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Highlands Ranch, ColoradoMr. Sedivy wants YOU to enjoy history!

American Government
Why Did Government Originate?

Social Contract
The main theory, eloquently stated by men such as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean Rousseau, is that people need a social contract. People moved to communities because they are social animals; we need companionship. People need social order to settle conflicts like property and border disputes, and to establish trade practices.

LockeJean Rousseau
Left: John Locke. Right: Jean Rousseau.

Government is needed to provide public services. A government can force people to do things for the common good: taxation for sewer systems, parks, education (mandatory school until age 16), etc.

National Security
Governments provide national security, which isn't easy these days. Now that the cold war is supposedly over, we still have to contend with nuclear weapons and terrorist threats. The United States spends 300-billion dollars per year for national security.

Governments make economic decisions. The United States makes payments to farmers not to farm parts their land, with the best interest of our economy in mind. Governments allow taxation of industry. Our government sets interest rates - federal reserve - to stop inflation, to prevent a recession, and to encourage trade. The US government also scouts out international business.

What is Politics?
Politics is the effort to control or influence government policy. There is always a struggle. For instance, do we build that new golf course, or do we save the prairie dog colony at the site for the proposed golf course? Can citizens smoke or not smoke? Is it okay to kill off Europe? Does the end justify the means?

US Government - Democracy
State Government / National Government
Why Did Government Originate?

American Constitution
What is a Constitution?
Powers Prohibited to Congress / Powers Prohibited to States

Other Types of Government
Autocracy, Totalitarian Dictatorship, Absolute Monarchy

Trial and Judicial System Information
Officers of the Court / Characteristics of a Trial
Courtroom Demeanor / How to Dress for Court
Testifying in Court - The DOs and DON'Ts

Trial Tactics and Tricks Used by Attorneys
Common Trial Objections During Testimony
Courtroom Definitions

Class Activities
Constitution Presentations
The Trial of Goldilocks

America's Entry into World War I

More Information
View WWI Uncle Sam Poster - 1917



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