(The animations below include the six thieves and five assassins who make up the Unified Guild of Thieves and Assassins. I didn't include Ministers Tome and Hoard because I didn't have good enough pictures of them to use.)

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Quest for the Momentary Princess

The Official Website of the Unified Guilds of New Orleans

Version 3.0

May 2, 2005: I found out today that Gambit is apparently no longer the patriarch of the Guild, so I listed Bella Donna as the Matriarch (seeing as she was second-in-command under Remy). If I find out otherwise, I will change it.

May 1, 2005: I decided, after being disappointed in the UXN's database information the Guilds, that it was high time to revamp this website, give it a new look, update and add to the information, etc. So that's what I did. This page now has a new look, and the whole site has this new color scheme (instead of the old crappy one). Plus, I completely rewrote the bios for all the current and past Thieves and Assassins. They are now much more information-filled and extensive than they were before. This summer, I plan to actually, finally, write up more comic reviews for the reviews page. And I hope to finally get the quotes from the Rogue Limited Series on the Quotes pages. I'll also be adding more links and stuff *points to sidebar* as I get them. Whenever I update, I'll mention it right here, so keep your eyes peeled to this spot. Until then, enjoy the updated bios and everything else the site has to offer!

Why "Quest for the Momentary Princess"?

The Momentary Princess is a magical, very valuable, very important gem. It is difficult to acquire, and if a person does come in contact with it, it can allow that person to see into the future and travel through time. It only appears once every so many years, and the New Orleans Thieves Guild have been trying to get their hands on it for years. I believe that if the Gambit comic series was still being written (and if the new series had the Guilds in it), the current Unified Guilds of Thieves and Assassins would still be trying to acquire it, which is why I've called this website "Quest for the Momentary Princess". The gem is important to both the history and the future of the Unified Guilds, and maybe someday in one of my fanfics, they'll finally attain it.

The characters mentioned on this website are the property of Marvel Comics and are not being used on this website with permission. This site was created to inform and entertain the comic-reading world about a group of minor characters who are not often used and who are not well-known even to the most loyal of X-Men readers. If you would like to contact me, the webmistress of this site, you may write to me here and I will write back to you as soon as possible.