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Hi there! Welcome to the Takuu Association Website. We are a group of people who come from a tiny island in the Pacific ocean, just north east of Bougainville, in Papua New Guinea.

We have formed this association for several noble reasons, and one of this, is that our island is sinking, and we are desperately trying to find solutions to the problems that the sinking is causing.

This website serves two main purposes. (a) To give association members a place in cyberspace to come together and discusss our common concerns and (b) To make the world aware of our problem, and to ask people who can to help us, solve some of our problems.

A brief Introduction to Taku'u, courtesy of Sarimu Kanu'u


The atoll group Taku'u is situated approximately 250 kilometres north-east of Kieta, which is the main port on the Island of Bougainville. The people of Taku'u are Polynesian in origin and make up an estimated population of some 500 people.

Being an atoll Taku'u is especially vulnerable to the effects of rising sea levels due to global warming and adverse tectonic plate movements. The effects of a rising sea level are quite obvious with the erosion of the islands taking place at an alarming rate. Even more alarming is the fact that the food gardens are becoming more and more susceptible to increasing levels of salinity as the fresh water table becomes contaminated by sea water.

The drive of the Taku'u Associations all over Papua New Guinea is to identify all problems associated with the rising sea levels and where possible provide assistance. These efforts range from engineering solutions addressing the issue of land erosion to food relief contingency plans and the last resort of planning for the future relocation of the whole of the Taku'u people.

The tasks are enormous but we the people of Taku'u are equally determined to do all there has to be done in a manner that is organised, which will not create panic among those currently living on the Islands.

One of our greater tasks is to bring out our problem to the world and seek assistance. On the same token we require effective awareness campaigns targeted mainly at the older generation of Taku'u, to gauge acceptance as well as to ultimately set in a mood of preparation.


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Application Form

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Engineering Project Schedule

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Below are the minutes from Takuu meetings in various centres of the country

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Other documents

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