This is where we will showcase all the music that is sent to us by all the kind groovy people out there who've been good enough to provide the sounds free of charge. Thanks to you know who you are. This is the second batch of sounds we've been able to upload so far. Sorry if you don't see your band up here or mentioned but we just don't have the time..but we will at some stage If you want more info on any of the bands e-mail us and we'll give you the address of the record company [ if we don't already have it up here] and you can buy the records from them yourself. We try to provide a contact e-mail or website address where possible. Please support any of these bands or record companies and spend all your liquid assets/dosh/spondoolies/money on them and invest in the DIY lifestyle. You won't be let down. Anyone who wants to send us stuff..please do.

Most of these links contain sound samples in real audio player which you can download for free here They may take a while to downlaod but please be patient...the wait is worthwhile..we promise.

Music In the Mail

26th July 1998
  • FINAL CONFLICT: "REBIRTH" 1997[Soon to be a page about them] A truly monumental punk band from the heart of California. These guys have been around since the early eighties and are still pretty unheard of in Ireland..but they are touring central and eastern Europe this August/September. In the states, their hardcore punk sound has influenced in many of today's hardcore sound. With contemparies such as Good Riddance, Litmus Green and Damnation. Although their band line-up has changed many times..there musical prowess has remained constantly pure. For the people who tolerate this behaviour check out this song on Tackle Box Records.
    CONTACT: Final Conflict, PO Box 5283, Buena Park, CA 90622, USA.
    MAGDALENE [100kb]
    Final Conflict Tour Dates 1998
    - Aug. 27 - Providence, Rhode Island - Fort Thunder - with Disassociate and Distraught
    - Aug. 28 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Stalag 13 - with Disassociate,Distraught and Strong Intention
    - Aug. 29 - N.Y.C. - Coney Island High - with Disassociate, Distraught and Awkward Thought
    - Aug. 30 - Hagertown, Maryland - 180 Degrees Club with Disassociate, Distraught and Strong Intention
    - Aug. 31 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Larga - with Disassociate, Distraught & Aus Rotten
    - Sept. 1 - Richmond, Virginia - Twister's - with Disassociate, Distraught and 23rd Chapter EUROPE>
    - Sept.4 -Ger.-Berlin
    - Sept.5 -G.-Bremen
    - Sept.6 -G.-Hamburg
    - Sept.7-Travelday
    - Sept.8-Denmark
    - Sept.9-Denmark
    - Sept.10-Norway
    - Sept.11-Sweden
    - Sept.12-Finland
    - Sept.13-Estonia
    - Sept.14-Estonia
    - Sept.15-Russia
    - Sept.16-Russia
    - Sept.17-Poland
    - Sept.18-Ger.-tba
    - Sept.19-Belguim
    - Sept.20-Netherlands
    - Sept.21-tba
    - Sept.22-tba
    - Sept.23-Netherlands
    - Sept.24-G.-Munich
    - Sept.25-G.-Leipzig
    - Sept.26-Chzec.-Prague

    26th July 1998

  • VARIOUS: "SOCIEDAD:SUCIEDAD" 1997.. BYO Records This is a concept album with the aim of bringing together the musical and political minds of Chicano music from the streets with "people who believe in the power of music". There is a huge range of styles on this record..from reggae, rap, latino, traditional mexicano and urban soul. Many of these bands live in Los Angeles and these songs tell of their stories in this city. It's beauty and it's filth. Listen to these 2 songs from the 13 track CD and esacpe from the ugliness surrounding.
    CONTACT: BYO Records, PO Box 67A64, Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA.
    Obsolete Man [122kb] ~> Aztlan Underground
    Mi Vida Loco[104kb] ~> Quinto Sol

    26th July 1998
  • ICONOCLAST: "Iconoclast CD" 1996..Ebullition Records
    Ok so this isn't a new release but it's one of the best yes, yes it rules. Sadly the now defunct hardcore/emo/whatever Iconoclast is no longer around to amuse us, but you're much encouraged to pick it up from Ebullition Records, the CD covers all their 7" releases is well worth the measley $7-8ppd
    CONTACT: Ebullition Records P.O. Box 680 Goleta,CA 93116 U.S.A
    In Adam's Fall [117kb]

    26th July 1998
  • BRAND NEW UNIT: "LOOKING BACK AGAIN" 1997.. BYO Records BNU Homepage
    A Minor Threat influenced punk band from Canuhdah who've been throwing out tunes at a regular pogo pace for the last 5 and a half years. This CD is a compilation of their best material. They've been quoted as the best thing in Canada since "SNFU". Sounds promising right? Well it is. This album is great and this is my favourite song off it so n-joy it punx!!
    CONTACT: BNu, P.O.Box 46947, Bental Center, Vancouver, BC V7X 1A8, Canada
    Do It For You [117kb]

    26th July 1998
  • PEZZ: "ONE LAST LOOK..." 1997.. BYO Records
    Believe it or not...this is a punk band from Memphis, Tennessee. They've been influenced by such bands as Husker Du & Jawbreaker. They've had a string of line-up changes since their initiation in 1989 and have changed record labels a few times and ended up settling on the shoulders of BYO [there's that name again]. I like this record alot ..maybe 'cause i got it for free...i don't think so! Check out this song and i think you'll feel the same
    CONTACT: PEZZ,, 42185, mephis, TN 38104, U.S.A.
    The Eyes have It [62kb]

  • U.K.H.C ....A COMPILATION on household name records 3rd December 1997

  • Pinhead Circus... on BYO records 3rd December 1997

  • The Van Pelt... on Southern Studios 3rd December 1997

  • Someone's Gonna Get Their head To Believe In Something ~~> An Intro to the BYO

  • ALL THE ANSWERS ....1997/6

  • Dublin Punk Bands

  • STEEKY [wav.46secs]

  • JACKBEAST-->>scrape [wav.36 secs]

  • BAMBI-->>Cant' think easy In [real audio player 149kb] so download it !!