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    SEPTEMBER 28th: OK guys, YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST! I've got the 
    official release date for Celebrity! November 20th. It premiered
    on the weekend. Here's is today's free picture. It's of Leo at the
    premiere. Don't get offended, but he looks AWFUL.

    SEPTEMBER 26th: I've got a GRAPHIC DESIGN EXPERT! Her name is Marti,
    and she is member number 169 (her scree name is passion_ros). She
    will be foing al the banners and graphic from now on, so if you
    have any ideas or suggestions, e-mail me and I'll pass them on to 
    her. I still haven't gotten any ASSISTANTS yet.. Hint, hint, hint!
    If you know you HTML, feel free to apply!  
    SEPTEMBER 24th: I'm just letting you know that from now on, The 
    Church will have it's own GRAPHIC EXPERT. After what happend with 
    the anniversary contest, I made this decision. I have already asked
    someone to fill those shoes, but she hasn'r writen back yet. Even 
    if she says yes, I'll still be needing some ASSISTANTS to give her 
    a hand.  THE GRAPHICS EXPERT will be in change of all banners and 
    special events graphics. When I request that we need a graphic for 
    Leo's birthday, I'll e-mail her, and she'll be in change. Of couse 
    I might have some ideas, but it will mainly be YOUR CREATIVE IDEAS. 
    Please do not apply if you do not know anything about HTML or do not 
    have the right programs. Remember, you have a 99.9% chance of getting 
    in if you apply, but I do suggest you sent be a sample of your work. 
    It isn't a MUST, but it would really help me out. If you have any
    questions, or would like to apply, feel free to e-mail me. Always
    include our member number. Here's the free picture of the day. It's
    VERY BIG! Thanks to Ternell!

    SEPTEMBER 22nd: Well, I haven't had any cancelations, which is 
    great. Here's a picture. I was thinking about caller the members 
    Nuns. What do you guys think about that? Is it cool or going too
    far? E-mail me if you have a strong opinion. 

    SEPTEMBER 20th: Wow, yesterday was awful. I'm so glad it's over.
    Somew news! Finally! First of all there is a picture of Leo in this
    month's Premiere magazine. The picture is acompaning and table. The
    table talks about all these clubs and who goes there. It just so 
    happens taht Leo goes to all of them! So, if you're in the LA/NYC
    area, check it out, because they include the addresses! Some people
    have been complaining that the free pictures aren't rare enough. I
    try. I really do, but it is so hard to find rare pictures. Whenever
    I find one, I use it, OK? I swear. In other news, is rumored to be
    with French Supermodel Laetitia Casta. He had always had a crush 
    on her, but it wasn't until he saw her naked, on the cover of 
    Rolling Stone, that he HAD to have her. And because he's Leonardo 
    DiCaprio, he got her. Leonardo discribes her appearance as, "Oh
    My God". The 5'7" Laetitia has a GUESS? campain and she's done
    runway shows for themost famous designers in the world. Thanks
    very much to The LEO Files for this information!

                      Laetitia #3    Laetitia #7 
                      Laetitia #4    Laetitia #8 
                      Laetitia #5    Laetitia #9 
                      Laetitia #6    Laetitia #10 

    SEPTEMBER 19th: Well, today is the one year anniversary. But of
    course you already know that. How could you know know. I've been
    perstering you guys for weeks to enter my graphic design contest.
    Only because I don't know how to make one myself. Anyway, I'm sorry
    for the way I've been acting lately. I've been under a lot of stress,
    and the Church way one of my last concerns. I had about four extreamly
    hard tests, my teacher is the Devil, .ect. Anyway, that's all over
    now. As you can see, I've started on some renovations. The Gallery
    will be closed for a week or two, because I'll will be in the 
    process of changing my pictures to thumbnails. If I can figure 
    how. If you have any hints, please e-mail me. I'd greatly 
    enjoy you help. Here's the picture of the day.  

    SEPTEMBER 15th: No news really. No one has entered the contest yet,
    so I will no longer be giving out free pictures. The day I get my
    first entry, I'll post a free picture, and from the on. Come on 
    you guys! I need at leats one entry, I NEED an anniversary graphic.
    If you haven't heard the details yet, read the news update for
    September 10th, which is right below this one. Also, as you probably
    noticed, I changed the site a bit. The colours are different and
    on every page there's an "index tab" to take you back to the main 
    page, This way, you aren't pressing back all the time. On all the
    pictures pages (MiTiM Pics, Scans, Titanic Pic, .ect) I have a
    tab to you back to the gallery. Check them out! And please design
    me a graphic, if we don't get one, we won't have one, got it?

    SEPTEMBER 10th: Leo is is a tabloid this week. I think it's the 
    Globe. Anyway, his face is huge on the cover, so you won't miss it.
    The story isn't very flattering, towards our man, but if you want
    to get it, TODAY IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! They get a new shipment every
    Friday, and guy waht tomorrow is... There's an artical about Leo
    at Mr. Showbiz today. Go here, to see it. After you've read that,
    you can see the free picture of the day. Which just happens to be
    the painting disscused in the artical, "Wheat Field With Cypresses"
    by Vincent Van Gogh. This is the first time I'll have a non-
    Leo picture as the picture of the day, but I fell that that's OK.
    The site's 1 Year Anniversary is coming up! Nine days yo be exact!
    I'm looking for someone to make a One Year Anniversay Graphic, that
    I could display on the index page for that one day. You would get 
    full credit! If you are interested, please send submissions and
    questions, to my personal e-mail address, taht I check daily,
    joedicaprio@yahoo.com PLEASE ENTER! You only have 7 more days to
    get it in so, please enter as soon as possible! If I use your
    graphic, you will get full credit and 5 rare Leo pictures. Please,
    this would be very important to me! so, enter today!

    I don't know how old this artical is, but I don't think I printed 
    it. It's about Leo's knee surgery, and it's from Mr. Showbiz.

    SEPTEMBER 7th: I'll find a picture for you guys a bit later. Either 
    today or tomorrow I don't have time to do it right now. There's no
    news, really. Leo's brother was arrested, for punching one of Leo's
    fans. That's already kind of old though. I've made some updates, so
    check out the site news. Here's your picture :) ...

    September 2nd: Today's free picture is probably the most beautiful
    picture I have ever seen, of Leo. That's a new artical in it's self, 
    right. No news, really. My dad's bringing home Titanic, tonight, so 
    I'll be able to watch it tomorrow after school. I can't wait. This 
    will be my first time watching it on video. My 12th time in total. 

    SEPTEMBER 1st: Hello. I guess I back for now. I hadn't updated in a 
    of days. I was here, but I was really busy, and there wasn't much 
    news. Here's the free picture of the day. Titanic is now out in video,
    which I know, you all, already know, but what the Hell, I don't have
    anything better to say. Do you? If so, e-mail me.

    August 27th: I have to go back to school in four days. That sucks,
    sooooooo bad. ET reported last night that after playing hard 
    basketball, he went in for knee surgery. Mr. Showbiz has an artical
    too. I've updated the quizlet today. At this site, you will soon
    be able to download Leo's Orico comerical, so keep checking back!

    August 21st: E! Online has two stories about Leo today. One, about
    him and Playgirl, and one about him acting like a 13 year old. Here
    is the free picture of the day. Leo is in this week's GLOBE tabloid.
    There are some never before seen pictures of Leo in a swimming
    pool. They are on the first page. Go here, to vote for Leo as
    the best actor of the 90s. That's all for today, folks. 

    August 19th: I've added a BeSeen quizlet, to the main page, so 
    that's what's popping up when you enter the site. Please answer
    the question. It will be changed every Thursday, excluding
    tomorrow. Here's the free picture of the day. I mentioned before
    that Leo may be starting his own company. Well, now I hear that
    he might be following in Sean Penn's footsteps and starting his 
    own nightclub (Mr. Penn's is "Bash" in Miami, FL). Wouldn't that 
    be cool? I've changed the confession booth a bit, after a member's
    suggestion that I print the confessions. Next time you confess,
    please let me know it if would be alright to print yours. I 
    wouldn't put your name on it or anything, so know one would know 
    it was you. The confessions would just be fun to read... My banner
    contest is still on, and now with the army of new members, 
    hopefully I will have some new entries. Check out the contest
    details here, then view the banners we already have, here...
    I've been getting a lot of e-mail latley asking me Leo questions.
    I don't mind this, but I'd really like it if you guys would all 
    read over the FAQ, because I'm sure your question will probably
    be answered there. If not, THEN you can e-mail me. I've also been
    getting some complaints that I don't have enough pictures. If you
    know where I can get some RARE pictures, please e-mail me. I guess
    that's all. Remember, if you still are not a member, hurry up
    and get your membership application in!

    Titanic's video release has been changed to September 30th, from
    September 1st. What the Hell for?

    August 18th: A lot of people have been e-mailing me after they saw
    this site on "Leo Mania". I'd just like to say now, that I missed
    it. If anyone who got it on tape is willing to sell it to me, I'd
    be very greatful! Serious offers only, please e-mail me if you
    are interested. Here's the free picture of the day. In news, Leo
    is thinking of starting up his own company! He is rich, right?
    There's no word yet on what kind of company.  

    August 17th: Hello. I'm in such a wonderful mood, because I just
    found out that my site was mentioned on "Leo Mania". I didn't see
    it, but lots of people have signed the guestbook, and e-mailed me.
    If you saw the site mentioned, I'd love to hear the details from 
    you. Please e-mail me. Here's the free picture of the day. In news,
    I heard that Leo was dating Mariah Carey. I highly doubt it, but
    if anyone has any facts or photos, please e-mail me.  

    August 16th: OK, I'm back. I don't really know of any news, because
    I've been gone for a week. Here's a picture for you. If you have
    heard of any important news over the last week, please e-mail me.

    August 8th: I'm sorry I haven't updated in a couple days, but 
    someone pretty extraordinary has come into my life-- and left. 
    Here's the free picture. I won't be updating for a week. For a 
    reason, see site news. Anyway, good-bye, I'll see you next week!

    August 3rd: I'm really sorry that I haven't updated in a couple 
    days, there is a reason, but it's not Leo related, so you don't
    care. You just want the picture, right? Sometime in the past couple
    of days, Leo met with that gymnast, Sang Lan. He met her at the
    hospital, and they talked for about an hour. Mr. Showbiz has 
    a story, about it, of course. I guess that's it. Oh! Soon, this 
    site will only be availble to members, so get your membership, today! 

    July 30th: For those of you who get MTV, watch the Death Match
    tonight. "Leo" will be featured in a scene with The Great Jack
    Nicholson, who is also one my favorite actors. :(  Where I live,
    I don't get MTVMr. Showbiz has 
    a story about Leo, and a story about Kate Winslet, today. Here's
    your free picture of the day. I've been thinking about making
    the site only availeble to members. You have to join, before you
    will be let in, sort of thing. Is there anyway you can't get into
    a site unless you have a password? Doesn't anyone know? If you do,
    or if you have a coment about these, or other plans, e-mail me.   

    JULY 27th: Please go to all the meetings guys. Please. That's the 
    whole point of being a member! Like, what other advatages are 
    there? Free Pic.

    JULY 26th: I've fixed the guestbook problem, for all of you who 
    noticed. Here's your free picture. Please go here to vote for Leo
    as "The Person of This Century". Jesus Christ is in the lead, then
    Hitler, then Cartman from South Park. Please you guys! There will be 
    a Leo biographical video coming out soon, I'm not sure of the date

    JULY 23rd: Here's the latest poll results from Mr. Showbiz. I highly
    suggest you go down there and vote, right now. I voted for Arnold,
    but, I guess people haven't seen "The Basketbal Diaries". Here's
    your free picture. That's why you come here, right? The picture, 
    not the news.    

    JULY 21st: Gone for only three days, I decided to come back. I 
    only got two letters and one guestbook enrty, I was touched. As for
    Leo news, no word yet on the Kristen Zang issue. MiTiM comes out
    August 11th. Leo will be payed 20 million dollars to star in "The
    Beach", based on Alex Garland's 1996 novel, will begin shooting in
    Thailand and Australia during the first months of 1999. It will
    probably be released by Christmas 1999, says Mr. Showbiz. The 
    budget is 40 000 000, and Danny Boyle, Trainspotting fame will
    direct this 20th Century Fox Production. To read more, see this
    artical from Mr. Showbiz.  

    JULY 19th: Leo asked ex-girlfriend to marry him! Says a friend, 
    "Leo went out to LA, from London yeterday to propose to Kristen. 
    He said, "If she says 'Yes', I'll never look at another woman 
    again!" Leo and Kristen broke up in December 1996, because she 
    thought the fame brought on by his new movie, Romeo + Juliet, had 
    gone to his head. Plus, with Titanic coming out in a couple months 
    (remeber it was suppose to come out July 2nd), ALL THE WOMEN IN THE 
    WORLD WOULD LOVE HIM and she could not compeat with them. Leonardo 
    begged her to take him back, but she said 'no'. He has felt bad ever 
    since and has gone on almost a two-year spree of sex and womanizing. 
    Now, Leo is through with all these bimbos and wants his true love 
    back... I'll update again when I get more details! For today's free 
    pic, I've got a rare one of Leonardo + Kristen.
    JULY 18th: Hi everyone. As you noticed, I had a counter put in, to
    montior how mandy people come in 24 hours. This round, had 200. I
    I had no idea there were this many fans of my site out there, so I
    will now try too make it better in everyway I can. Starting with
    five free pictures (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), for the time I was away. That's 
    one for every other day. No news, really.  

    JULY 15th: I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I was on 
    vacation. I went, with very little notice. Sorry. I'm back now. And
    I'm not leaving for a very long time... FOX will have a special on
    Leo, August 16, 1998. It's at 5:00pm Eastern. There are two stories
    about Leo at Mr. Showbiz, right now. One about Him & Woody Allen,
    and one about his new role, in "The Beach". E! Online has a story 
    about where celebrities hang REALLY hang out. Cool. Teen People,
    has published one of the "Fat Leo" pictures. Great. I'll get you 
    guys some pictures, tomorrow. P.S., I'm sorry for saying Ben Affleck
    was hot. I didn't think it would offend some people. 

    JULY 2nd: OK, I just got back from Armageddon. (it's just past 12am
    so I did see it yesterday) It was really good. Ben Affleck was so
    beautiful, and Billy Bob Thorton did a great acting job. Though, I 
    was a Billy Bob fan, long before this movie so I knew that he'd do a 
    great job, because he always does. Anyway, the point is, what's so
    ironic about this whole situation, is that I saw such a pro-
    American film, on Canada Day. I guess that wasn't very good-- but,
    I'm not full of myself and my country-- unlike some other countries
    out there who are so, freaking full of themselves, it makes me sick--
    but annnnyway. I'm sort of losing interest in Leonardo (obviously)
    but I don't want to let you guys down, if this is you main source
    of news or something. Maybe I'll give the site to someone else or
    something. I don't know. E-mail me.

    JULY 1st: Happy Canada Day! OK, so Leo's not REALLY getting fat.
    (See today's free picture) but he has put on some weight. He's not 
    really fat, just fatt-er, OK? Got it? We can still see his ribs 
    and stuff. There. Leo was on the cover of New York Magazine a 
    couple of weeks ago, so here's the artical. Leo is basically 
    staying out of the news, now. He hasn't been on ET for a week or 
    so, which is rare. But, but there will always be Mr. Showbiz. They
    have a story about Leo's battle with Playgirl. And of course, 
    E! Online has a story too... they always do, don't they? 

    JUNE 28th: I was away for the weekend, sorry I didn't update. Leo
    has done a "good deed". Read about it here, at Mr. Showbiz. Here
    is your free Leonardo picture, for today. Please you guys, enter my 
    banner contest. I really need some more banners, because I only 
    have two. And they were submitted by the same person! 

    JUNE 23rd: I've added some pictures of myself, to the "me" section
    of this site. I scanned them, just today. Sorry, no time for a pic.

    JUNE 21st: I've kind of changed the site's format. All the old stuff
    is still here, but just in different places. Explore a bit. You'll
    get the knack of it! Here's you free pic of the day. No news. 

    JUNE 18th: Leo will be on Hard Copy tonight. Watch it, because 
    Hard Copy always has rare video and pictures. Speaking of pictures,
    here's your free one for the day. Mr. Showbiz has a story on Leo,
    as well as a special feature. 

    SiTE NEWS:
    I've removed the nude photos from my gallery. I reached the amount
    (123) that I figued would be a good number of people to see the
    pictures. Now, they've been seen, so I erased them. Still horny?
    Don't worry, they can still be seen on 100s of other Leo sites. I
    just think that His Church, should stop exploiting him now. I'm
    so sorry I did that.