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My name is Colin Dellow. I'm a middle school student in Dawson Creek, B.C. (That would be in Canada.) And no, Dawson Creek is not in any way related to Dawson's Creek. (On a side note, Dawson's Creek is set in a town called Capeside.) The world's best news show is undoubtedly This Hour Has 22 Minutes, however the National comes close. The rest of my life is...Oh wait, hasn't happened yet.

Computers have always interested me, but most of all, programming computers has interested me.

I started writing little things in BASIC, then graduated to Pascal and wrote a graphics editor (which sucked :P). I then learnt MOOcode, which I used as a stepping stone to C. Since then, I've programmed a bunch of small things for myself, and for everyone to enjoy, I wrote Comics.

Another side note: The first version of Comics was written in Pascal, was completely command-line oriented, and very hard to use. Ease of use has marginally been improved since then: If you have an idea, please, please, please don't hesitate to tell me.

(Last updated: 1/14/00)