Site News

   SEPTEMBER 19th: I've added a picture to the Drunk Gallery, and I've
   added several to the Scans Gallery.

   SEPTEMBER 15th: As you probably noticed, I changed the site a bit. 
   The colours are different and on every page there's an "index tab" 
   to take you back to the main page, This way, you aren't pressing 
   back all the time. On all the pictures pages (MiTiM Pics, Scans, 
   Titanic Pic, .ect) I have a tab to you back to the gallery. Check 
   them out!

   Please send me your graphics! If I don't get one, we won't have one,
   got it?

   SEPTEMBER 7th: I've updated the news today, as well as the FAQ. I
   also changed the Quizlet. 

   AUGUST 22:
   I've added a new feature to the site called, 'Help me.'.

   AUGUST 17th:
   I'm back now. This site was featured on "Leo Mania"

   AUGUST 8th: 

   I'm going for some training, and I'll be gone for a week. So don't
   expect any updates. But please sign the guestbook, while I'm away.
   I want something nice to come home to. 

   AUGUST 6th:

   I've updated the news, quotes about Leo and e-mail addresses of the 

   JULY 21st:

   I'M BACK. 

   JULY 16:
   I've updadted, The Scans and Pictures of me and my friends. Links
   to both can be found in The Gallery.

   I've also updated the FAQ, and the News. 

   Right now we have a banner contest going on.

   Here's my Tribute to Tracy.
   Here's the FAQ.

   Read about me, here.

   E-Mail The Anti-Titaniacs

   Click here to find about about our meetings.

   I've added some pictures of me, to the "me" part of this site.