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Welcome to the Comics website!

Comics is a small freeware app for Windows 95 or newer. What does it do for you? It allows you to download and easily view about 190 comics, easily and conveniently, in your preferred web browser. It's only 300kb, so it won't take long to download.

Comics is no longer being supported by me. (You can still send me money and computer components, though ;) Developing for Windows is far too frustrating. The Comics source is publicly available -- e-mail me for more information on that. A few developers have looked at it, and one may be taking it under his wing. If that happens, I'll grant him the passwords to the website and he will become the Comical Head Honcho.

Other than that, I'm now in several more web-based ventures. Web design, hosting and programming are available at, an online archive of web tips can be found at and there will soon be an online soccer league tracking tool available at Enjoy!

For information on how to set up Comics to download automatically, click here.

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On that note, an aside about the content of Comics:
I am not reproducing the comics and other content available through the Comics program. It is the user's own computer that is downloading it. I am as liable for this as Microsoft is for making Internet Explorer and allowing people access to all sorts of nasty things. However, if you have a problem with your comic or webpage being available through Comics, please contact me. If we can't work out a reasonable solution, I'll remove it from Comics.

Thank you,
Colin Dellow