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01-07-00 Half-season Canuck Report grading the Canucks. (by R.Jones for Canucks Central).

01-04-00 Peering Ahead Some 2nd half predictions. (by R.Jones for CBS).

12-29-99 Looking Up Players that should have better 2nd half. (by R.Jones for CBS).

12-18-99 Special Team Players Powerplay & Shorthanded points. (by R.Jones for CBS).

12-04-99 #1 Goalies Rating the 1#'s. (by R.Jones for CBS).

11-30-99 Quarter-season Canuck Report grading the Canucks. (by R.Jones for Canucks Central).

11-29-99 Minor League Prospects A look at some prospects to watch. (by R.Jones for CBS).

11-23-99 Super Sophomores? A look at the rookies of last year. (by R.Jones for CBS).

11-13-99 Slumping Stars To trade or not to trade underachieving stars (by R.Jones for CBS).

11-06-99 Line Combo's Line combinations you should be aware of (by R.Jones for CBS).

10-30-99 Rookies An early peak at rookies (by R.Jones for CBS).

10-20-99 Reliable Fillers a holdout or injury creates opportunities (by R.Jones for CBS).

10-11-99 Prime Pickups players that may have been missed in your league (by R.Jones for CBS).

09-30-99 Top Sabre Prospects a look at Buffalo prospect's Biron & Afinogenov (by R.Anderson).

09-30-99 Improved Canucks? 10 reasons they might be better (by R.Jones for Canucks Central).

09-19-99 Fantasy Sabres a fantasy look at the Buffalo Sabres (by R.Jones for Sabres Central).

09-04-99 Pics & Pans part I & Pics & Pans part II. First article(s) (by Bill Mahoney).

09-01-99 Rising & Falling Stars First article (by Bruce Lockie).

08-24-99 From Europe with Love some new Europeans are arriving in the NHL (by R.Jones for CBS).

08-22-99 My Fantasy League describing fantasy leagues and mine in specific (by R.Jones for GoStars).

08-11-99 Canucks Future is Brighter Canucks are giving fans hope (by R.Jones for Canucks Central).

08-04-99 Rule Changes What affect will the new rules have on Fantasy Hockey (by R.Jones for CBS).

07-21-99 Big Break? Many goalies are getting new jobs (by R.Jones for CBS).

07-14-99 Mark Messier Trade Messier back to the big apple (by R.Jones for Canucks Central).

07-07-99 Free Agents What do significant free agents may mean to a team (by R.Jones for CBS).

06-30-99 Entry/Expansion Draft Recap of significant moves made at both drafts (by R.Jones for CBS).

06-25-99 Damon Allen A scathing look at the BC Lion's No. 1 Quarterback (by R.Jones for

06-23-99 Dallas Stars Look ahead to next season for the Stanley Cup Champions (by R.Jones for CBS).

06-16-99 NHL Entry Draft The 10 most promising prospects at the Entry Draft (by R.Jones for CBS).

06-10-99 Top 5 Top 5 players available at the entry draft to the Canucks (by R.Jones for

06-09-99 Playoff Recap Recap of first 3 rounds and how it affects next season (by R.Jones for CBS).

06-02-99 Too Old (by R.Jones for CBS)

05-27-99 Motor City Mayhem Look at the Detroit Red Wings collapse and future (by R.Jones for CBS).

05-19-99 Farm Team (by R.Jones for CBS)

05-12-99 Playoff Pretenders (by R.Jones for CBS)

05-05-99 Players on the Rebound (by R.Jones for CBS)

04-27-99 Summer Moves (by R.Jones for CBS)

04-21-99 Updated First Round not posted on another site.

04-14-99 First Round playoff article (by R.Jones for CBS).

04-07-99 Final Four predicting the 4 teams in the conference finals (by R.Jones for CBS).

03-31-99 Free Agents (by R.Jones for CBS)

03-24-99 Trade Deadline (by R.Jones for CBS)

03-17-99 Missing the Playoffs (by R.Jones for CBS)

03-10-99 Power Forwards (by R.Jones for CBS)

03-03-99 Minors (by R.Jones for CBS)

02-24-99 Easy Schedule (by R.Jones for CBS)

02-17-99 Goalies (by R.Jones for CBS)

02-10-99 Location Change (by R.Jones for CBS)

02-03-99 Powerplays (by R.Jones for CBS)

01-27-99 Slumps (by R.Jones for CBS)

01-20-99 The Wall (by R.Jones for CBS)

01-15-99 Injuries (by R.Jones for CBS)

01-06-99 Mid-Season Strategy (by R.Jones for CBS)

12-30-98 Line Combinations (by R.Jones for CBS)

12-16-98 Overachievers (by R.Jones for CBS)

12-09-98 Goons (by R.Jones for CBS)

12-02-98 Rookies (by R.Jones for CBS)

11-29-98 Unsung Heroes my first article for CBS Sportsline! (by R.Jones for CBS)