Applique Quilt
A beautiful picture of an antique quilt from the BankAmerica Corp. Art Collection. Some quilting history.
Na Mea Makamae: Contemporary Hawaiian Quilt
A Bishop Museum site with an excellent picture of a modern quilt designed and made by Debbie Kakalia, one of Hawaii's best known quilters. Na Mea Makamae: Hawaiian Flag Quilt
A Bishop Museum site with a photograph of an antique Hawaiian Flag Quilt.
Mission Houses Museum
An interesting site which provides history and information about the museum. It also features an article "Hawaiian Quilts by Men's Hands" about some of Hawaii's better known male designer/quilters"
Hawaiian Quilt Research Project
The organization and its many volunteers are engaged in locating and cataloging antique quilts as well as previously unknown patterns. Owners of older quilts are encouraged to bring them for identification. There is an interesting article about Debbie (Kepola) Kakalia under the heading of Quilting Teachers. She has been designated a Living Treasure of Hawaii.
Local Moko
This is the original Honolulu Star Bulletin article shown on the Mission Houses Museum site
Aloha from Hawaii - Helen Friend
Helen is a well known and respected modern designer/quilter. The quilt featured here also appears in the book "Masterpieces of Hawaiian Quilting"
Hawaiian Quilting with Poakalani
A wonderful site. Poakalani is known and respected as a quiltmaker/designer/teacher. Her site offers an overview of Hawaiian quilting history and tradition.There are excellent pictures and stories of family quilts in the "Inspirations" section. All items offered for sale are made in Hawaii.
Handmade Hawaiian Quilt Designs
Site has excellent pictures. The designs are authentic. The quilts shown here are handmade but not in the US.
Hawaiian Quilt Collection
This site offers some history of quilting and fairly good pictures including "My Beloved Flag". It is not clear where quilts are made. Prices suggest overseas manufacture.
Aloha Quilts
A local site offering Hawaiian pillow kits for sale. Good pictures.
Quilt Collectors Gallery
Scroll down this page to the Hawaiian Quilts section for some magnificent pictures of quilts made by members of KA HUI KAPA APANA O WAIMEA --- the group to which I have the honor of belonging.
Hawaiian Quilt Patterns
Childrens' renditions of Hawaiian Cushion Patterns. Very well done.
Amazon.Com -- Books
Several books on Hawaiian Quilts are available here. An inexpensive book of pillow patterns by Elizabeth Root is particuarly good for beginners.
The Applique Society
This is relatively new site set up by mainland quilters who use and enjoy appliqued work in their quilts. It offers useful links to local branches of the organization.
World Wide Quilting Page
This site is mostly about piecework quilting but can be a gold mine of information if you have the patience to sort through it. It contains information about quilt clubs and shows as well as links to other quilting resources.
Hancocks of Paducah
An excellent resource for purchasing all kinds of quilting supplies. The on-line catalog is excellent and they send regular monthly catalogs on request. Both phone and on-line ordering are handled efficiently with delivery within a week. Prices are lower than most retail stores.
Keepsake Quilting
Another excellent resource for the purchase of quilting supplies. Catalogs mailed on request. Items ordered arrive within a week.
Linear Links
Here are a multitude of links to anything not previously covered. Lots of fun to read and explore.>
Herb Kawainui Kane - Homepage
For a change of pace. Herb Kane is Hawaii's best known artist. Enjoy his site. As well as many of his paintings it also contains links to other sites which are well worth visiting.
NB**** In the truest spirit of Aloha, Herb Kane has given permission to use his painting "The New Quilt" on this site. It may be viewed on the "A Quilters Comments" page. Mahalo nui loa from Honu.



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