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  • Polls Banner

    Which Director would you ask to be on the next Crow?
    (Poll from 12/07-1/10/00)

    David Lynch (Twin Peaks) (6) 8%
    Tim Burton (Beetlegeuse) (51) 65%  
    Oliver Stone (The Doors) (10) 13%  
    Joel Schumacher (Batman 2&3) (9) 11%  
    Spike Jonze (Being J.Malkovich) (3) 4%  
    79 Total Votes

  • My Pick:Tim Burton for his dark Instinctual Imagery!
  • Comments:"Tim Burton an obvious choice"
    Which Crow Site is the Best on The Web?
    (Poll from 11/07-12/07/99)

    My Site (27) 60%
    A Boy and His Bird (4) 9%  
    As The Crow Flies (2) 4%  
    The Avenger (0) 0%  
    Rainmaker's Cemetery (5) 11%  
    The Crow:Believe in The Afterlife (1) 2%
    The Crow Fan Club (2) 4%  
    The Crow:A Dead Man Visits You (4) 9%  
    45 Total Votes

  • My Pick:A Boy and His Bird because They always have the latest News!
  • Comments:"Wow I kicked the competition's ass! Thanks to all! (bow)"

    What is your Favorite Crow Line?
    (Poll from 10/07-11/07/99)

    'Victims aren't We All' (32) 19%
    'Real Love is Forever' (22) 13%  
    'Can't Rain All The Time' (28) 17%  
    'Nothing is Trivial' (16) 10%  
    'You Heard Me Rapping Right' (7) 4%  
    'I have something to give you. I don't want it anymore' (3) 2%
    'They're all dead, they just don't know it yet' (44) 27%  
    'Take your best shot, Fun Boy. You got me dead bang' (13) 8%  
    165 Total Votes

  • My Pick:'I have something to give you. I don't want it anymore' because I felt this was the strongest part of the film at the end and then lets go of Top Dollar! I love that scene! 'Thirty Hours of pain.....'
  • Comments::"Popularity in the polls is back thanks goodness!"

    Which Band on the New Crow Soundtrack are you most Anticpating the song for?
    (Poll from 9/07-10/07/99)

    Static-X (4) 5%
    Stabbing Westward (24) 30%  
    Days of the New (5) 6%  
    Monster Magnet (2) 2%  
    Danzig (7) 9%  
    Rob Zombie (31) 38%
    Tricky (5) 6%  
    The Flys (3) 4%  
    81 Total Votes

  • My Pick:Stabbing Westward because I love This Band so Much!
  • Comments::"Well I guess this was an even borier poll than last month!Well I Hope people vote on this one a lot more!"

    Which Crow Anthology would you incorporate into a Crow Film?
    (Poll from 8/05-9/07/99)

    Quoth the Crow (14) 15%
    Clash by Night (10) 11%  
    Dead Time (13) 14%  
    Waking Nightmares (13) 14%  
    Wild Justice (4) 4%  
    Flesh and Blood (17) 18%
    Talon from Stairway to Heaven (21) 23%  
    92 Total Votes

  • My Pick:Waking Nightmares because I loved the whole Cop/Crow Story and the way it was told!
  • Comments::"Well this poll was boring being that not many partcipated in it!Oh well i guess there is not a lot of fans who read about The Crow"

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  • Who would make a Cool Crow Villian?
    (Poll from 7/05-8/05/99)

    James Marsters (Spike-Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (21) 14%
    Stephen Dorff (38) 26%  
    Gary Oldman (25) 17%  
    Kiefer Sutherland (31) 21%  
    Christopher Walken (30) 21%  
    79 Total Votes
  • My Pick:James Marsters- He is so Evil in Buffy the Vampire Slayer I had to pick him! Too Bad fans don't realize this guy's potential!
  • Comments:"Well Mr. Dorff won the Poll! Surprisingly Sutherland was a close second! We all can't forget his performance in The Lost Boys!(Awesome Flick)"

    Which Crow Band would you ask to Rejoin on the Next Soundtrack?
    (Poll from 6/02-7/05/99)

    Nine Inch Nails (75) 43%
    The Cure (53) 30%  
    Violent Femmes (4) 2%  
    Rage Against The Machine (17) 10%  
    Helmet (2) 1%  
    Thrill Kill Kult (6) 3%
    Pantera (11) 6%  
    Machines of Loving Grace (8) 5%  
    176 Total Votes
  • My Pick:Nine Inch Nails-Dead Souls was just a perfect remake and sifted into the scheme of the Crow very Well. I feel Nails could do it again with the same intensity
  • Comments:"Well Just Like I Predicted NIN would Annihilate the competition! Lots of Cure Fans Too! The Cure Would have definetly been my second Pick"

    Which Actor/Musician would you pick to be The next Crow in The Crow 4?
    (Poll from 5/02-6/02/99)

    Johnny Depp (37) 28%
    Trent Reznor (43) 32%  
    Shannon Lee (Brandon's Sister) (29) 22%  
    Antonio Banderas (20) 15%  
    Uma Thurman (4) 3%  
    133 Total Votes
  • My Pick:Johnny Depp-He is an Incredible Actor and has the ability to portray a Dark character.
  • Comments:"Unbelievable! Reznor has never acted yet people I guess feel he has potential! NIN Rocks, but I don't know if Trent can take on The Crow!"

    Which Band Would You Pick To Be On The Next Crow Soundtrack?
    (Poll from 3/15-5/02/99)

    New Order (Reunion) (9) 10%
    Gary Numan (5) 6%  
    Orgy (53) 62%  
    Bjork (10) 12%  
    Mazzy Star (9) 10%  
    86 Total Votes
  • My Pick:Mazzy Star-because they kicks ass and their music fits the mood of The Crow so well!
  • Comments:"Wow Orgy Annihilated the competiton!I think New Order would have definetly been pissed with the results of this poll!"
  • * The Crow:Believe In Angels *