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Ancient City of Pompeii
Water Supply and the Baths


Originally, Pompeii received its water supply from the River Sarno and from wells, but an aqueduct was built when the needs of the city increased. Large lead pipes ran under the pavements carrying running water to the homes of the richest residents, to the public baths, and to the public fountains where the poorer inhabitants obtained their water.

The Forum Baths of Pompeii
The Forum Baths

The Forum Baths, excavated in 1823, are located at the intersection of Via del Foro and Via di Nola. The baths were had a communal central heating plant and were divided into two sections, for males and for females.

Walls in Pompeii Bath
Detail on Walls of Bath in Pompeii

FrigidariumMosaic Tile
Right: A Frigidarium. Lert: Detail of Mosaic Tile Bath Floor.

Leading away from the changing room, in the center is the "Frigidarium," a circular tub for cold baths. To the right is the "Tepidarium" for warm baths, and the "Calidarium" for steam baths that were heated using a system of double walls that carried heat from the furnace.

Ceiling in Pompeii Bath
An opening in the roof allows light to enter

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Pompeii's Equivalent of Fast Food Was Prepared on Many Street Corners.
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Historical Background of Pompeii - I

Background of Pompeii - II

Entrance to the Ruins and Roads of Pompeii - III

The Forum and Basilica - IV

Temples of Apollo, Isis, and Jupiter - V

Water Supply and the Baths of Pompeii - VI

Pompeii's Mills, Bakery, Laundry, and Brothel - VII

House of the Faun, House of the Vettii,
House of the Large Fountain, and
The House of the Silver Wedding - VIII

House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto,
House of Trebius Valens, House of Loreius Tibertinus,
And the Villa of the Mysteries - IX

Court of the Gladiators, Amphitheatre, and
The Necropolis of Porta Nocera - X

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