DJ Profiles

It's a difficult job trying to get DJ's to write something about themselves so that is our excuse for the major lack of content in this section. We hope to fill this void soon.....but we're making no promises.

Open Mike

The Open Mic show, with your host Open Mike, is dedicated to encouraging active audience participation in and determination of the programming on the radio broadcast medium. Radically diverging from the conventional 'disc jockey' relationship to the record industry, that of advertising a product, the Open Mic show is focused on the input of our supporters. The show will broadcast (and in somecases respond to) anything we receive in our mailbox regardless of taste. While a fair amount of music from unsigned bands will be played, time will be allocated to spoken word, poetry, letters and prerecorded tapes from activists, collectives, supporters of free radio (or just people with something to say), and programs from other priate stations around the world.

Stand up and take advantage our your right to think and speak as an individual. Send a cassette, cd, lp/ep, drawings, poetry, stickers, t-shirts, letters, fanzines, photographs of yourself, anyway you feel like expressing yourself, to the mailbox.

If you merely wish to have an e-mail message read to the populace of Dublin make sure you put Open Mike in the subject heading of your mail.

The show where anthing can happen...whatever gets sent to the station will get an airing here. Interspersed with this will be Open Mike's own particular brand of non-user-friendly music.

This is one show you should catch so tune in Tuesday nights 8-10pm.

DJ Blaze

Title of show: "He's bored. He's Stoned. He has a gun"
format: Music and occasional rants
time: Wedn 10 -12
DJ: DJ Blaze (dave negation)
show description: From throbbing gristle to huggy Bear. Punk/emo/harcore/noise/industrial/indie etc-
typical plays: "So far today (in studio at present) Spell/ broadcast, Z'ev/ sonic youth/sensfield/throbbing gristle/bloodlet/unwound/heavenly/ engine kid
worst thing about darc: lack of participation by crertain members and instances of general flakiness
best thing about DARC: that cool party a while ago, occassional vegan munchie (Ta!) and our constant undermining of western civilization
amount of dj experience - none of your god damn business
dj hails from: dog star Sirus
unintentional thing which most oft happens during show - skipping records and frogetting track names

"coffee is better than tea"
favorate junkfood - tayto crisps/wholewheat carbo-cated biccies
dj questionaires suck cause ... "my brain hurts"
open mike is an A**hole 'cause ... "of his silly name"

AM in the PM

Title show" AK-47
format - music and talk
time wedn 6-8
dj name "AM in the PM"
dj description : tall, 'darc', and handsome
worst thing about darc - no biscuits (today)
best thing - open mike
amount dj experience - fresh as a baby
"I don't drink caffine and resent being asked"
fav biscuits Pink or purple snacks (chocolate) emmmm!!!