The Land Of Jollification
Upcoming stuffs (Though I'm horribly lazy so god knows when 'upcoming' is)

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And MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! :::squeals in delight::
people have been jollified on this NEW page!
"It's such a jollification as a matter of fact so tres charmant my dear"
Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for death, seizure, or any other malfunction that may occur from the viewing of The Land of Jollification. So, I'm warning you, if you decide to kill all your family members and your little dog too after you've been jollified, don't come crying to me when you get on death row. Chances are, you were a psychopath before you came here, and I'm not going to defend you in court!

Oh, and The Land of Jollification is Jade and her cats (not legally, of course, but you know..) so take it and I smite you.
Woo! I'm out of breath!
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      Yeah, I haven't been updating lately, mostly I've been working on my neopet's webpages but I figured I should at LEAST change the Christmas theme! GIVE ME IDEAS ON WHAT TO ADD RIGHT NOW.
Drgyn CLAW: hola
PhinePhan27: hola
Drgyn CLAW:
PhinePhan27: ok
PhinePhan27: hola
Drgyn CLAW:
thats better!
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