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This is my little home for pun jokes.  Some see the pun as the lowest form of humor...they're just jealous 'cause they aren't quick witted enough to make them themselves.  I am always on the lookout for more material.

This page has the whole list, so be careful when you print it out...it could get lengthy.  You'll have to wade through the titles...I put them in in the order that they came.

Two jokes are of note, the "Mel Famie" and "Tom Torre" jokes.  These are probably the beginning of my love of long set-ups for a single punch line type jokes.  They came from my high school band teacher many years ago.

You'll notice some blanks on the last table...there's always more room for pun jokes!  If you have some, mail it to me!  Just click on the link: email me, and send it in! 

Table of Contents
Collection 1
Collection 2
Collection 3
Collection 4
1. Freddie the Frog 1. A Hard Day's Knight 1. The Potato Heads 1. Roy's New Shoes
2. The Trids 2. A Man and His Dog 2. The Convent of St. Elias 2. Friars Club
3. The King and the Thrones 3. A Dog Walks Into A Bar... 3. Mel Famie 3. The Son
4. The Butcher's Dance 4. Valentine's Day 4. Tom Torre  4. Sesame Street Bus
5. The Gnu Rancher 5. The Lone Ranger & Tonto 5. Three Strings 5. The Orchestra
Collection 5
Collection 6
Collection 7
Collection 8
1. Freddie and Sam 1.  1.  1. 
2. Dead Dog 2.  2.  2. 
3. Once Shaved 3.  3.  3. 
4. Fishing Trip 4.  4.  4. 
5. The Lost Gnu 5.  5.  5. 

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