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American Government - Democracy

State Government

Features of a State
Population - The people share an agreement about basic beliefs. (democracy)
Mobility - 18% of Americans move to a new residence each year.
Power is shifting from the north and east to the west and south.
The population is shifting from inner cities to the suburbs.

Each state has an established boundary. These boundaries have changed as a result of US wars. Boundaries have also changed due to land purchases through negotiation.

Map? US Territorial gains 1783 - 1853
United States Territorial Gains, 1783 - 1853

Alaska mapPolitical cartoon, 1900
Left: Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867.
Right: Political Cartoon - 1900. Lables on Uncle Sam's pants list territorial gains.
President McKinley is the tailor, outfitting the growing nation.

National Government


Each nation state has supreme and absolute authority within its boundaries. Sovereignty makes lands and shapes foreign policy. In theory, every state is equal. (Does the US exercise more influence than, say, Mexico?)

Purpose of Government

Responsible for maintaining social order, services, and enforcement.

There is interdependence among the nations. We rely on each other. (For example, think about a simple pencil - the rubber eraser, graphite for the lead, wood for the pencil, metal to hold the eraser. Resources from many nations and locations are needed to manufacture a common pencil.)

Balance of power.

Real politics - events in one country affects others. Therefore, the United Nations or a similar international association is necessary.

US Government - Democracy
State Government / National Government
Why Did Government Originate?

American Constitution
What is a Constitution?
Powers Prohibited to Congress / Powers Prohibited to States

Other Types of Government
Autocracy, Totalitarian Dictatorship, Absolute Monarchy

Trial and Judicial System Information
Officers of the Court / Characteristics of a Trial
Courtroom Demeanor / How to Dress for Court
Testifying in Court - The DOs and DON'Ts

Trial Tactics and Tricks Used by Attorneys
Common Trial Objections During Testimony
Courtroom Definitions

Class Activities
Constitution Presentations
The Trial of Goldilocks

America's Entry into World War I

More Information
View WWI Uncle Sam Poster - 1917

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