Trouble With Transmitter

Here's the scoop, betty boop. We had to remove our remote 150 Wt. transmitter from the building it was squatting in. We got a call informing us that the owner of the building had gotten planning permission the gut the former premises of the radical cafe, Garden of Delights. Open Mic and one of the members of the cataylst crew had to gain enterance to the building (with the assistance of sympathetic workmen). To make a long story short, we no longer have two dipoles on top of a sixty foot mast in an ideal position in town. Ironically, it had been squatting there for six months, in plain sight from the city's civic offices... Ha ha ha. All of the equipment has been safely removed and stored. The 150 W txr. is now broadcating (99.0 fm only) from the studio's location. It was only after being reinstalled, that Open Mic realised that the setting on the imput volume on the txr. was set near zero, seriously affecting the output of the station (DOH!) Our plan is to gain a new sight with the next few weeks and re-establish the remote broadcasting. In order to raise some well needed cash, we'l be holding some benefits (so check the event section of the site). We may also change our frequencey as soon as we are able. Power fm 98.7 is a bit more powerful and are a bit close for comfort. We'll keep ya posted.

Our First Sister Station

We would like to announce the arrivial of our first sister station. Yet unnamed, eco-warriors protesting the the widening of a road into the Glen of the Downs, are establishing a micro-broadcasting station from their tree houses. They will be setting their frequency on a 30W Txr (formerly ours) to block out a undisclosed non-clandestine station within the realm of their tree-camp.

Best wishes to our brothers and sisters fighting the corrupt Wiclow county council.