilar of Manila discusses her initial training and use of the Ponseti method.  She describes how she discovered that she was not using the technique properly, and after additional training, she is having more success in treating her patients, including older children with previous surgical correction who were severely relapsing.

Brief discussion of Dr. Pirani's Uganda Clubfoot Project:
Information about CURE International and Dr. Pirani and Dr. Penny's work in Africa, as well as the plan to implement clubfoot treatment in Honduras:
News article on Ponseti clubfoot treatment in Uganda, published June 2004:
Dr. Pirani's (University of British Columbia) Biography:
Dr. Penny receives Order of Canada award February 2007:

Portuguese language website for Dr. Monica Nogueira of Brazil

Family website of a patient of Dr. Cristina Alves, Hospital Central Do Funchal, Madeira, Portugal:

Information about the Baja Project, a group of doctors from the U.S. who provide the Ponseti method of treatment to children in Baja, Mexico and Mexicali, Mexico:

Dr. Lindsay Davidson, Kingston, ON, Canada

BAPO conference mentioning Dr. Naomi Davis discussing her use of the Ponseti method in the UK
Dr. Davis' website for UK Ponseti Users Group:

Dr. Michael Uglow is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Southampton University Hospital in southern England.  He visited Dr. Ponseti in Iowa in 2003, but had been utilizing the method for 3 years prior.  He is listed on Dr. Ponseti's website.

Dr. Milind Chaudhary of India uses the Ponseti Method for children 2 and under and has developed a method for treating older children with neglected clubfoot using a synthesized Ponseti/Ilizarov method.  Dr. Chaudhary is not listed on Dr. Ponseti's qualified physician list (as of June 2003).  Site is somewhat graphic- showing external fixators.

Dr. Said Saghieh, clinical instructor, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, whose "Arab Site for Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction" includes information and case studies of clubfoot treatment using the Ponseti method.
(Dr. Saghieh is not listed on Dr. Ponseti's list of physicians, but his resume indicates he has participated in a symposium in Maryland with Dr. John Herzenberg and made a presentation in 2003 entitled "Ponseti Technique: a new technique for conservative treatment of Clubfoot disease" at The Annual Meeting of the Lebanese Orthopaedic Association.):

Website concerning the Ponseti Method in South Africa:

Prof. J. Berard of Lyon, France, website in French,

"Early experience with the Ponseti method" in Tel Aviv, Israel, article published May 2005, Isr Med Assoc J.  2005; 7(5):307-10, Tel Aviv, Israel.

German Sites
Klumpfuss - Ein Erfahrungsbericht -

Klumpfuss-Info Switzerland

Vereniging Oudergroep Klompvoetjes -