DARC SCHEDULE as of January 24th 1998

DAY 6-8pm 8-10pm 10-midnight midnight-2am
MONDAY slot to be filled
Hope Collective
diy/independent music, H.C. punk
Loop Studios new recordings of unsigned local bands and DJ favourites slot to be filled
TUESDAY Catatyst Magazine environment, music, conspiracies, hemp DJ Ollie In your face techno and jungle, master mixing, samples, samples and more samples. Stevo noisey guitar stuff, loads of unheard of junk & jazz, woeful dj moanings slot to be filled
WEDNESDAY Am in the PM Jazz, art reviews, millie the dog. Paul & guests Wierdness, guitars, raggae. no name J.B., Warren and Owen mix up acid and techno like no other youngsters can. Todd and Tony 'fusion'-spice no talk, just underground mo'fo techno mixes.
THURSDAY Open Mic Darc mail and radical news service, good ol' punk rock the Skansters Hardcore hip-hop, rap, & spliffs Phat traffic trip hop, indie & retro 70's sounds. Award for the sexist dj voice on darc. slot to be filled
FRIDAY Creatrix Music, poetry, short stories, 'glen of the downs' anti-road protest reports Chris Interviews with NGO's and community action groups. Roachclip & Tony Medicine Head 60's hippie world music Live buskers, green politics