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Ancient City of Pompeii

The Houses of Faun, Vettii, Large Fountain
and the House of the Sliver Wedding


The House of the Faun is considered the most beautiful example of a private house from ancient times because of its size, decorations, and architectural importance. This house provides an incredible example of mosaic art including the Battle of Alexander The Great and Darius which is now in the National Museum of Naples.

Alexander the Great
Mosaic of Alexander the Great

The house was built at the height of the Samnite civilization and during the great influence of Hellenistic architecture, showing a fusion of Italian and Hellenistic elements.

Dancing FaunHouse of Faun
Bronze Statue of the Dancing Faun; House of the Faun

The greeting "Have" is in the front of the entrance to the House of Faun, and two shrines for the Lares (the household gods) are high up on the walls of the entrance hall.

The House of the Vettii best illustrates the wealth of the merchants who lived during the last ten years of Pompeii. Great wealth is shown by the luxurious wall decorations and in the layout of the garden.

Altar of the Lares, House of Vettii
Altar of the Lares in the House of the Vettii

Hercules Strangling Snake
Infant Hercules Strangling Serpent Sent by Juno

Many of the pictures show mythical and heroic subjects such as an obscene depiction of Priapus resting his enormous phallus on one side of a pair of scales. This scene was placed at the entrance of the House of the Vettii to ward off the "evil eye" of those who were jealous of the wealth of Aulo Vettio Restituto and Aulo Vettio Coniva.

Apollo Slays Python
Apollo Slaying the Python

Wall Fresco
Wall Fresco Depicting Wealth and Prosperity

The House of the Large Fountain takes its name from the large fountain that adorns it. The fountain is situated in a mosaic niche and is typically eastern in design, coming from Egypt at the time of th Roman conquest. The mosaics are of geometric designs, birds, and arabesques, and water flowed out of the statue's mouth representing a marine goddess.

The Large Fountain
The Large Fountain at the House of the Large Fountain

The House of the Silver Wedding was excavated in 1893 when the sovereigns of Italy celebrated their Silver Wedding Aniversary and this house was named in their honor.

House of Silver Wedding
House of the Silver Wedding with Frescoed Walls

This patrician dwelling dates from the Samnite age, but was renovated during the Imperial age. This house has a private bath with a "tepidarium" and "calidarium," but the "frigidarium" is outside in the garden.

Historical Background of Pompeii - I

Background of Pompeii - II

Entrance to the Ruins and Roads of Pompeii - III

The Forum and Basilica - IV

Temples of Apollo, Isis, and Jupiter - V

Water Supply and the Baths of Pompeii - VI

Pompeii's Mills, Bakery, Laundry, and Brothel - VII

House of the Faun, House of the Vettii,
House of the Large Fountain, and
The House of the Silver Wedding - VIII

House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto,
House of Trebius Valens, House of Loreius Tibertinus,
And the Villa of the Mysteries - IX

Court of the Gladiators, Amphitheatre, and
The Necropolis of Porta Nocera - X

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