Welcome to Honu Hale --Home of the Hawaiian Sea Turtle

Hawaiian Quilts -- Handmade by Honu

Original Quilt Designs and patterns from Honu Hale

Quilting Instruction by Honu



Page 2
Quilting history and tradition.
Page 3
Quiltmaking -- Getting started. Materials, preparation, cutting, layout, basting.
Page 4
Quiltmaking -- Moving ahead. Applique.
Page 5
Quiltmaking -- Putting it all together. Components, batting, basting.
Page 6
Quiltmaking -- Getting ready to quilt. New equipment and materials you will need.
Page 7
Quiltmaking -- Quilting at last. Stitches, echo quilting, marking a quilt, using hoops.
Page 8
Quiltmaking -- Still Quilting. The first hoopful, moving outward, corners, edges.
Page 9
Quiltmaking -- Finishing your Quilt. Measuring, Binding, Washing
Page 10
Pictures of original Quilts from Honu Hale
Page 11
Patterns Page -- Lists all available patterns and prices
Page 12
Links Page -- Other interesting Websites
Page 13
One Quilter's Comments -- Then and Now