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02/11/00 - Comics 2.13 - Fixed Major Registry Bug

If Comics is failing to remember your selections, you need to download 2.13, which fixes a small bug. The program would accidentally store your settings in the wrong key with the wrong name. Fixed.

02/10/00 - Comics 2.12 - Fixed Registry Bug

Oops, there was a bug in 2.11 (Bugfix) which caused it to not work if you didn't start it from the Comics directory. 2.12 fixes this.

02/05/00 - Comics 2.11 - Fixed IE 4 bug

Oops, there was a bug in 2.1 and the old 2.11 which rendered it useless for users of Internet Explorer that weren't 5.0 or newer. That's now fixed.

01/30/00 - What's In The Works...

I, Colin Dellow, and a friend who helped in the production of Comics, Michael Lawrie, have decided to join forces. We probably won't be producing programs together, as we have radically different compilers, but we will be using each other's software to increase our portfolios. Currently, Michael is working on an app to make joysticks useful outside of games, and I'm working on a program that will allow you to easily search for news stories and news photos.

01/28/00 - Comics 2.11 Released!

2.11 has been released. It is meant to be a bugfix for King Features comics and for dialup users who had problem with the automatic download feature. For the first time, custom proxies are supported. This will hopefully be the second last release. 2.2 will come out sometime soon and have the following requested features: (if time permits and whatnot)

  • force Comics to display in IE5 if you have it
  • force Comics to display the "funnies page" style
  • Madam & Eve will be supported
  • King Features comics will be fixed for the years 2001C.E. through 9999C.E.

01/14/00 - Comics 2.1 Released!

Yes, it has been released! You can find it on the download page. NT support is actually there for real! Automatic downloading is provided by Comics, not the task scheduler! It supports almost 150comics, plus two online zines. It supports IE4+, NS4+ and Opera 3.21+. However, you must have IE4 installed on your computer to use Comics 2.1. That's not a very big deal, most computers come pre-installed. (Reference: Department of Justice versus Microsoft).

If you'd like to feature Comics in an e-zine that you produce, please contact me at

What users have said about Comics...

If you like comics, you'll love this program! [...] I was very impressed by this program and consider it a personal pick! - Some Anonymous Reviewer At TUKIDS (Comics was given a 5 Cows rating, top of the scoring system!)

I can't live without my daily comic fix! This is a great program. - K. Burt

... congratulations on writing a good program. - S. Huberty

I use your program every single day. - K. Oddson [Note: That's the way it's supposed to be used! ]

Very neat. - K.V.

I enjoy your comics program, it's pretty sweet - M. Meyers

I really enjoy being able to catch up on favorites as well as sample some comics that are not carried by the local paper. - C. Sedano

I have loaded Comics (and love it!), but I'm having a problem with the j.ello report. - M. Mayse [Note: The j.ello problem is fixed.]

First of all, thanks for a great program. It may be small, but packs a punch. I use it everyday! - M. Westbrook

I've had your comics program for a week and I don't know how I ever got along without it. [...] It's brilliant. Thank you. - A. Litton

The comics is of course the only page I definitely read in every newspaper. I'm actually using this to fill in the gap of my other favorites I don't see in my daily paper. - M. Aldrich [Note: Whether you've gone totally electric and miss the comics section, or just want some variety, Comics is a fun app that you'll enjoy.]

(Last updated: 1/14/00)