DARC is the Dublin Alternative Radio Collective, The Dublin Alternative radio Collective is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-hierachialy co-operatively organised Pirate radio station, which is owned and run by volunteer members. So, what does that mean? The station was set up under anarchic principles. As a collective, we believe that a self-evident right to free-expression extends to the air-waves. We don't recognise the State's claim to be the legitimate regulator of the electromagnetic airwaves. Furthermore, many of those involved hold mainstream media in comtempt for it's biased coverage (cover-ups) of information. Thus, we have chosen to empower ourselves and our listeners through the defiance of broadcasting laws. As a non-commercial entity we do not except donations seek advertising from any businesses. Corporations and businessmen already control all legal (and most of the clandestine) radio stations, where they treat music as a commodity and commercial products as music. Our refusal to get a licence or to emulate commercial stations, frees us from the trap of seeking out capitalist sponsors who want to 'stir-up' some business through advertising. As soon as one buys into that trap, they fall prone to confining themselves in terms audience demographics. Not choosing to go down that road, w e have an freedom to experiment and test the bounds of the medium. As a free radio collective we are willing to provide open access to politcal groups and activists, artists, and musicians who have been ignored by the established media. Since we came on air we have broadcasted: live readings, completely obscure unpopular unknown underground music recordings, live busking, storytelling, lots of obscenities, rantings, information dissemination as well as the traditional dj music show. Running a radio station isn't cheap, yet we've managed to stand on our own two feet. The members of the collective pay a small subscription fee to the station per week. This is put towards the utilities, the upkeep of the equipment, and whatever PR we can afford. We also hold benefits such as cabarets in the (now defunct) Garden of Delights or punk gigs in various venues to help raise funds. Finally, the position we've taken has lead to support, advice, and assistance from other members of Dublin's small but loyal underground. For information on specific dj's check out dj profiles

Monday to Friday, 6pm until midnight

If you'd like to be involved with DARC in any way, get in touch.Send us your reception reports, news, comments on this site...whatever. If you are a band and want to get some airtime on the station send us some of your work. If you send us free stuff we'll try to put your music up on this site too.

P.O. Box 3327,
Dublin 8,