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Dachau Memorial, Germany - Part 3
Dachau Concentration Camp, WWII

Many of the deaths at Dachau can be attributed to the harsh regimen and crowded conditions of the camp. Although punishment was severe for even the smallest infraction of the rules, some people were subjected to so-called "testing," a gruesome form of human experimentation.

Dachau Memorial

Many Russian prisoners were never registered as arrivals because standing orders allowed them to be used for targets on a nearby firing range. The number of deaths in this category remains unknown, but is speculated to total about 7,000. Of the recorded deaths, over 3,100 inmates perished after the U.S. Army liberated the camp because their physical deterioration was beyond medical help.

Guard towerDachau, Unknown
Guard tower at Dachau; Grave of Thousands Unknown

No one leaves the grounds of this former camp with a good feeling, and this is a normal reaction that we certainly do not try to dispel. Yet, if we learn from the tragedies that took place here, then its continued existence as a memorial serves a vital purpose. An informed visit serves the cause of human rights and deterrence in the future.

Monument next to Jourhaus Gate
Monument Next to the Jourhaus Gate
Containing a Quote from Eugene Kogon's, "The Theory And Practice of Hell "

Jewish Memorial at Dachau
Jewish Memorial at the Site Where Ashes Were Dumped.

Sculpture atop Dachau Museum
Close-Up View of Memorial Sculpture At Dachau Museum

Never Again
"Never Again"

As you leave Dachau, the marker on the wall reads: "Never Again."

Dachau, Germany
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