Catholics of the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia and the Great War

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Rev. Placide A. LeBlanc, P.P.

Summary: 20 enlisted, 6 killed, 2 wounded

Cashen, Pte. Amos,                                   C.F.C. 
Cashen, Pte. Emmett,                                 C.G.R. 
Cashen, Spr. Dennis,                                 C.R.T. 
Bond, Pte. Leo,                                      Depot Bn. 
DAVID, PTE. NEIL,                                    P.P.C.L.I. 
DORT, PTE. DAVID L.,                                 85th Bn., C.I. 
DORT, PTE. LEO,                                      85th Bn., C.I. 
Fougere, Pte. Leo,                                   17th Reserve Bn. 
Haley, Pte. Andrew,                                  no entry 
HALEY, PTE. SIMON,                                   85th Bn., C.I. 
King, Pte. Joseph,                                   Depot Bn. 
LEVANDIER, PTE. ARTHUR,                              Depot Bn. 
LeRoi, Pte. Hubert,                                  C.I.
*Levandier, Pte. Dennis,                             17th Reserve Bn. 
Pelerine, Pte. Gilbert,                              C.G.R. 
Pelerine, Pte. Martin,                               17th Reserve Bn. 
Pelerine, Pte. Stephan,                              17th Reserve Bn. 
*Richard, Pte. Augustin,                             85th Bn., C.I. 
WELLS, MATE JOHN C.,                                 American Navy 
Wells, Capt. William,                                C.R.T. 



Rev. A. D. Beaton, P.P.

Summary: 45 enlisted, 6 killed, 6 wounded

Bourque, Frank,                                       R.A.F. 
BERRYMAN, PTE. LAURENCE,                              1st Depot Bn. 
Campbell, Dan A.,                                     185th Bn., C.I. 
Campbell, William,                                    185th Bn., C.I. 
Cass, John, Signal Corps,                             A.E.F. 
Chisholm, Capt. Alex. N.,                             C.A.M.C. 
Chisholm, Pte. Daniel N.,                             C.A.M.C. 
DeLaurier, Albert,                                    no entry 
FRASER, ALEXANDER,                                    54th Bn., C.I. 
Fraser, Frank,                                        Signal Corps, A.E.F. 
GILLIS, LIEUT. ANGUS,                                 C.F.A. 
Gillis, Sgt. Hugh,                                    185th Bn. & 85th Bn., C.I. 
Gillis, Sgt. Rod.,                                    185th Bn. & 85th Bn., C.I. 
Grant, Sgt. Allan,                                    185th Bn. & 85th Bn., C.I. 
Langley, John,                                        Western Bn. 
*Langley, Frank,                                      185th Bn. & 85th Bn., C.I. 
Langley, Thomas,                                      185th Bn. & 85th Bn., C.I. 
MACDONALD, LIEUT.-COL. Thomas HOWARD,                 
son of Dr. Patrick Alexander
 & Anne (Condon) MacDonald                            C. A. M. C.
*MacDonald, Joseph,                                   no entry  
*MacDonald, Lieut. Edward,                            185th Bn. & R.C.R., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Dan.,                                 191st Bn., C.I.  
MacDonald, Charles, no rank,                          Western Bn.
MacDonald, Capt. Harry, C.A.D.C. MacDonald, Sgt. Jas. D., M.M., Son of Angus D. & Bella (Gillis) MacDonald of Little Judique & Pt. Hawkesbury R. C. R., C. I. MacDonald, John H., no entry MacDonald, Dan, no rank 1st Depot Bn. MacDonald, John, no rank 1st Depot Bn. MacDonald, Dan H., 1st Depot Bn. *MacDougall, R. J., R.A.F. MacDougall, R. J., 185th Bn., C.I. MACFARLANE, ALEX., 10th Bn., C.I. MACFARLANE, DOUGALD, D.C.M., Western Bn. MacIsaac, Malcolm, no rank 193rd Bn., C.I. MacIssac, Hector, no rank A.E.F. McIntyre, James, no rank Depot Bn. McLeod, John B., no rank Engineers, A.E.F. MaMaster, John P., no entry McNeil, Hugh A., no rank, R.C.R., C.I. Poirrier, Leon no entry RYAN, PTE. JAMES, 85th Australian Exped. Force Walker, Pte. Duncan, 185th Bn., C.I. Walker, Pte. Wallace, 185th Bn., C.I. Whalen. Pte. John, no entry Whalen, Arthur, no entry *Warner, Pte. Thomas, R.C.R., C.I.



Rev. A. D. Beaton, P.P.

Summary: 26 enlisted, 4 killed, 1 wounded

Cloake, Pte. Patrick,                                  185th Bn., C.I. 
Cogswell, Pte. Charles,                                185th Bn., C.I. 
Cogswell, Pte. William,                                185th Bn., C.I. 
Cogswell, Pte. Nelson,                                 Depot Bn. 
Doyle, Pte. John James,                                Depot Bn. 
Hayes, Sgt. Daniel,                                    185th Bn., C.I. 
JOYCE, PTE. JAMES,                                     no entry 
Joyce, Pte. Walter,                                    85th Bn., C.I. 

King, Pte. Henry,                                      1st Depot Bn. 
MacCormack, Pte. Hugh A.                               no entry 
MacDonald, Pte. Angus,                                 R.A.F. 
MacNamara, Pte. Edward,                                1st Depot Bn. 
MacNamara, Edward J. no rank                           185th Bn., C.I. 
MACNAMARA, SGT. GORDON, M.M.,                          64th Bn., C.I. 
MACNAMARA, SGT. JOSEPH,                                185th Bn. & 85th Bn., C.I. 
MacNamara, Pte. James,                                 1st Depot Bn. 
MacNamara, Pte. Michael,                               1st Depot Bn. 
MacNamara, Pte. Robert,                                185th Bn., C.I. 
MacNamara, Pte. S. J.,                                 Siberian Forces 
*MacNamara, Pte. William, M.M.,                        185th Bn., C.I. 
Proctor, Pte. Edward,                                  185th Bn., C.I. 
Proctor, Pte. George,                                  185th Bn., C.I. 
Scanlon, Pte. John P.,                                 185th Bn., C.I. 

Scanlon, Pte. Joseph,                                  1st Depot Bn. 
SHANNON, PTE. HOWARD,                                  193rd Bn., C.I. 
White, Pte. William D.,                                185th Bn., C.I. 



Rev. A. D. Beaton, P.P.

Summary: 7 enlisted, 1 killed

Branch of service not listed

Grady, Pte. James 
Maddix, Pte. James 
MacNamara, Pte. Gordon 
MacNamara, Pte. Dan 
O'Hanley, Pte. Dan Angus 



Rev. Donald MacPherson, P.P.

Summary: 57 enlisted, 6 killed, 10 wounded

Botherson, Pte. Robert J.,                          25th Bn., C.I. 
Beaton, Pte. Dan S.,                                4th Can. Division 
Breen, Pte. Aloysius,                               1st Can. Res. Bn. 
son of John & Christie 
(MacLean) Campbell 
of Colindale & Port Hood                            49th Bn., C.I.
Chisholm, Lieut. Colin,                             7th Siege Batt., C.G.A. & R.A.F. 
Chisholm, Lieut. Duncan F., 
promoted from ranks,                                7th Siege Batt. C.G.A. 
Chisholm, Cpl. Gregory,                             C.A.M.C. 
*Gillis, Piper Alex,                                185th Bn. & 85th Bn., C.I. 
Gillis, Pte. Neil,                                  246th Bn., C.I. 
Hawley, Pte. Dougald,                               48th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Gnr. Alexander,                          C.F.A.  
MacDonald, Pte. Alex,                               113th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Alex. Dan,                          1st Depot Bn. 
**MacDonald, Pte. Aloysius,                         13th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Angus A.,                           85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Angus L.,                           1st Depot Bn. 
MacDonald, Cpl. Angus,                              A.E.F. 
*MacDonald, Capt. A. L.,                            25th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Angus W.,                           C.F.C. 
MACDONALD, PTE. ARCHIBALD,                          13th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Colin A.,                           1st Depot Bn. 
*MacDonald, Pte. Dan A.,                            64th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Lieut. Dan Peter,  
son of Ronald & Mary 
(Coady) MacDonald 
of S.W. Margaree & Pt. Hood Mines                   British Navy
MacDonald, Sgt. James A. 
promoted from ranks,                                A.E.F. 
MACDONALD, SGT. J. C.,                              R.C.R., C.I. 
MacDonald, Cpl. John Leo,                           30th Inf., A.E.F. 
*MacDonald, Pte. J. Robert,                         85th Bn., C.I. 
*MacDonald, Pte. John R.,                           40th Bn. & 85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. John Vincent,                       C.A.S.C.  
MacDonald, Pte. Joseph,                             185th Bn., C.I. 
MACDONALD, PTE. NEIL,                               76th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Spr. Ronald,                             1st Can. Tunnelling Co. 
MacDonald, Pte. Oswin,                              C.A.M.C. 
MacDonnell, Pte. Angus D.,                          C.A.M.C. 
MacDonnell, N.S., M.C.,                             C.A.M.C. 
MacDonnell, Pte. Frank,                             C.E. 
MacDonnell, Pte. Seward Vincent,                    Engineers, A.E.F. 
MACDONNELL, MAJOR W.S. (Winfred Smythe)
Son of Samuel MacDonnell & Ann Smythe               C.A.M.C. 
MacEachern, Cpl. John,                              134th Bn., C.I. 
MacIsaac, Pte. John A.,                             1st Depot Bn. 
MacKay, Pte. Archibald,                             107th Can. Pioneers 
MacLellan, Pte. Dan Lewis,                          58th Bn., C.I. 
*MacLellan, Sgt. John H., 
promoted from ranks,                                87th Bn. & 1st Bn., C.I. 
MacLeod, Pte. John,                                 28th Bn., C.I. 
MacMaster, Pte. Charles,                            193rd Bn., C.I. 
MacMaster, Pte. John Cameron,                       15th C.M.G.C. 
MacMaster, Pte. John D.,                            1st Depot Bn. 
*MacNeil, Pte. Frank,                               R.C.R., C.I. 
MacNeil, Pte. Herman J.,                            25th Bn., C.I. 
McLean, Capt. Aubrey,                               C.A.M.C. 
*Murphy, Pte. Allan James,
son of James & Sarah 
(Gillis) Murphy                                     85th & 13th Bns., C.I.
MURPHY, PTE. JOSEPH,                                26th Bn., C.I. 
Smyth, Spr. L. P.,                                  C.E. 
*Smyth, Capt. T. N.,                                C.E. 
Tracey, Pte. Frank (Francis),  
son of ? & Mary 
(MacDonald) Tracey                                  1st Depot Bn.
Walsh, Pte. John F.,                                85th Bn., C.I. 
Walsh, Pte. Walter L.,                              A.E.F. 



Copyright© Transcribed by Joan Hapeman Somers
30 June 1998