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Pirates of the Caribbean fanfiction by Obfusc8er

Tiny!Jack appears courtesy of AgtMacGyver.

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The Damn Curse (7/07) Best Prom Evar!!! ZOMG Ponies!!111!!!!one!!!eleventysevenBBQ!!exclamation!!! Badfic. (Pirates/XF Mary Sue)

Drunken Lullabies (8/07) Jack goes ashore on a personal mission, and Gibbs secretly follows him. Fill-in scene near the end of AWE. Takes place in Tortuga.

Aye, There's the Rum (9/07) Jack quotes and excessive rum should probably
not be mixed. It's a 500-word drabble for Pete's sake. Just read it. *g*

Escape from Ogygia (10/07) Post-AWE vignette/myth-type thing. Jack's in
his dinghy. The rum is gone. He's tormented by a goddess who's nearly as
mad as he is. It goes downhill from there.

Thespian (10/07) We all sell something, don't we?

Schema (10/07) Three events, one life. No fluff. Elizabeth-centric.

Envy (10/07) Captain Jack Sparrow has something He wants.

To End All Terror (11/07) There are many legends, some more true than not, but it
was the hunger that drove me...drove me mad.

The Pride of the Flying Dutchman (11/07) Jack shows up on the Dutchman just to brighten Will's day.

The Elements of Badfic (1/08) This is what happens when you mix an English glossary, boredom, and a sick sense of humor.

Hosomichi (1/08) Jack obtains a valuable item and something more...

Unbidden (3/08) 100 words -- Prompts: Glimpse and "I should have..."