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The main screen.
It's very simple, and all the options you need are underneath the file menu. Jeffrey Ello, a Comics user, donated the icon that is currently used for Comics.

The configuration screen.
It has been split into several different "tabbed" pages, as there were far too many options to fit on one screen. The King Features comics were added upon the requests of several users. The ability to automatically quit Comics when it finished downloading, and to minimize Comics when it started downloading were also the result of a user asking for a feature. Your requests will be acted upon!

The download screen.
This version of Comics is multi-threaded. Older users of Comics will remember a small "lag" when you moved the download window or tried to hit the OK button. This doesn't happen in the new version, which also provides more information about what's happening, and the progress of the various downloads.

(Last updated: 1/14/00)