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Useful Links
HTML Language

HTML Code Tutorial

Dan, the owner of this site, e-mailed me recently saying he "...thought that our site may be of help to your visitors. Our users commonly comment that HTML Code Tutorial is one of the best on the web; and we recently added a Help Forum, which you can click on from the home page and get personalized help. We would be grateful for a link to our site from your site. ". So I looked at his site and I'm pleased to endorse what he says.

Suzanne Cook's HTML Tutorial

An excellent beginner's HTML tutorial. Not really a "new" entry - we removed this link at one point believing it to be extinct. Happily the site still exists but unfortunately it is not always easy to connect to it. However it is worth persevering.

How To Create a Web Page

This site explains everything that is needed for anyone wanting to create their own web page, or so it's author claims - and his pages do indeed provide a useful quick start to HTML. Amongst the contents of this site are sections dealing with Getting Started, Text, Linking, Graphics, Fill-Out Forms, Frames and Java, as well as an offer to try and sort out any problems you have with your own web page. My only quibble is about the section on uploading your pages where he recommends using TelNet. Many users do not have TelNet access to their servers so a mention of uploading via FTP would have been useful. Resource Area

Although I've listed this under HTML Links (because there is a good beginner's HTML tutorial), the site contains much more - a web graphics guide for beginners, intermediate tutorials on HTML, JavaScript, dynamic HTML and web-based businesses, plus some articles for advanced users such as advertisement management, web hosting and servers.

HTML Tags Sorted by Navigator Releases

A complete list of HTML tags recognized by Netscape Navigator - a useful thing in itself, but made even more useful by the fact that they are sorted by Netscape Navigator release number so you can quickly tell which versions support which tags.

HTML for Rookies

Another site working towards the same goal as this one - to give as much assistance to beginners as possible. The excellent HTML tutorial has an even less formal style than my one - try them both, you're sure to learn something!

World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Here you will find the official specification for the HTML language, together with other articles about new and proposed features of the language.

Sandia National Laboratories - HTML Elements List

A good quick reference for the more advanced user of the HTML language.

NCSA - Guides to HTML

A good selection of links to other sources of information about HTML.

HTML Goodies

Lots of excellent tutorials, tips, etc. on writing web pages. Includes sections on Java and JavaScript. Free images are also offered. Links to other HTML-related sites. (C|Net)  Note new URL

A relatively new site with tutorials and tips for both beginners and advanced students of HTML. Also covers other topics of interest to anyone building a web site such as graphics and design, and web programming and scripting. There is a free newsletter which you can sign up for.

How Do They Do That?
How Do They Do That With HTML?

Tips and tricks for more advanced use of HTML including use of animated GIFs and other graphics. Also sections on page counters, sound, JavaScript and Java.

The SiteExperts.Community (formerly Inside DHTML)

Masses of information, tips, tricks, examples and tutorials about dynamic HTML (DHTML), Style Sheets, and all the latest weapons in the web page writer's armoury. You may not get the full benefit of this site if you are not using one of the latest browsers though!

HTML Writers Guild
The HTML Writers Guild

Free membership, or you can pay a fee for a higher level of service. Lots of help available with HTML and resources. Members can use the Guild's badge on their pages (which looks good!)

Web Design Group
Web Design Group - Cascading Style Sheets Quick Tutorial

A very useful quick introduction to the use of cascading style sheets in HTML documents. The site also contains many other articles about web documents including page validation and a character set overview.

Web Interoperability Pledge
Website Interoperability Pledge

Not strictly a "free service" but something which all web page designers should be concerned about. In their eagerness to gain a competitive edge, Microsoft and Netscape have been introducing separate, incompatible extensions without sufficient consultation. If this continues Webmasters will be forced to choose between the Netscape "flavour" or the Microsoft "flavour" of HTML, or forced to build two versions of their sites, one for each set of extensions. This campaign by ZNet has had some success in getting the companies to work towards a common HTML language. You can find out more about the pledge at the URL given above.

Various Web Rings
These rings consist of a number of sites (including this one) which deal with all aspects of web page design and authoring. See the three we belong to on the Web Rings page of this site.

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