Horse Poems: 500+ for Nico Wind

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Horse Poems - 49

The favorite poem for 2009,
Forty-eight Poems for Nico Wind,
is "Two Lives at Full Speed," by Catherine Keating.
Well, here we are and it's 2009 already!  I thought I'd only be finding a couple of poems to make this ride a final 365 poems long, but I just kept finding more!  Or people kept bringing me more.  Anyway, here are 49 poems for Nico Wind, and I think we'll just go on and find 50 more for 2010, so I am begging everyone to send me any horse poems you don't find on the master list!  (Thanks!)
Just when I thought I'd truly run out of horse poems, suddenly, about half way through the year, I kept running into some really wonderful poetry that worked the horse theme.  There is even a Tennessee Walker poem for Nico and her very own horse, Carrie Boo.  My favorite poem this year was "Two Lives at Full Speed," written by my cousin Catherine Keating about a wild ride she and her husband, my dearest cousin Michael, took to save his life (and it did, it did).  Her poem made me even more aware of how precious and also fragile are the connections that bind us, especially to those we love.  Now I would like to find a poem about a horse named Meg, for it is this greatly loved cousin who now needs all the "gallop" we can create as she, once again, faces a race with health issues.  Maybe someone could write a poem for us.

Two Lives at Full Speed

Catherine Keating


          Up and down like the

horses on a carousel;

The seaside road,

an amusement slide as

our car rolls on the wave-cut side

at the edge of ocean spume.


Fifty, sixty, sixty-five.

I race through our lives

on these narrow curves

praying for sirens

before the sure

plunge to the sea.


Faster, past startled sheep

on inland lanes.

Seventy, eighty.

Could I kill a lamb, a child,

on this breakneck ride?


Not Death! No!

Not child nor lamb nor this

dear partner at my side!

He gasps for air.

My hands, gripping the wheel,

shake with love and fear.


At ninety, I see the

Golden Gate and

fly across.

Police? No luck.

The streets slope,

their names a blur.

Through stop signs,

over a curb, we go

and then!

a saint


for our salvation

directs us:


Emergency room.

such ordinary


for the place that

will save us.


The titles, poets (and lyricists, for I have included some lyrics to horse songs and counted them as poetry) and publishing information I've been able to find for each poem are listed here.  (Note that this is still work in progress, as you can plainly see.)  If you'd like a copy of a particular poem, send me e-mail, and I'll send you a copy of the poem.  I don't like to break copyright rules, and so only a few of the poems appear in their entirety here.   On the other hand, those titles that are underlined may connect to a link that has the poem and other information about the poet.  If the link doesn't work, I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you about that!  Thanks!



1.         A Cuttin’ Horse – Al Mehl

2.         Dream Horses – Nancy Willard

3.         Evening is Tranquil, and Dawn is a Thousand Miles Away – Charles Wright

4.         Farewell – Emily Dickinson

5.         Fields, The – W.S. Merwin

6.         girl (three) and the black horse – Rg Gregory

7.         Great Aso – Tatsuji Mohoshi

8.         Hard Foaling – Michael List

9.         Homesick Ella Goodwin

10.       The Horse – William Carlos Williams

11.       Horse in Amsterdam, after Rembrandt – Lawrence Ferlinghetti

12.       Horse Show, The – William Carlos Williams

13.       Horses, The – Kenny Logins

14.       Horses, The – Edwin Muir

15.       i once knew a man – Lucille Clifton (scroll down the page to find poem)

16.       If Only I Had Known – Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy

17.       Looking For My Horse – Werner Klokow

18.       Love Poem – Donald Hall

19.       May 1968 – Sharon Olds

20.       Medallion – Michael Hefferman

21.       Merry Go Round – David Threadgold

22.       Meter – Frank Halliwell

23.       Miles Keogh’s Horse – John Hay

24.       The Mind of a Woman and Two Other Things – M.D. Dinesh Nair

25.       Montoya – Nick Ripatrazone

26.       Myth, The: Raison d’Etre – Pattiann Rogers

27.       Of Horses and Flies – Herbert Nehrlich

28.       Old Lilacs – Ted Kooser

29.       On Passing Time and Being Neurotic – arundhati sinha

30.       One Trick Pony – Nelly Furtado

31.       Phantom Horsewoman, The – Thomas Hardy

32.       Pony Express, The – Bret Harte

33.       Portland Pony Project, The – Scott Wayne Indiana

34.       Returning to Earth – Jim Harrison

35.       Roads – Amy Lowell

36.       Sometimes – Tobbie WhiteBird Crowe

37.       St. Valentine’s Day – Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

38.       Stirrup Cup, The – John Hay

39.       Tennessee Walking Horse, The – Linda Byles

40.       To-morrow to Fresh Woods and Pastures New – Amy Lowell

41.       Two Lives at Full Speed – Catherine Keating

42.       Unfortunate Location – Louis Jenkins

43.       Weight, The – Linda Gregg

44.       What is a Horse? – Lily Whittaker

45.       White Horse of the Most Magical Kind, A – David Taylor

46.       Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses – U2

47.       The Wild Wild West – Philip Lore

48.       Winter Ride, A – Amy Lowell

49.       Wounded Knee Creek – Colin Ian Jeffery



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