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Welcome. These stories are a gift of gratitude to all of the X-Files fanfiction writers who have given of their time and efforts to share their creative visions with everyone. Comments regarding this website or its contents are accepted at the following address:

Urp! (completed in 2000) A holiday epic.

Livid (3/03) Spoils easily. Keep refrigerated.

Convergence (5/03) "It doesn't have to end this way."

Color Commentary (5/03) Mulder and Scully put in their two cents.

Papercut (5/03) Nature attempts to teach Mulder a lesson.

Russian Roulette (5/03) Mulder finds a shred of hope while in the gulag.

Reverto ad Noctum (6/03) Revenge, love, and a job left unfinished.

Mandates from Heaven (6/03) "There are countless stories of twins separated at birth who end up in the same occupation, marrying the same kind of people, each naming their child Waldo."

The End of the Road (6/03) Mulder receives a long-awaited message.

True Reflections (8/03) Mulder struggles with the aftermath of profiling.

Extenuating Circumstances (9/03) An alternative Requiem, but a requiem nonetheless.

Ex Animo (9/03) Poetry (or at least an attempt).

A Moment of Your Time (10/03) Ruminations from one who has lived a little.

No Shalom (11/03) A Biogenesis trilogy sonnet.

One Man's Journey (12/03) It is good to feel alive.

Kiss and Makeup (1/04) Scully's facade is broken.

Knuckle Painting (1/04) Mulder finds a way to work out his frustrations.

Via Dolorosa (1/04) A paralyzing drug puts Mulder and Scully through a trial of their mutual trust.

I Saw the Sun (3/04) A universal constant and its influence.

Ashes to Ashes (5/04) -The X-Files Virtual Season Episode 11x20- Mulder and Scully are participating in a multi-agency public safety project when serious threats emerge, both old and new.

And the Embers Fade (5/04) Two lives and one love reduced to ink on paper.

Spending Time (8/04) Time is the currency of love. Spend it wisely.

Deus ex Machina (12/04) A dark entity threatens an unconditional love triangle.

Cynosure (12/04) No summary.

Greene with Envy (3/05) An old flame comes back to burn Mulder.

Patience (4/05) Waiting illustrates the value of something worth missing for Margaret Scully.

Differential Diagnosis (11/05) PWP.

A Toast (12/05) A 100-word POV drabble for "Amor Fati".

A Really, Really Happy New Year (1/06) A happy accident.

The Memo (6/06) A family's routine is disrupted by a memo.

Visceral (6/06) Every body has a story to tell.

The Damn Curse (7/07) Best Prom Evar!!! ZOMG Ponies!!111!!!!one!!!eleventysevenBBQ!!exclamation!!! Badfic. (Pirates/XF Mary Sue)

My thanks to XU for allowing the stories in this site to be preserved.