Real Audio Chats
The following are chats with actors from the shows Hercules and Xena, along with writers, producers, etc.  If you don't have Real Audio, go get it!  It's free!  So without further ado, here are the chats available so far, unfortunately they quit doing these chats so this is all we'll see.  But be sure to visit Real Hollywood for chats not featured on my page in their archives..

Bruce Campbell - Autolycus from Hercules and Xena.  Email Bruce directly at or visit his site.

Susan Dodd - Our very own GM Alpha! GM and Co-Producer of HX: AoH.

Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman (April 7, 1998) - Writers for Hercules.
Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman
(December 9, 1998) - Head Writers and Co-executive Producers of Hercules.  Watch for the spider biting the host in this one!  Think Discord had a hand in that?

Steven Sears - Co-Executive Producer of Xena.

Bob Trebor - Salmoneus from Hercules and Xena.  Listen for me and Leanna in this one ;)  E-mail Bob at his home page.

R. J. Stewart - Executive Producer of Xena: The Warrior Princess


Ancient Ivory - Ancient Ivory is a centuries-old Caribbean game of strategy and luck. The object of this dice game is simple: outscore your opponent, the computer player, or one of the ten best scores saved from previous games.

Athena - Help Athena escape from your computer by destroying your desktop!  The only catch is there are these eyeball things, supposedly descendants of the cyclops that fix what you've destroyed.  While it's not very mythically acurate, it's still a fun game and worth a try.  Can be used as a screensaver also.

Halatafl: The Fox Game - Play against a young Viking girl, Gudrun, in this modern-day version of the ancient Viking game of Fox and Geese, which was played from before 1000 A.D. by the Icelandic Vikings and eventually spread to all of northern Europe as one of the most popular "hunt" games of medieval times.

Joxer Invaders - Joxer has been captured and cloned by aliens and, armed with missile launchers, has been sent to destroy Greece. Only Xena and her trusty chakram can stop him now.  A silly game, but fun ;).

Just Another Yamb - Just Another Yamb is an ancient dice game having its origin in the Roman Empire. It is a combination of a dice game and a board game, played with five or six dice.  The point is to achieve the highest possible score after 52 turns of throws.

Talbut - This is a link to a beautiful Java version of Tablut, an Old Norse board game.  The game concerns the fate of a Viking king who is attacked in his stronghold. Assisted by his men he tries to reach a safe spot. The task of the attackers is to seize the king before he succeeds.

Xena Breakout - Not the best audio in the world, but's Xena!  Help her save Poteidaia from the Roman army, fight skeletons and vampires (?!) among other things with her chakram.  Kinda fun, worth looking at anyway.

Warp Joxer!
Click and Drag on a picture of one of the most lovable warriors out there and warp his face, hehe.  If you'd like to see anyone else warped up here just drop me a line and I'll be sure to stick them up (people related to the shows or game only please).  Go to Warp Joxer.