Welcome to the Guild. The following is not a fan site. A fan site denotes glorification of a specific person, place or thing. The Guild is a place where I have decided to display fan fiction. If Marvel has a problem with this I can be reached at crimsonsguild@yahoo.com or at my message board(This has been fixed by the way...).

Updates: August 22nd, 2002
Fixed the links to my message board and to host board. The X2 trailer is up at the official X-Men movie site; you should take a look. Put up the first bit of 'A Promise Made' (By me).

The Links. Below is a list of links I have collected. These are places I enjoy frequenting or places I like to drop by every so often. If you've got a story or link you think I'd enjoy, let me know!
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The Original Slash Central
X-Men: The Movieverse: Stories
X-Men: The Movie Fan Fiction Central
CKoS: X-Men Slash Fan Fiction Page
Fiction- X-Men Slash
Fan fiction from Kethry and eoen(Muchos Slash content)
Logan & Remy Slash(I love this site)
XCobWeb(Slash content)
On the Road(Slash content)
Devolution(Slash content)
Lightspeed(Slash content)
Bishonen Works(Slash content)
X-Men Artistry Page
Shifting Sands
Lori's Corner
Starlight and Moonbeams
Fonts of Pryde and Wisdom
Mooksville, Earth (Mook content)
Christine Demearth
Zerelda X Marvel Fan Fiction
Glockgal's Doodles
Eros and Heroes (Slash content)

Comic related sites:
Offical X-MEN(Trailer for X2 is up)
Unofficial X-Men
King of Hearts
DEO (Amazing JLA Fan Site)
Mutant Watch
Wizard World

Other Stuff:
Stranger Than Paradise
Crimson Angel
Tripod Homepage
Tripod Homepager
Matt on Elfwood
Greg on Elfwood
Zachariah on Elfwood
Fire Senshi's Realm
Camp Chaos
TSN Sports
Superhero Generator
The Brunching Shuttlecocks
Lady In Red's Home Page
Chris Hynes

Last update:

March 26th, 2002

Tidying of links and such. Nothing big.

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Members of Crimson's Guild are listed in alphabetical order, first names first. Clicking on the name of a writer will bring you to a page with a list all of their stories and a brief description of each story. Clicking on the story will bring you to the first chapter of each story.

The Guild:

(Fan fiction, Incomplete, Some content NC17)

~Between the Darkness and the Light.
(Fan fiction, Incomplete)
~Alternate Realities.
Becky Harris
(Original Poem)
~The GreatFire.
(Fan fiction, Incomplete)
~To Thy Departed Friend.
(Fanfic, Original Character(s), Story Arc)
~X- S: Arrival.
~X- S: Critical Questions.
Elena Zovatto
(Fanfic, Original Character(s), Incomplete, Crossover)~WildCards.
(Fanfic, Mary Sue, Incomplete) ~Gambit my Love.
Greg Pelerine
(Original Poem) ~Scared.
Jacque Koh
(Fanfiction, Crossover, Story Arc, Character Death) ~Gambit's Cat- Astrophy.
~The X- Men/ SandMan Series.
Jessica Lonchas
(Fanfic, Mary Sue, Incomplete) ~Games: A Cajun's Love.
~Shattered Dreams.
Twinkle Faerie
(Original story, Fantasy setting) ~Faeries
Morgan Lewis
(Fanfic, Original Character(s), Story Arc) ~Shared Memories.
~ A Mother's Last Gift.
Raven Adams
(Fanfic, Original Character(s), Story Arc, incomplete) ~A Very Special Gift.
~The Gift that Keeps on Giving.
(Fanfic, rated R, M/M, incomplete) ~Lost Boys.
Scarlet Lady
(Fanfic, Original Character(s), Story Arc, incomplete) ~The Reflection in the Mirror.
(Fanfic, Original Character(s), Story Arc, incomplete) ~Child's Play.
Steve Paul
(Fanfic, Original Character(s), Incomplete) ~IceCapades.
Valerie Jones
(Fanfic, Crossover, Story Arc, Incomplete) ~Strange Encounters.
~Faith and Dreams.
(Original Poem) ~One FineDay

My Stuff

The CharactersHope, Katherine, Rhain
AD&DCourtney, Kirsty
Crimson: What theFuture Holds, Eternal Insanity