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Due to the over-whelming response this site has generated, I find myself with an ever growing list of songs people are searching for.

As I am, alas, only one woman, I will be posting on this page the ones I haven't managed to track down.

If you can help in any way, please Email Me (! Thank you for your concern, now here's what we need:

Lyrics Wanted
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~ "A is for..." a poem, read by all the SS characters, that goes "A is for airplane way up in the sky, so think of an A when you see one fly by. B is for butterfly busy and bright, C is for cuckoo clock carved out just right, and D is for a dirty disgusting door knob..."

~ All The Tired Horses - apparantly Sesame did Dylan! Here's the link for the original version, which goes:

All the tired horses in the sun
How'm I supposed to get any ridin' done? Hmm.

The Sesame version featured all sorts of other lyrics asking questions like "Does a dandylion ...?"

~ "The AN Song" "You take a D that's a D and an A N an you put them together and that spells Dan. That's Dan D A N Dan...." Also covers man, can, etc.

~ Apples skit starring Ernie and Cookie Monster. Ernie has four apples, a red marker, and an easel. He wants to write down how many apples he has but, of course, Cookie Monster wants to eat one of them and can't quite decide. Ernie and Cookie debate for a while, ending up with Cookie making several rapid-fire yes-no-yes-nos while Ernie hurriedly scrawls 4s and 3s all over the easel. The last word is Cookie Monster's, "You got cantaloupe?"

~ "Are You A Wasteroo?" cartoon about wasting water with singing waterdrops. Not the same as "Don't Waste Water" also listed below.

~ "Aria For A Cow" written by the team behind Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast", probably from the 70s/early 80s.

~ "Be Nice To Your Parents", for lack of a better title, sung by Elmo and Brian Eno(!).

~ "Beatles Parodies" besides Hey Food, Letter B , Thinking Of U and (I Get By) With A Little Yelp From My Friends are there any other Beatles parodies?

~ Bert and Ernie skits, in particular:

The one where Ernie plays the drums and gets Bert to repeat the noises (Ba-dump bum bum, Ba-dump bum bum, Ba-dump bum ching ...)

The one where Ernie is trying to count to 10, constantly has to start over and it ends with Bert freaking out (like usual!) (probably this one)

The one where Bert feels cold and Ernie bundles him up in every winter garment imaginable. Ernie piles on his grandmother's shawl, earmuffs, a fur coat, a scarf, and other things. Ernie wraps the scarf so tightly around Bert that poor Bert can only go "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" So Ernie unwraps (or lowers) the scarf and asks, "How do you feel now, Bert?" Bert goes, "Ffft! Ffft! Fzzz!" before answering, "I feel HOT! I feel broiling hot!". Ernie then brings Bert an ice pack, opens a window, and turns on an electric fan. He asks, "Is that better, Bert?" and Bert says, "Leave me alone!"

~ Big Bird skits, in particular, the one where Big Bird is chanting to some kids: "Give me a B ... give me another B ... give me another B ... give me another B ..." etc... "Put it all together and what does it spell?". The kids look on in silence then Big Bird goes "B-bb-b-bb-b-bb-bb-.." and pretends to drive a car, making engine noises with his lips. (lips?! ;-)

Another Big Bird skit came right after the opening theme. Set in the winter, it had Big Bird, Snuffy, and a kid at his nest (possibly Natasha):

Big Bird: Burr! Boy it sure is a c-c-cold day! Right N-N-Natasha?

Natasha: Right!

Snuffy: Ah, Bird, I just had this great idea!

Big Bird: What's that S-S-Snuff?

Still another may have seen Big Bird painting the front door of Mr. Hooper's store:

(Big Bird finishes painting the door and Snuffy walks up).

Big Bird: Oh, hello, Snuffy! Be careful or you'll get paint all over your brown fur!

Snuffy: Oh, hello, Bird. You just painted Mr. Hooper's door?

Big Bird: I sure did! Looks nice doesn't it?

(Later at the end of the skit, Snuffy sneezes, a huge wind blows and you can see dirt, leaves, paper, and everything all over the door).

Snuffy: Oh dear!

Big Bird: But-but you- but (sighs).

Snuffy: Oh, Bird, I'm so sorry!

~ Big Bird's exercise song Possibly from the 1982 album "Exercise!".
Not the title, some lyrics:

Arms up, arms down (Breathe in, breathe out)
Head side and front
Other side and front
Head to the side ear touching your shoulder and then other side
Head down and front
Head up and front

Then you do arms, legs, ankles and at the end you jump to the end of the song.

~ "The Bill of Gripes" probably sung by Oscar.
Memories from

A grouch'll be entitled to be not nice to you.
To always tell you, "Go away!", 'cause that's what grouches do.
A grouch'll be entitled to be left alone.
Nothing shall take away his happiness
To live in a trash can and make an awful mess!
It says right here in the Bill of Gripes,
Written and bent with water pipes,

~ "Bird Round" this cartoon starred birds, possibly cousins, talking about rounds (songs such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with overlapping harmonies). They end up singing a special 3-part round, no idea yet on the lyrics, anyone else?

~ "Bridges" NOT the title! Here's what the viewer recalls: from the 70's, kids running on bridges and through the city, a woman singing and after each verse she'd sing, "Ooooh Oooh woah woah, mmm mmm mmm." Ring any bells out there?

~ "Building A Car" another fake title, the question concerns the music used for a live-action short that starts with four tires on a street, then little by little more parts such as the engine, the seats, the glass, get added until it becomes a complete car which then goes "vroooom" and speeds away. The music score that goes with it is a lively, almost comical tune the visitor is sure they've heard elsewhere.

UPDATE: Found this version with a dune buggy, was one done with an antique car?

~ "Bus Stop Sign" the one where each verse starts with "Pardon me, sir ..." and the chorus goes "Bus stop! Bus stop!, standing in line, waiting for the bus at the bus stop sign!" Any sound files from this classic would be VERY much appreciated!

~ "Cecile" the opera singing orange. Other than the opera itself and the intro, I don't think it had any words, did it? There's a request for an audio file listed below as well.

UPDATE: I think I've confused my oranges :-) The opera singing one is on YouTube, and now that I've seen it again I can see she doesn't have a name, so Cecile is another orange, right? Or was she just an orange ball?

~ Cheerleaders skits you know, the muppets with their pom-poms and letter shirts. In one, they're all dressed in "F" tops and go, "Give me an 'A'" .. "Give me a 'B'" .. "Give me a 'C'" .. "Give me a 'D'" ... "Give me a 'E'" ... "Give me a 'F'" ...", "Put it all together and what does it spell?" "?" "Abbacadef..?" "Wha..?" "Abacadeff?" "Huh?" And the cheerleaders wander off-stage confused. Sound familiar to anyone?

~ "Como Estas? How Are You?" sung by Luis eons ago, some lyrics:

"Como estas? How are you?
Estoy bien. I'm doing fine. Estoy bien.
[missing Spanish phrase] What a beautiful day.
Como estas, mi amigo, my friend"

~ "Cookie Monster Intelligence Test" a skit with Herbert Birdsfoot and Cookie Monster. Herbert sets up a complicated contraption to see if Cookie Monster can figure out how to get the cookies from under a glass cover. Cookie Monster figures out how everything works, then smashes the cover and eats the cookies.

~ "Crazy" NOT the title, just a guess on these partial lyrics from an Elmo song: "And they think I'm crazy, they really think I'm crazy"

~ "Danger Sign" parody on Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" from the movie "Top Gun".
Not the same as Danger's No Stranger by How Now Brown and the Moo Wave or Danger by Prairie Dawn (and Little Jerry and The Monotones).

~ "Oscar's Do Re Mi" some of the lyrics are online here

~ "A Dog Named Cat" just a guess on the title, here are some lyrics:

I've got a dog, and my dog's name is Cat
Did you ever hear anything as funny as that?
But not only that, I've got a cat
And my cat's name is Dog, just like Dog's name is Cat

~ "Don't Touch Me!" Benny the rabbit: "Don't, don't, don't ... you may want to, but you won't, don't, don't, don't, don't touch me!"

UPDATE: Found it, yeaaah! It's on YouTube and my To-Do List.

~ "Don't Waste Water" popular query, live action short from a few years back.
Some lyrics from burgessa:

Don't ... waste ... water ... (water, water, water)
You'd never see a flower and you'd never see a tree
There'd be no ducks or fish or cows
There'd be no you and me!
Without water (water, water, water)
Don't ... waste ... water ... (water, water, water)
When you see a drippy sink ...
Tell your folks to get it fixed

~ "Erasing Cookie Monster" skit that begins with Ernie and Cookie Monster at a blackboard. Then the scene changes to a cartoon of a boy who counts to ten and erases some people. Then back to Ernie, who erases Cookie Monster!

UPDATE: Found it on YouTube, added to the To-Do List.

~ "Everybody Jog" just a guess on the title, this one had the whole gang singing and jogging. remembers a couple of lines and the image of Oscar running down a street (not Sesame Street) with just his feet sticking out of the bottom of his trash can:

Oscar: Every day's a marathon!
All: Everybody jog!

~ "Everybody's Song" sung by Bip Bipadotta, same orange-haired maniacal muppet that sings "Mahna Mahna", "can you hear that beat? Doodledy-doo, that's everybody's song". Some lyrics are online here

~ "Forgetful Jones" a song that Clementine sings to Forgetful when he has forgotten what he is: "You wear cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, you're a real ...? Advertising executive? No, Forgetful! But, that's what they wear!"

~ "Freeze!" - not the title, this one's from approx. 1978-1983, and finds Maria on the street outside Big Bird's nest singing: "And if you will excuse me please, I think ... that ... I ... will ... freeze!". Where it starts getting strange is that Maria is walking behind the door to BB's nest as she sings. She raises her hands so they're the only part showing above the door frame and then BB's door proceeds to shake and quake along with Maria's hands. That's all the visitor recalls and it's driving them crazy! What the heck was *that* all about?

~ "Front and Back Waltz" - just a guess on the title. recalls four opera singers, one woman and three men, and that the song was done to the tune of "The Blue Danube Waltz". Some lyrics:

Woman: Oh, this is my front.
Men: Her front, her front.
Woman: You don't have to grunt.
Men: Her front, her front.

(She sings a few more lines, turns her back to the audience, and sings:)

Woman: Oh, this is my back.
Men: Her back, her back.
Woman: Don't call me a quack.
Men: Her back, back.

~ "Garden Full Of Hair" not the title, just a key lyric. The song talked about various body parts starting with "Your head is a garden full of hair, some is dark and some is fair." and ending with "... feet are for running away!"

~ "Go To Sleep, Buddy Bert" a skit and song with Ernie singing Bert to sleep. Some memories from

Bert can't fall asleep (and Ernie's not even bothering him!). He tells Ernie this, and Ernie says, "Have you tried a lullabye?" Bert says, "I can't sing a lullabye to myself and go to sleep at the same time!" Ernie suggests he sing Bert a lullabye. Bert decides it's worth a try, so Ernie sings this improvised song to the tune of "Lullabye and Good Night":

Go to sleep, Buddy Bert,
In your flannel nightshirt.
Happy dreams fill your head
As you snuggle down in bed.
Hushabye, get some rest,
Like a pigeon in his nest.
Hushabye, get some rest,
Like a pigeon in his nest.

It puts Bert to sleep, and then Ernie wakes him. Bert wakes up in a fright and asks "What is it?" Ernie says something like. "It's your turn to sing a lullabye, and it's my turn to go to sleep."

~ Granny Fanny Nesselrode - anyone remember skits with her from the old days? In one with Guy Smiley, she tried to put ketchup on a hamburger without opening the bottle first. Anything else?

NOTE: She made an appearance in Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree and can be seen in this Dutch YouTube video.

~ “Grover the Salesman” skits. recalls the one where Grover wants to sell Kermit a gadget that makes rain and snow fall -- right in Kermit's living room! He also tried selling him earmuffs, nose warmers, toothbrushes, sunglasses, and combs.

NOTE: Here's the one where he tries to sell him earmuffs and a nosewarmer on YouTube.

~ "Happy Days" a skit with Ron Howard as Richie and Henry Winkler as the Fonz counting to ten. I kid you not! I'd love to see this. Apparently, there was also a skit where the Fonz and Richie brushed their teeth together.

NOTE: The teeth brushing one is available on the Sesame Street - Old School, Vol. 2 (1974-1979) 3-DVD set.

~ "Harmony Song" with Kermit trying to read a book, various animals making noise, then Kermit turning the noise into a harmony song.

~ "The Helicopter Ride" a skit where Maria finds Bert sitting in the middle of the street, imagining that he is a helicopter pilot. Maria joins him, and they go on an imaginary helicopter ride.

~ "Higgeldy Piggeldy" something done by Oscar and a group of kids, the only remembered line is the refrain, "Higgeldy piggeldy trash can-o!". Possibly about three male grouches wooing a female grouch.

~ Hush Little Baby a lullaby sung by a 3 woman chorus: "Now, hush little baby, and don't shed a tear, it's dark in the night time, but mama is here, now hush little baby, and close your sweet eyes, your mama will rock you and sing lullabies."

UPDATE: Found it on YouTube! The women turned out to be The Pointer Sisters, who knew?

~ "I Go To School" not the official title, could be "Off To School" from the Sesame Road album. Some lyrics:

I go to school, school, school, and I like it a lot
I go to school, school, school, it's my favorite spot
I go to school, school, school
I'm very cool - I go to school

Silvery Shoe recalls a bit from "Off To School" to compare:

There's paint and paper and toys and clay!
And everybody's getting a turn.
There's so much interesting stuff to learn!
Elmo's off to school!
Elmo's off to a real good start. [Laughs]
Elmo's off to school, having fun and getting smart!

~ "I Wish It Would Rain" some lyrics are online here

~ "Imaginary Friend" sung by Big Bird: "How can I miss my imaginary friend?"

~ "In And Out" this one is sung at a disco where muppets go in and out the wrong doors knocking over a janitor. "In, out, that's what it's all about."

UPDATE: Found on YouTube, on my list.

~ "In And Out" this version's from around the late '80s where Barkley the dog wants to go out, but then wants back in again right away. The chorus goes:

In and out
In and out
That's what
A dog
Is all about
He can't decide
He's filled with doubt
'Cause first he wants in and then he wants out

The last line of one verse is something like "I'm gonna let you in (out?) for the very last time." Could be a take-off of the following tune ...

~ "The In And Out Crowd" I was WAY off in my previous transcription, it's been removed and we shall never speak of it again ;-) Here's some lyrics from the REAL song, courtesy of Ingeborg Norden:

... our biggest thrill is putting things away
... in the closet--you don't know 'in' till you've made a deposit
... we're out with the 'out' crowd, outside doing heavy chores
... our biggest thrill is unpacking stuff

We're in, we're out, we're in, we're out
And in and out is what it's all about!

NOTE: Well, blow me down, I found it in my own darn files! A videoclip is currently posted as In With The In Crowd on YouTube, but the transcript is in my massive To-Do Pile.

~ Kermit the Reporter some of his classic skits are online (Kermit In Wonderland, Piper's Pickled Peppers Patch, Kermit Meets Santa Claus, The Six Dollar Man, see it on YouTube, Two Trees, see it on YouTube) but we'd love to see more! Especially the one with Little Miss Muffet: "Little Miss Muffet sat on her waterbed eating her crunchy granola."

NOTE: Here's what online and not transcribed yet:

- YouTube Video - Cinderella
- YouTube Video - Jack and Jill
- YouTube Video - Little Bo Peep
- YouTube Video - Little Miss Muffet
- YouTube Video - Old King Cole
- YouTube Video - Old MacDonald Had a Spaceship
- YouTube Video - The Pied Piper
- YouTube Video - Rapunzel
- YouTube Video - Red Riding Hood
- YouTube Video - The Snow Storm
- YouTube Video - The Three Little Pigs

~ Kermit with hair? does anyone remember an early version of Kermit with a little black Afro on the back of his head?

~ "Kids Like To Boogie Too" I don't think this one was heard on the show, some lyrics: "Kids like to boogie too, kids like me and kids like you, they like to shake their head they like to shake their shoe, kids like to boogie too, kids like me and kids like you, they like to twist ... wiggle ... fall down ..."

~ "The King's Picnic" song about a king's picnic and all the things people can bring, King: "You bring the potato salad!" People: "Sure thing, King!"

~ "Leaving Sesame Street" sung by Bob, about leaving SS but still caring about all his friends there, partial lyrics: "Have I told you how much you mean to me, have I told you how much I care ... sometimes I'll be too busy ... but if you ever feel that way"

~ "The Little Red Hen" anyone have a copy of the Sesame Street version? Just the text would be greatly appreciated!

~ "A Loaf Of Bread" skit where the little boy is sent to the store for "a loaf of bread, a stick of butter and a container of milk", but he keeps getting waylaid.

UPDATE: Woohoo, found it! I now have a full .mp3 file 1.6M, and it's online at YouTube, I'm working on the transcription.

~ "Love In The Fix-It Shop (On Sesame Street)" the song sung before Luis and Maria got married

UPDATE: The song's included in this clip online at

~ "The Man In Trash" sung by guest singer Johnny Cash; duet with Oscar the Grouch

~ "Me" not the same as the one online here, this one's sung by Big Bird and may have been recorded on a tape that came with the Big Bird singing toy

~ "Mistakes Can Happen To Anyone" just a guess on the title, some lyrics:

Oops, I made a mistake that's all
and mistakes can happen to anyone

~ "Mobity Mosley's Months" from the album,
"My Name is Roosevelt Franklin",
some lyrics thanks to

Roosevelt Franklin (spoken): I know someone who knows all the months of the year, and his name is Mobity Mosley.
(Mobity Mosley then names January through April. Here there's a lot of words I forget, besides the names of the months, of course.)

(Here Marc Lupino recalls a bit of Mobity's part:)

Number one month is January
February is month number two

Mobity Mosley: January, February! March and April.
Now I gotta hurry.

(He names May through December)

Now I'm gonna name 'em all.
See how many I can call.
January, February, March, April, May, June, July,
August, September, October, November, December!

(Here he has more spoken lines I don't remember.)

What a shame.
They don't know my name.
It's Mobity Mosley ... (fade out)

~ "Monster on the Spot" the one with Telly and a Muppet woman. Telly is reporting from the library, where it's very quiet. The woman is reporting from the airport, where it's very loud. At first the report goes okay, but it's so loud at the airport that they can't hear each other. Then, I think, the librarian makes Telly leave for talking too loud.

~ "Monster With A Suitcase" a male monster (nameless, he turns up from time to time, once in an early spot as Prairie Dawn's pet cat!). Kermit is trying to guess what the monster, also holding an umbrella, is planning to do. The monster exclaims that the umbrella is not to keep off the rain -- it's for lunch! And the suitcase? Well, it's full of ketchup! "Who'd eat an umbrella without ketchup?!" and he then starts slathering it on and chomping down! Thanks to Mrs. Mishima for the details.

~ Monsterpiece Theatre skits

So far, we have:

- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - YouTube Video
- Chariots of Fur - YouTube Video
- Cyrano(se) de Bergerac - YouTube Video
- Dr. No - YouTube Video
- The Four Hundred Blows - YouTube Video
- Gone With The Wind - YouTube Video
- Guys and Dolls - YouTube Video
- Hamlet - YouTube Video
- The Horse Whisperer - YouTube Video
- Inside/Outside Story - YouTube Video
- Monsters With Dirty Faces - YouTube Video
- The Postman Always Rings Twice - YouTube Video
- The Sound Of Music - YouTube Video
- The Thirty-Nine Stairs - YouTube Video
- Twelve Angry Men - YouTube Video
- Twin Beaks - YouTube Video

~ The Moon In June just a guess as the only lyrics we have are:

Oh, the moon in June
Is like a big balloon

And it ends with, "La lune"

~ songs from "The Muppet Alphabet Album"

The Muppet Alphabet Album

reissued as "Sing The Alphabet"

Sing The Alphabet

I have practically the whole album transcribed, but am still missing "The Opening", "The Closing", and "What Letter Comes Next?" from the original version (they're not included in the reissue).

~ The Muppet Show Trying to fill in the blanks here. I know some of the gang (Ernie, Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, the Count, and Prairie Dawn) appeared on "The Muppet Show" in 1980 with guest star Marty Feldman. And I know they appeared from a cave (after Ali Baba said "Open Sesame!", cute) and sang "There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight". I have a link for the original song lyrics, but I doubt they sang it this way. Anyone remember?

To jog your memory, the show ended with the old guys in the box surrounded by the Sesame gang:

Waldorf: "How should we know how to get to Sesame Street?"
Statler: "We don't even know how to get out of this stupid theatre box!"

~ Anything from Don Music other than his versions of:

"Mary Had A Little Lamb" (Mary Had A Bicycle)
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
The Sesame Street Theme
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Yankee Doodle

And any audio/video files would be great!

~ "My Best Friend" from "Elmo's Sing-Along Guessing Game":

Nobody knows me better than you
You're my best friend
Faithful and funny, trusting and true
You're my best friend
'Cause you know what I like
Know how I feel
Know when I'm happy or blue

~ "My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin"

My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin

aka "The Year Of Roosevelt Franklin", which one's the right cover?

The Year Of Roosevelt Franklin

I have
Days Of The Week and Just Because, but we're missing the rest of this classic album, help!
Full track listing here.

~ "My Son Benjamin" a short video from 1978 about a blond boy around a year old, anyone know the words or, better yet, have the video clip?

~ "The Name Game" just a guess on the title, this one was sung by the human cast and is similar to the hit of the same name ("Banana-Fanna-Fo-Fanna"). Some possible lyrics:

Susan, Susan, Colla-Walla Wusan ...
They may sound silly but they all rhyme

~ "New Friends" (pure guess on the title) sung by David and Olivia, "sing a song about new friends, sing a song about coconuts in your head"

~ "Number 5 Tap Dancers" a skit involving 5 tap dancers and subtracting from 5. Ring any bells?

~ "Oh, Please Give Cookie To Me" sung by Cookie Monster (natch!), some memories from

Oh, I don't want a shiny toy car or a trip in a plane flying over the sea.
There's just one thing that me want, and if you got, then I hope you give it to me.
(speaking) Don't want a yo-yo, or baseball, or skates.
(I forget the next line.) You guessed it!
(singing) I want cookie!
I love cookie!
Nobody love cookie as me.
Oh, please give cookie to me!
(speaking) Please!

~ "The Pasta Song" "Orrichietti and spaghetti and linguini ... rigatoni, cannelloni, tagliattelle and ... Pasta! Pasta! Very good for you!"

~ "Post Office" just a guess on the title, this short showed mail being processed at the post office and the song goes something like, "... the post office where it will stay, for just (FOR JUST) one day (ONE DAY) ..."

~ "Raise Your Hand", done by the Mahna Mahna guy or at least an orange muppet wearing a suit and sunglasses.

UPDATE: Found it on YouTube, on The List.

~ "Ring Of Fire", possible title. A Dutch visitor recalls what may have been a Johnny Cash tribute with a Cash-lookalike muppet in black driving a car.

~ "Roosevelt Franklin How Old Are You?" for lack of a better title.

~ Sad Flower Song not an official title. You can see it on YouTube, but we're still curious about the music, anyone know who performed it? An instrumental piece, live action of a flower dripping with rain and coming to life with the sun. The camera pulls back at the end to show a dirty city skyline, then close-up on the thriving flower. Very hopeful song to me, but others thought the rain looked like teardrops, thus the title.

According to my email from Liz (she first asked about the song): "The music is a Vivaldi piece for lute, 'Concerto In D', but it’s performed very differently than most people perform the piece (apparently most perform it incorrectly which is one of the reasons I had such a hard time finding it). Here is a link to the article that helped me find the correct information on the piece. Julian Bream’s recording of 'Concerto In D' is available on iTunes for $ .99.

~ Sam the Robot he appeared in some skits (we have Lunch A La Sam so far), did he do any songs?

~ Sesame Street News - Out In The Snow skit with Harvey Kneeslapper, it's in three parts. Our intrepid reporter Kermit is out in the snowy woods because there’s been a phone call saying someone’s been out in the snow for a long time. He asks different people, but each of them has been out in the snow for a short time or is in too much of a hurry to talk. Part Three starts with Kermit sneezing and buried in snow up to his eyes. Harvey comes along and says, “I’m the guy who made the call.” Kermit asks him if he knows who’s been out in the snow for a long time, and Harvey answers, “You!”

UPDATE: The clip's online at

~ "Sharing" "Sharing, is what good friends do, whatever I have, you can have some too"

~ "Sleep Song" sung by Mr. Hanford, Baby Bear, and Zoey, when Mr. Hanford worked at the daycare center, a parade and a police chase interrupt naptime: "Hey look, there's a flock of geese, closely followed by the police"

~ "Slippery Slim" some lyrics from

Yeah, Slim, Slippery Slim.
When the going gets rough, no job's too tough for him.

~ "The Spanish Counting Song" sung by Maria ("Uno, dos, tres, cua-a-a-tro, ci-i-i-nco, se-e-e-is! Sie-e-e-te, o-o-o-cho, nue-e-e-ve, diez!")

~ "Spanish Fruit Song" sung by, what else? Fruit! They sing this from inside a refrigerator: "Pear is perra (sp?) and apple is mansaaaaana, pineapple is pina."

UPDATE: This looks like the one on

~ "Square" not the title, a piece from the '70s showing shapes (memories of a stop sign among the shapes) where kids yell out "Square!" when they see the shape. The music, which is what the person is looking for, was a bass guitar solo (except for a short drum roll just before the final note of the bass) that sounded something like this:

bumbum-bum-bum, bum-bim-ba-bum, ba-bum
bumbum-ba-bum, ba-bim-ba-bum, bum bum
bum-bum-bum (drum roll)
bi-buummmmm (kids shout "square").

~ Steel Drum Family For lack of a better name, an instrumental live action piece with a man playing a steel drum as he walks along the beach with a couple kids. Very upbeat tune, till the end when it kind of winds down.

~ "Stones On The Street" (just a guess on the title) sung by two crows, some lyrics: "Stones on the street, They don't need to eat, They don't breathe, they don't grow, They don't learn, they don't know, What it is, what it is, To be Alive!" 1st crow: "Like a monkey or a donkey." 2nd crow: "Or a bird or a cat." "

~ "A Stool For Me" with a human father and his daughter. She tells and sings the story of building a stool from scratch.

UPDATE: The clip's online at

~ "Take The Hand Of Someone You Love" song about crossing the street. "You've got to take the hand of someone you love, before you cross the street. You've got to take the hand of someone you love, before you move your feet! Yeah, yeah!"

~ “The Telephone Of Brazil” parody of “The Barber of Seville” opera with Placido Flamingo and Ernie.

UPDATE: Found on

~ "Telly's Lullaby" maybe when Telly slept over at Big Bird's nest?

~ "Ten Cookies" with Cookie Monster, natch:

10 cookies looking mighty fine
Cookie Monster eat one
Now there are 9
9 cookies sitting on a plate
Cookie Monster eat one
Now there are 8

~ "That's How I Know You're Happy" with Nina the Nice and Bob. This song takes place in Grouchytown, where everything is the opposite of things on Sesame Street. Grouchytown has one nice person, Nina the Nice, and she and Bob sing a song: "Where's that little smile? There it is!"

~ "There Once Was A Hand" very odd-sounding skit from the old days. John Perkovic unburdens himself with his memories, reprinted here with his therapist's permission :-) :

"I think the first line was ... "There once was a hand ..." Then this hand appears against a plain blue screen. Later, it grasps at the screen to illustrate "scary". Later, it is joined by another hand to show how through co-operation, they can clap. While this is going on, some of the scariest organ music you'll ever hear serves as the background as the two hands ready themselves into position on either end of the screen. Then the music stops abruptly, and the hands begin clapping. At the end, they join pinkies. Co-operation, see? This scared the hell out of me. I was convinced those damn hands had NO BODIES and in fact had nightmares that they were coming out of the walls and chasing me around. I couldn't watch Sesame Street very much after that and when I did, it had to be with my guardians and with a lot of lights on."

~ “The Trading Game” game show parody (sort of like "Let's Make A Deal"). SilveryShoe's memories:

The contestants were Oscar the Grouch and a Muppet woman. Each of them had brought something to trade for the contents of one of two boxes. The woman got a box with a dirty dustrag, and Oscar’s contained a lady’s scarf. Naturally, they weren’t at all happy with their prizes. Then Guy Smiley said, “Since you both like different things, why don’t you trade prizes with each other?” So they did.

~ "Trying and Trying Again" a kitten trying to climb some steps.

UPDATE: Finally found it on, yeah!

~ "Twelve"

~ Under The Same Moon NOT the title, just a key lyric from a Susan and Gordon tune from way back. Seems they were apart for some reason, does this ring a bell?

~ Up And Down just a guess on the title, this is the one done by Ernie and Placido Flamingo at "Live From The Nest" about up and down. The two of them go upstairs and downstairs, up and down a mountain, and bring the curtain up and down at the end of the performance. recalls the spoken part at the start (after Phil Harmonic's introduction):

Placido: Ernie, my friend, where are you going?
Ernie: Well, I'm going to sit down. (Does so)
Placido: Good idea. (Sits down)

~ Up Goes The Castle the only song left to transcribe on the Bert and Ernie's Greatest Hits album.

~ "The Wind" Just a guess on the title, this one was performed by Native American Indians. "Listen to the wind blow ... where does the wind go?"

UPDATE: I've transcribed a version sung by Olivia (Alaina Reed Hall) which is probably very close to the other version, I'll update if it isn't, and I've called it Listen To The Wind.

~ "Windy" Sesame Street version of The Association's "Windy". Windy was a flying monster who actually did "bend down to give me a rainbow" ("Here's your rainbow, kid." "Thanks!" "It's nothin' ") and took a few spins around the town. Thanks to Mrs. Mishima for clearing it up.

~ "We're Friends" "And I know whatever I do, you won't like me less, 'cause you're a friend, a true friend, we're friends.", video is taken on a farm.

~ "What Arms Can Do" sung in a nursery school setting by a black woman (Susan or Olivia maybe) and several toddlers. In the first two verses, everyone pretends their arms are rabbit ears and airplane wings, the third verse goes: "Here's another thing that arms can do, if I take one arm [stretches it out] and the other one too [stretches it out], I can put my arms around all of you [group-hugs the kids and says "GREAT BIG HUG!"] And that's another thing that arms can do."

~ "What Do We Do Before We Eat?" "Why don't we wash our feet before we eat? 'Cause we don't eat with our feet".

UPDATE: The clip's online at

~ "You Got A Nose" "You got a nose, You got a nose but we don't care.... Can't waste all your time thinking 'bout your shnozz"

~ "You're Important To Me" some lyrics with help from burgessa:

When your favorite (tooth?) came loose
When you can't open up your juice
When your dog don't wanna sit
Or when you're sleepy just a little bit
I'll be there sure as can be (or most certainly)
'Cause you're important
You're important to me ...
Important, you're important
You mean a lot to me

~ You're The Most Important Person In The World, a line from a song someone recalls being sung to the tune of People In Your Neighborhood.

~ Here's one I can't identify, sung by Big Bird and Snuffy apparently:

The sister
The brother
The daddy
The mommy
All people
Make a steak hot for you

Audio/Visual Wanted

~ A plea from me for any SOUNDS you think I could use, they don't have to be songs even, I've had numerous requests for things like Bert's laugh, Ernie's "Hey-yo Bert", Grover's "Hey Kermee!", heck, even the cartoon typewriter guy's getting popular :-) ANYTHING!

NOTE: Pleased to say
The Typewriter Guy's "Noony, Noony, Noony" is now available in .mp3 format. Thanks, Chad!

~ Video clip of Big Bird's closing comments (Season 27-30, I believe), "Coming soon on Sesame Street!". The audio's online here.

~ A visitor asks, "Do you know where to get WAVs from Blade Runner or Sesame Street or Knight Rider in German?"

~ Leanne Bailey is seeking any of the episodes from the '70s.

~ Andrea ( is looking for copies of Bert and Ernie's Sing-Along (track listing here) and The Count Counts! The Count's Countdown Show from Radio 1-2-3 (track listing here, this is not the same as The Count's Countdown, which is listed here).

~ Mark Feldman (, a self-proclaimed "Muppet crazed Generation X-er", would love to get his hands on any Sesame Street shows from the '70's on videotape PLEASE! He'll pay actual money and even offers a whole bunch of original Muppet shows to choose from for trading.

~ Ter Wisse (, would love to get any Sesame Street shows (partial or whole) as recent as the 1980's. He offers to buy or trade for his small collection of old S.S. animation, Electric Company, or other rare 60's-70's shows/audio recordings he has.

~ Beth McDonald (, would be thrilled to get her hands on some old Sesame Street videos and will pay cold, hard cash for 'em!

~ Jill Aanonsen ( is desperately seeking a copy of the album "My Name is Roosevelt Franklin" (1974) (track listing here)

~ Baa Baa Bamba in any audio format
(from the Sing, Hoot and Howl video, Luis and some animals parody "La Bamba" with their animal sounds)

UPDATE: Video's on YouTube

~ The Ballad of Casey Macphee in any format, including videotape

NOTE: See it on YouTube

~ Bein' Green sung by Ray Charles (or any other performer) in any format

NOTE: I have Kermit's original as a full .mp3 file, along with Rowlf's version as a full .mp3 file.
Here are the vids online, so far:

- Kermit 1 - YouTube
- Kermit 2 - YouTube
- Kermit and Lena Horne - YouTube
- Oscar - YouTube

~ Born To Add in .WAV or .MP3 format

NOTE: I have a short .mp3 file for now, and you can enjoy it on YouTube.

~ Cold any images

~ Don Music ANYTHING from this musical genius would be cool, but audio or video of his trademark (banging his head on the keyboard, “I’ll never get it right. Never, never!”) would be fab. And any full songs would be a real treat!

UPDATE: I'm pleased to say I now have the full .mp3 file (3.4M) of Mary Had A Bicycle and a clip of him saying "Oh, I'll never get it, I'm sorry, Ludwig!" from the same file.

~ Elmo Has Mail - a sound clip of this from "Elmo's World" would be wonderful, lots of requests!

~ "Going To The Library" in videotape format

~ Hola Means Hello in .MP3 format

~ Just Ask A Question Tracy Chapman song, in any format

~ Mad in any audio format

~ The O Song in any format

~ One Way in any format

UPDATE: Found it on YouTube

~ "Our World" from Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas, anyone have a sound file or the sheet music?

~ The Rainbow Connection sung by John Denver, possibly on "Sesame Street", in ANY format
(I have Kermit's version as a full .mp3 file)

~ Readers Of The Open Range w/Elmo in .WAV or .MP3 format (only a short .wav file right now)

~ Sesame Street Closing Theme - I have quite a bit of Toots Thielemans' harmonica solo (from 1992) in .mp3 format (2.5M), but does anyone have the full version without the talking? Also, another visitor reminded me about the lovely version they used sometimes (with Hoots the Owl, if I recall correctly) when the show ended at night. A much gentler sound, bit slower, too, I think. Anyone have a copy?

~ "Soul Alphabet" with Patti LaBelle from What's The Name Of That Song? in any audio format

UPDATE: Available on YouTube

~ "Space Cadet" from the David: Daydreamin' On A Rainy Day LP from the '70s in audio format

~ Telly Word Skits in videotape format

~ Time to Say Goodnight w/Andrea Bocelli in any format. Not available commercially yet, as far as I can tell. Popular query and lovely tune.

UPDATE: The clip's online at YouTube.

~ "The Twelve Days of Christmas" from the *original* "Merry Christmas From Sesame Street" album, not the newer version with Elmo, in .WAV or .MP3 format

~ Up and Down with Cookie Monster and Herry in .MP3 format

UPDATE: It's online at YouTube

~ You're Alive in .WAV or .MP3 format

UPDATE: See it on YouTube


~ "Between" all the lyrics are online HERE, does anyone know the singer's name?

~ On the album "Born To Add", what song is "Me Going to Munch You, Munch You, Munch You" a parody of?

~ Who sings the part of the banjo-playing turtle in Green Grow the Rushes Go?

~ Images of Cecile (the opera singing orange), The Typewriter Guy or other obscure characters.

NOTE: Thanks to,, and Chad Francis, I now have some pics and groovy wallpaper of The Typewriter Guy here

~ Were either John Lennon's song "Crippled Inside" or the song "Feelin' Groovy" ever played on Sesame Street?

~ Does anyone have a copy of the album, "Songs from Sesame Street"? Full track listing here. It came out in 1972 and includes songs like "Feelin' Groovy", "Yellow Submarine", "Singing On a Star" and "Up, Up, and Away". I'm curious as to who actually sings these songs, muppets, humans or the original artists?

~ Anyone have a copy of when the witch from "The Wizard Of Oz" appeared on the show?

~ "The Word Is No" all the lyrics are online here, but a visitor asks, was this a parody of an '80's song, possibly called "She's On The Go"?

I appreciate any help on filling in the blanks on these. It's a simple dream really, becoming the ultimate Sesame Street Lyrics Archive, one that will be spoken of in hushed tones of reverence, that's all I ask, am I deluding myself here? :-) It's only through the assistance of all you wonderful fans with minds like steel traps that we've come as far as we have. Thanks again.

Tiny Dancer (

For the love of Grover, drop me a line if you can help, please!

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