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I've uninstalled Comics, but I get an empty space in my system tray... What is this and how do I remove it?

This is where the system tray icon used to be. You will get this if you don't uncheck the "Display system tray icon" checkbox in the Options tab. To fix it, right click the grey space and exit the app. It will go away for as long as your computer runs without a boot. To fix it permanently, click Start, point to Programs, point to StartUp, rightclick systray.exe (Comics 2.0) or shed.exe (Comics 2.1) and select Delete.

I installed Comics but I have one or all of the following errors: The graphics for the buttons are all in the upper left corner, or Comics doesn't remember which comics I selected for download.

Some users have reported this problem, and it appears to be indicative of a registry incompatibility in my software. If you have this problem and you have ICQ, and are willing to work on a solution for it, please drop me an e-mail.

Comics rocks! Seeing as it's freeware, how can I show my appreciation?

Thanks! You have three options (well, unless you want to actually send me money...). First of all, you could drop me an e-mail at mhowitt@mail.pris.bc.ca saying how much you like the program. Second, you could reccomend Comics to a friend and spread the word. Third, and most liked option, you could join up with Spedia, with me as your referrer. Spedia is a "get paid to surf" organization, and they're really pretty good. Their window doesn't take up a lot of system resources or bandwidth, and it's really easy to make points. I can make about $50 Cdn. a month, which is three hours a night of use. To sign up and support me: http://www.spedia.net/cgi-bin/dir/tz.cgi?run=show_svc&fl=8&vid=604895.