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The Crow Film
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    COA Logo
    Directed by
    Tim Pope(The Cure Videos)

    Vincent Perez ......Ashe Corven
    Mia Kirshner ......Sarah
    Richard Brooks ......Judah Earl
    Iggy Pop ......Curve
    Thomas Jane ......Nemo
    Vincent Castellanos ......Spider Monkey
    Thuy Trang ......Kali
    Eric Acosta ......Danny Corven(Ashe's Son)
    Ian Dury ......Noah (owns Tatoo parlor)
    Tracey Ellis ......Sybil
    Beverley Mitchell ......Grace
    Alan Gelfant ......Bassett
    Shelly Desai ......Hindu
    Holley Chant ......Holly Daze
    Kerry Rossall ......Zeke
    Reynaldo Duran ......Priest
    Danny Verduzco ......Boy in Church
    Maria Julia Moran ......Old Lady in Church
    Chino Moreno ......Deftones (Vocals)
    Stephen Carpenter ......Deftones (Guitar)
    Eric Stabenau ......Deftones (Drums)
    Chi Cheng ......Deftones (Bass)
    Abe Cunningham ......Deftones (Drums)

    Costume Design by
    Kristen Everberg

    Cinematography by
    Jean-Yves Escoffier

    Music by
    Graeme Revell

    Written by
    James O'Barr (graphic novel)
    David J. Schow
    John Shirley

    Production designed by
    Alex McDowell

    Screenplay by
    David Goyer

    Edited by
    Anthony Redman

    Produced by
    Jeff Most
    Edward R. Pressman
    Bob Weinstein (Executive)
    Alessandro Canon (Executive)
    Harvey Weinstein(Executive)

    Against the macabre backdrop of the traditional Day of the Dead celebration, "The Crow: City of Angels" tells a new chapter in the gothic urban mythology of Love transcending Death. Creating an all-new incarnation of the brooding dark hero--the victim of urban violence returned to the living world to exact personal justice--Vincent Perez portrays Ashe, the young man who emerges from the night of his own horrific murder with the mysterious powers of the Crow. He returns to seek out and destroy the most savage criminals in a surrealistic city of preponderant evil. As he sets out on his fateful mission, Ashe becomes drawn to Sarah, some-one with whom he seems to share psychic and emotional bonds. Mia Kirshner plays Sarah, the young woman who as a young teenager first encountered The Crow and cannot escape this connection with her past. Legendary punk rocker Iggy Pop also stars as one of the cold-blooded killers responsible for Ashe's brutal death.

    My Rating: 6 out of 10
    Gross Income: $30 Million

    Buy The Crow : City of Angels Video

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    Purchase The Original Crow Video/DVD
    the crow vhs/dvd - 1993
    Starring:Brandon Lee

    Purchase The Crow City of Angels Video/DVD
    city of angels vhs/dvd - 1996
    Starring:Vincent Perez

    Purchase The Crow Stairway to Heaven on Video/DVD
    stairway to heaven vhs/dvd - 1999
    Starring:Mark Dacascos

    Purchase The Crow Soundtrack
    the crow soundtrack - 1993
    Featuring:Nine Inch Nails, Helmet, Pantera, Rage Against The Machine, The Cure, and more.

    Purchase The City of Angels Soundtrack
    city of angels soundtrack - 1996
    Featuring:White Zombie, Bush, P.J. Harvey, Deftones, Korn, Filter, Hole, Iggy Pop, and more.

    Purchase The Crow Salvation Soundtrack
    salvation soundtrack - 2000
    Featuring:Hole, Filter, Danzig, Kid Rock, Rob Zombie, Static-X w/Burton C.Bell, Tricky, and more.

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